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    Maureen Gray

    Seems a fair swop to me young man, the Council should bite their hand off, give them Ponciau as well I say!

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    Maureen Gray

    @Sue McGrane 14928 wrote:

    Agree 100% Johnhoppy – and I’ll add that ‘accompanying’ the ‘child’ would not have made a blind bit of difference in this instance – the bus drivers could not take children without a bus pass that (a) a lot have never had, and (b) no one knew it had suddenly become compulsory to show, under pain of their contract being withdrawn.

    As said – this chaos is down to the council. They made a decision and failed utterly to inform those that would be directly affected by it – its an example of appalling communication and inconsiderate behaviour. It has caused a massive amount of inconvenience and an awful loot of unnecessary worry.

    By the way – I was told that a bus pass for my daughter would be here today – not a bloody sign of it!

    Thats prob cause they hate you Sue McPain!!

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