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    Andrew- quite surprised that you are making judgements on a matter that neither you nor most other people have the facts. There is a due process to run and Cllr Baldwin has done the honourable thing by stepping down immediately when an ‘issue’ was highlighted.
    As you pointed out there is very clear guidance on these matters and the incident should run its course without any media speculation or prejudging.

    Not surprising at all.
    The evidence/screenshots can be seen on various newspaper reports on the incident.
    He shared racist/islamophobic posts from the BNP & far right Jacob Rees Mogg/Brexit supporting groups.
    I for one am glad he did the ‘honourable’ thing and stepped down before he was sacked.
    Seeing as he is so keen on stereotypes someone should point out if there was a spot the racist-gammon lineup he’d do well not to enter 🤣😂

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    Anyone who seriously believes what Johnson or Farage says must be deluded. Not even their own partners believe them. There were some good reasons for voting Leave but Boris and Nigel dont believe in those. They are in it for themselves, not for you or the country.

    Well put. As for the original poster. Why not vote Labour. They have a new candidate, so you won’t be voting for Mr Lucas and they are offering a new referendum. So, if you are sure the majority still want Brexit, they’ll vote the same way again and hey presto!!!

    All the candidates at the hustings stated they would respect the referendum result. I personally voted remain but would vote leave on any sendible referendum deal presented to a democratic vote.

    The tories have cocked this negotiation up big style, we all know why the multi millionaire/billionaires want to leave.

    We will leave the European union and I really don’t see what the rush is? Doesn’t it make sense to make it as painless as possible? It will be the most vulnerable that will bear the brunt, not the above mentioned tax Dodgers such as Cameron, Boris, Gove et al

    This election is not solely about brexit, its much bigger than that.

    Huge increase in homelessness, 4 million in poverty, 1.5 million of those are children, cuts to NHS, cuts to frontline services, cuts to police, army and firefighters, 130 thousand disabled people have died after being judged fit to work. The rich elite are literally laughing at those less fortunate for the current circumstances in which they will benefit.

    This country is much better than that.

    Both Boris & Theresa have made appalling deals, opposition parties (apart from the fib dems) are not frustrating the deal just making the break from the eu less painful for those less fortunate. WE WILL LEAVE THE EU but to leave with a sh*t deal is crazy.

    Remember folks;


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    Theresa May might be in store for a nasty surprise from young people in the UK. Huge numbers of them are registering to vote. If they actually cast their ballots, they could have a massive impact on the outcome of the general election.

    In just three days, 103439 18-24-year-olds registered. And a further 99106 25-34-year-olds also signed up.

    While young people engaging with democracy is a good thing, it is likely to be bad news for the tories. 71% of those under 25 who voted in the Brexit referendum opted to Remain. And according to Ipsos MORI, in the 2015 election those under 25 were much more likely to vote Labour. Also, there was almost an even split between people aged 25-44, with Labour just slightly ahead.

    Furthermore, there are indications that young people back Jeremy Corbyn. But this shouldn’t be a surprise. Voters in this age group have lived with Conservative or coalition governments for most of their adult lives. And these governments have taken away their benefits, increased tuition fees, and destroyed their NHS. At the same time, young people have been priced out of the housing market and told they will likely work for longer than their parents for less pay. 38% of all zero hours contracts are held by those under 25.

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