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    If you look at the graph in the article, there seems to be an obvious upward trend over the period shown, despite the week on week variation which could be due to all sorts of things like the weather.

    It would be interesting to compare with Eagles Meadow’s data if can get sight of it.

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    That said, the closure is a fantastic opportunity for people to cycle to work in the middle of summer.

    Stansty bridge is the signed cycle route, and the way I used to cycle to work until it was closed.
    Have they left a gap so people can cycle through?

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    Why are people suggesting the road be narrowed? That would cause more congestion on an already busy road. Better to WIDEN it, making it a dual carriageway on both sides, like the Wrexham Bypass, surely?

    It would be quite quick and cheap to narrow the road in the short term to prevent overtaking if desired. You wouldn’t need to bring the kerbs in, just repaint the white lines on the edges of the road. Didn’t they do this for a while (with some temporary barriers) after one of the other recent crashes.

    The road does need widening in the long term, but isn’t the typical timescale for agreeing, designing and building a new road around the 20-30 year mark?

    If Go-Safe were truly about slowing traffic down they wouldn’t hide on bends or bridges. They’d make themselves highly visible. They’re tax collectors, pure and simple.

    The white van with the blue/yellow chequer stripes on the bridge at Chirk last weekend was easy to spot a mile away on the dead straight road, but it didn’t stop people going past it at 80 mph.

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    In Clwyd South here.
    – Lib dems: Nothing
    – Plaid: Nothing
    – Labour: 1 (yesterday)
    – Conservatives: 4

    The gist of it so far is:
    – Vote Conservative because Corbyn is an idiot (no info on the local candidate though).
    – Vote Labour because the local Conservative candidate is an idiot.

    Not really anything on anything local, except Labour saying they’re going to continue bringing more jobs to the area.

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    We’re both registered to vote, although I’m not sure what the point is – we have 2 councillors and there are 3 candidates (2 labour, 1 independent).
    The Labour candidates have historically had nothing in their manifestos covering local issues yet always get voted in. Nothing’s improved in the area over the last 5+ years while they have been councillors.
    The independent candidate has thwarted efforts by local groups who have genuinely tried to make a difference to the area, and at the last election was taking credit for the work that they had done so won’t get getting my vote (again).

    Maybe I need to move somewhere else.


    Visit 1:
    We went to the cinema and were going to take advantage of the free parking at Waterworld but found the signs saying it was maximum 2 hours, but no way to pay or otherwise if you stayed longer as the machines were all covered up.
    We just went and parked in Crescent Road where we normally park because it’s free after 3pm anyway for as long as you like. Loads of spaces in both car parks at the time though.

    Visit 2:
    The other time we were going to try parking at Waterworld again but after moving 10m in 5 minutes on Ruabon Road we gave up and parked on Ruthin Road where we would normally park and walked in to town.

    Visit 3:
    We only wanted to pop into Halfords on the way to somewhere else but couldn’t get there due to gridlock on Ruabon Road again, so we gave up and went back to the bypass.

    So no, it didn’t make any difference to us.

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    I had to look way back to find the application for the extension – it was submitted back in March.
    Condition 14 of the original consent suggests that the promoters will have to design and pay for any required improvements to the Halton Roundabout – maybe that’s one of the causes for the delay?


    It sounded to me like a standard discount scheme that a lot of large employers offer.
    Usually you have to buy a minimum value of gift vouchers/gift cards online at a slight discount and wait for them to come in the post. The Wrexham scheme sounds much more convenient.

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    Regarding this particular set of roadworks, the immediate area around the junction was in quite a bad way (by by no means the worst bit of road in the county) but a much longer length of road has been resurfaced – which is OK it will need doing one day.
    I don’t think anyone minds the road being resurfaced, it’s the delays being caused by the traffic lights which seem to spend a very long time on red in all directions.
    It does seem to take a very long time to resurface a road in Wrexham – 3 weeks now for Llangollen Road. Was it about 5 weeks just to do the crossroads in Johnstown? If it lasts for years I suppose it’s worth it….

    in reply to: Second Day Delays Due to ‘Slippery Rails’ #122001


    In some countries they just chop all the trees down to stop the problem.

    Network Rail have a special train for cleaning all the leaf mulch off the rails. I guess they decided not to bother sending it on the Wrexham-Bidston line this year.

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