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    @lazyjack 4739 wrote:

    I drive down this road several times a day and the reason some cyclists use the road is because the pavement (cycle lane) gets covered in crap from the trees. The road sweeper cleans the roads but not the pavements.

    Most of the dropped kerbs from the path to the road are all either really short or aren’t flush with the road (unless something’s been done about it over the last few years).
    So if you want to get on the path you have to slow to a snail’s pace to make the turn and bump up the kerb or be a bit of a daredevil and try and jump it when you’re riding at 20mph+.

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    @newrisingsun 4709 wrote:

    The Brymbo Enterprise Centre is an interesting case[/quote]
    @newrisingsun 4709 wrote:

    People in the area particularly in Tanyfron have no idea what the centre actually does and therefore nobody attends it for its stated purpose. At the moment it just appears a glorified gym and conference centre.

    I was told at the weekend that the Glasshouse in Cefn Mawr is now currently locked up and not being used for anything. Was that paid for by WCBC or the THI?

    Someone mentioned transport before, I wouldn’t heap praise on them just yet:

    The Bloor Homes development in Gatewen included demolishing the old railway bridge and filling in the cutting. Seemed an awful lot of money to spend just so somebody doesn’t have to maintain a bridge.

    Now that Wrexham and Shropshire have stopped running trains from Wrexham, do any other companies use the ‘depot’ platforms that were rebuilt? I can’t remember whether WAG paid for it or if W&S did.

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    It’s not like there’s a shortage of space where the buses drop off, they could make the big paved area a bit smaller to allow buses to pull in off the road.

    I wonder if there were plans for a bus layby, but someone decided if the buses pull in off the road nobody would let them out again if it was busy.

    Perhaps there should be a peak time bus lane on the 2 lane section? Traffic copes with 1 lane at the moment in the rest of the area.

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    Well said Sam.

    The PKC group’s original plans for extending the canal and creating a high quality housing/leisure development for the site seem to have now changed into having an open cast coal mine in the middle of a residential area/world heritage site.

    There’s also a considerable amount of scaremongering going on in the area suggesting that ‘affordable housing’ means ‘council house slum’.

    It seems odd that on their vote they don’t include the option for the mixed use development of the site (which may or may not include an extension to the canal), only ‘cheap’ housing.

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    That would make an interesting column…. :D

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    It does indeed appear to be a bribe, but it’s very common practice.
    They’re called section 106 agreements where the developers pay the council to provide or improve infrastructure (schools, roads, cycle routes) in the area in return for being granted planning permission.

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    Regarding the lack of signage, the Traffic Signs Manual published by the DfT says that 30mph ‘repeater’ signs are not allowed if there are street lights along the road. This makes sense because if there are street lights the speed limit is 30 unless signs say otherwise, and if you put them on one road you’d have to put them on all roads to be consistent.

    However, it goes on to say the following about reducing a speed limit to 30 mph (paragraph 14.33):
    “Regular drivers might not at first realise that the
    speed limit has changed; they might not notice that
    the speed limit signs have been removed. A sign to
    diagram 7032 should therefore be erected to advise
    drivers that a new 30mph speed limit is in force”

    The key word is ‘should’ (paragraph 1.5):
    should indicates a course of
    action that is strongly recommended and represents
    good practice”

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