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    Moz it is good to see your comprehensive response and rationale. It is still down to individuals if they wish to make a donation. Those who are not happy should shut up and keep their hands firmly in their pockets and let those who want to donate do so.

    I think it’s fine for people to have their say and ask genuine and valid questions about the process.


    Can I also reply to a couple of individual points to clarify…

    Given that the price to fly to West Virginia is only about £600 return and that they will be staying in tents then the price of £3495 seems very high even after including the cost of food and trips etc. Someones making an absolute killing out of this.

    Here’s the breakdown of the cost:

    Jamboree breakdown

    So the biggest chunk is travel. As someone who’d done this, buying a plane ticket for a large group of people is much more expensive than a small family. You’d think we get bulk discount, it’s quite the opposite. We’re having to buy flights for several thousand kids just from the UK, flying from loads of different airports, so this really does ramp up the price.

    Again, to say it’s just ‘staying in tents’ grossly over simplifies the sheer scale of this event. There will be around 50,000 people camping. That’s a small town, so the whole infrastructure needs setting up to cater for this number of people. When we hosted the event in the UK back in 2007 a large temporary hospital, staff restaurants etc etc all had to be built and then taken down at the end.

    I can absolutely guarantee that nobody is making a killing – if it wasn’t for the fact that the whole thing is run by volunteers (save a handful of full time staff) it’d be much more expensive.

    This seems really odd to me. Why would the scouts run a contest to choose which teenager should attend the jamboree, when it’s not within the scouts’ powers to actually send the winner to the jamboree? They’re basically saying that this teenager won a prize in a competition, but that he has to pay for the prize.

    I’m assuming the young scouts who entered the competition all knew they would have to raise the funds themselves if they won, and so were not duped as such – but even so it’s a strange prize to win. Giving with one hand and taking with the other.

    It’s not a cause I’d donate to, but each to their own. If other people want to donate I don’t have a problem with that. I do think it comes across as a bit mean for the scouts to do this to a teenager though – how would he feel if he couldn’t raise the funds & so couldn’t go to the jamboree? Perhaps it’s intended as a test of resourcefulness by getting the winner to raise funds through sponsorship or doing odd jobs etc – but if the winner came from a wealthy family they might be able to pay for the trip easily without fundraising. So whether the winner gets to enjoy their prize by attending the jamboree is based on personal or family circumstances, which seems unfair to me.

    OK, so it’s not really a competition that they win. There is a selection process as there aren’t enough places to take all that want to attend. The process also ensures the kids who attend are suitable for the event.

    Before they apply we ensure they know how much it will cost, but reassure them that they can usually raise a large amount of not all of the money. Of course we’d love to send the kids for free, but where would the Scout Association find this money!?

    I can assure you that in my experience when kids from more well off families get through, they take a full part in fundraising helping the others. That’s what Scouts is all about.


    As someone who helped 16 Scouts from Wrexham raise funds to attend the last World Scout Jamboree 4 years ago, I’d like to explain why these kids should be supported.

    World Scout Jamborees bring young people from almost every country in the world together for 12 days of activities. They are vital to opening the eyes of young people so they can appreciate issues which challenge the whole world.

    I’m not going to pretend the camp is anything other than a fantastic experience. While it is hard work, there is a lot of fun too. But a holiday it is not.

    One of the most important things about these events is that not only are kids from every country involved, but kids from every background too. That means kids from families who can’t afford it.

    Without fundraising, Jamborees would just be for rich kids. How representative would that be? How appreciative of global issues would just the rich kids of the world be?

    Every 4 years we have a battle with parents of kids who are less well off to convince them that their child *can* go. Thanks to the vast amount of people who get behind these incredible young people, they can afford it.

    So please, if you see someone out fundraising for the World Scout Jamboree, don’t scoff, consider supporting them if you are able to.


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    @Simon 399 wrote:


    What’s wrong with that! ;)

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    We have Groups in the following locations in Wrexham…

    Garden Village
    Sontley Road
    Station Approach

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    @Liam 299 wrote:

    Looks like it could well be work starting on the joint ambulance and fire station, it also includes potential inclusion for police admin buildings. Guessing that’s where they had in mind for some of the new police facilities when they knock down Wrexham Police Station.

    WCBC: Planning Applications – Search Results

    Hang on – if it’s the application I’ve found (your search results link doesn’t show anything) then that’s been withdrawn.

    See below:

    Case Number P/2010/0815
    Received Date 27/09/2010
    Case Officer Initials SJG
    Proposed development Outline Application For New Building For Joint Fire And Ambulance Station With Potential Inclusion For Separate Police Administration Building
    Decision WITHDRAWN

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    I can’t believe they’re knocking down the police station. There should be laws against this sort of barbarism.

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    Pleased to say that we raised £1,050 for the Scouts.

    A massive thank you to everyone for their support! Enjoy your trees and have a great Christmas!

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    @Chris 301 wrote:

    Had mine delivered Sat by by B it looks great

    Glad you’re happy with it!

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    @wrexview 140 wrote:

    Your prices look very reasonable for a real tree, is there any chance of ordering a 7 foot one? We have high ceilings!!

    Sorry – just seen this. We only sold them on the 3rd & 10th December (and the order deadlines were before this) – all sold out now.

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