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    what happens if the car parking charges actually don’t generate enough income, will they turn the machines off and scrap the scheme.

    Forestry Commission did just that in a whole area – it was costing more to empty and maintain the machines.
    They put the prices up at the permanently manned sites to balance things out.

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    They have only held three public sessions but in fairness, some Council Members have held their own meetings.
    Very poor public relations with non-existent community engagement of any value.

    The last “draft” that came out for comment said something along the lines of “after extensive consultation…” but as far as I was aware there was no consultation. Nothing was advertised on the WCBC about it and I’m subscribed to the email alerts about it – including the one that was sent out with the amusing typo in ‘public’ in the subject line.

    The website is abyssmal, it looks as if it was thrown together by an amateur, not a professional web designer. This is regardless of the content.

    It’s very time consuming and expensive to put together a proper website that collects comments then puts them in the bin.

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    Giggs was saying in the interview that the ground needs improvements before it can host competitive matches.
    Is it not good enough for friendlies at least?

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    I hope that this awful occurrence is not due to ( what seems to me looks like ) the long existing failure of the filter arrow from the south-bound A525 onto the south-bound A483.

    It has come on once when I’ve been there – once in however many years since they changed the lights.

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    Part way through high school, we had outdoor shelters built where we could eat packed lunch if the weather was bad. Cheap and cheerful. We could eat indoors in a couple of large classrooms but usually preferred to be outside anyway.

    Why don’t they have a staggered lunchtime based on year groups?

    I’ve seen this done in smaller schools where the hall doubles up as the canteen. It’s easy to do in a small school.
    Bigger schools usually have a dedicated canteen, which is mostly empty during the day so staggering lunchtimes would make better use of the space.

    I suspect you are correct about staffing being the issue – not just the cooks/servers but also supervisors as they may be the teachers who also need to have a lunch break at some point, then return to teach the kids who have finished lunch.

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    Would have preferred the ski jump because that’s unique, zip lines are popping up eveywhere since Zip World opened.

    Having said that, it’s still a good thing and the Go Below guys don’t seem to be thinking of other things they can use the site for at the same time so they’ve got a thumbs up from me.

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    The whole issue of electric cars and their relative greenness is an interesting one.

    On the one hand, yes an increase in electric cars within the town centre would reduce pollutants and emissions here. But of course a surge in use of electric cars would also cause of surge of energy required from the National Grid, which still has a large number of polluting power plants operating on it. So you reduce emissions in one location to produce them elsewhere.

    There was a really good talk on this subject last night at Glyndwr.

    * Over their whole life electric are better CO2 wise than internal combustion engine, but the manufacture of new cars does still create a lot of CO2. Running big generators at optimised speeds is a lot more efficient than a car engine.
    * There is enough electricity around to charge electric cars in the short/medium term, but it’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    * Charging overnight when you get home will make use of the glut of spare capacity in the system.
    * When charging points become “smart”, cars will charge in the early hours but feed back into the grid for the ~18 hours a day your car isn’t being used.

    Things are certainly going to get interesting over the next 10 years.

    Something that nobody seems to have mentioned. With all these cheap to run, low tax, subsidised vehicles, there will be a lot more traffic on the roads….

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    “Shipping container” buildings are all the rage in healthcare at the moment. Aside from the other benefits (speed of construction, factory finished item etc.), I think the main attraction is that they can be leased rather than being bought – handy when you don’t have the cash to buy it outright!

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    Totally agree.
    Didn’t WCBC take maintenance back in house a few years back because their contractor was doing such a poor job? Not sure if it’s been outsourced again since then.

    It wold also help if WCBC grew a pair and started using their powers to prosecute contractors when they leave the road in a mess or don’t maintain their ironworks. For some reason they don’t seem to do this, seems to be a common problem not just in Wrexham too.

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    I must say I’ve never noticed any speeding traffic in Ruabon. Dangerous driving and parking but not speeding.

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