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    It all seems a bit pointless.

    The monitoring carried out does not appear to present empirical data. Maybe even a bit of guesswork dressed up to look accurate.

    All this at a time when Diesel sales are on the decline.

    Makes perfect sense to blow £275,000 right ?

    Follow the money.

    in reply to: ‘Pro European Rally’ #152913


    I doubt you have the whit to comprehend the shit-storm that is about to descend.

    Snigger,LMAO !!

    Who can’t spell ?

    in reply to: Ello, I wish to register a complaint #152017


    B I’m not even going to started on consultation processss and responses because they are basically akin to black magic. You need to be a 10th level dark wizard to actually get your response correctly filled out and registered there.

    I can help you, young Jedi…for a price !

    Before the 16/07/18 though :)

    in reply to: temporary 50 mph speed on A483 – Serious question? #151133


    Too many times a 50mph temporary speed limit has been put up on that exact stretch due to roadworks and it’s been duly ignored. So people are treating it the same this time.

    And sometimes people ignore 40/50mph roadworks signs because they’re kept up when no work is taking place. People therefore judge (rightly or wongly ) that there is no risk.

    in reply to: Illegal Workers Caught On Wrexham Car Washes #148777



    I hate to bring this up, and you may by chance be correct, but are you competent & trained in checking their credentials ?

    As you, I very much dislike some of the narrow-minded attitudes to immigrants. They are trying to make a way in life as we all are.

    But there is always the possibility of being hood-winked isn’t there ?

    As for the knock-the-immigrant-brigade, you should look to our political masters if you want to apportion blame for the mess we’re in.

    in reply to: Single question to Teresa May #131819


    If they’d have publicised it a bit in advance, she would have had a very much more well attended reception I would imagine. Totally understand why they didn’t of course. Now, what did Nye Bevan say regarding Tories again ??

    Ah yes, I remember. Pity some people are starting to forget.

    in reply to: Wrexham Council's Protocol for a Royal Death #128482


    On a different note….

    “Pic: Queen outside the scruffy looking Buckingham Palace ahead of its £369,000,000 refurb funded by her subjects.”

    That’s your invite to the Garden Party down the swanee


    Sheefag dear. Why so shocked ?

    Moneypenny seem to embody the culture we live within today, god luv ’em.

    And anyway, you could take the view that positive discrimination of this sort is in a VERY small way pay-back for the way in which females have been treated in the past and present still.

    Pay-back however rarely fixes anything.

    It’s not about Male v Female, but the very human emotions of envy, greed and need.

    Males seem to f**k themselves over just as readily as they do females and vice-versa.

    Getting back to the main point of your thrust: Moneypenny, like a lot of others in my view , are just another bunch of snake-oil merchants trying to make a buck by any means until it all goes tits up.

    I love the stuff you put on this site btw !!

    in reply to: Does anybody work for MoneyPenny ? #108173


    Anon628 : well done for keeping it polite.

    in reply to: The Groves School – Structure and Condition #106709


    Although I can see your point Rohelendus MRICS, FCIOB (if you are real!), the covenant on the site requires us to use it for educational purposes and it is far, far cheaper to rip down the school and throw up a new build.

    Too many people point the finger at us wasting money or complain about trivial matters such as priority parking for top Managers and Councillors (which we do need!) but wouldn’t it be far worse throwing bags of money into repairing an old school when we could save a fortune building a new school?

    My suggestion to convert the building into a half way house for prisoners released into the community once HMP Wrexham opens or to house immigrants was thrown out because of the covenant and the cost involved in fixing the Groves but I am now of the opinion that Erlas House would be a cost e option for the Council.

    Its a shame that the Groves has to go but a new school will bring many construction jobs to Wrexham, just as the Prison has.

    Counc. X

    Good God. You must have been in a bit of a rush when you typed that one up. Says I !!

    One just has to look at the mess that has been made of the recent extension to Clywedog to see what is likely with any new educational establishment on the grounds of the old Groves.

    It may well be that Rohelendus may be optimistic in saying that a renovation would not be more expensive than a new build. I say, lead the way a real council should and preserve our town !

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