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    I met Jeremy Corbyn back in February and I can only say that I have never a more sincere conviction politician in my life.

    I believe that the reason for his alleged unpopularity is twofold:

    The ‘Progress’ faction (formed by Blairites in 1996) within the Labour Party who have abandoned the Socialist values of their forefathers to pursue personal advancement and prosperity and further the aims of the organisations that fund them. Jeremy Corbyn refuses to bend to their influence and thus is rarely supported.

    Negative press coverage from particularly the Tories who are in league with big business, who are virtually crapping themselves because of the agenda proposed by Corbyn would cost them dearly. I also believe, although I have no proof of it, that certain Labour backbencher are not averse to adding fuel to the fire.

    Corbyn is a very sincere intelligent man who is very much maligned and portrayed as a village idiot.

    It is always interesting to hear the opinions of people who have actually met Corbyn as from what I have experienced when speaking to the average person, Corbyn is distrusted because of his negative image in the media. Most people are too scared to back perceived ‘losers’ and want to vote with the popular crowd, which is why the likes of the Sun has so much influence even though they are an utterly abhorrent organisation. The whole thing that people find attractive about voting for the underdog in sports doesn’t seem to translate to the political arena.

    Many people still view Corbyn as the man who apparently lied about not being able to find a seat on a train, just as much so as most people still equate Ed Miliband’s political career to not being able to eat a bacon sandwich.

    As much as the hyper-informed people on social media like to think their comments and retweets of things they agree with or arguments with people they disagree with and the debunking of propaganda make an ounce of difference, it doesn’t – it’s a tiny bubble that has little to no impact on elections. I am guilty of these things myself, but it is more out of frustration than anything else these days. People want a platform to try and help drive social change, but whilst mainstream media remains king in helping formulate opinions, there is a long way to go before the change that people want will materialise. There is no silver bullet that will persuade enough people that social change is actually needed. If positive ideals were genuinely believed in this country then the likes of the Liberal Democrats (in their purest form) and the Green Party would have a lot more voters and MPs.

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    That is the only salient point you make in your post, the rest does not merit further elucidation on my part.

    I see that The Works have got yet another thesaurus sale going on in town.

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    This general election will take place before the negotiations. The SNP are calling for a referendum during the negotiations.

    If a major sporting team started messing about and getting distracted in the build up to a big tournament, they would be heavily criticised and on failure of winning, blame would be attributed to the lack of preparations beforehand.

    The negotiating process is already underway now that Article 50 has been triggered and to distract now is as bad as distracting at any point. 6 weeks of the PM’s teams working on electioneering is 6 weeks taken away from spending time focusing on getting the best deal for the country. 6 weeks for BoJo to parade around what an utter incompetent f*ckwit he is both nationally and internationally. Fantastic negotiating strategy.

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    Oh that and someone just reminded me that Theresa May’s excuse to Scotland a few weeks back was that they couldn’t have an independence referendum because she was busy focusing on Brexit negotiations to deal with any voting in the next 2 years, now she’s called a full blown General Election which apparently won’t cause distractions from the same negotiations.

    Out to Lunch, Dinner and Supper.

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    Agree that Ian Lucas has really pushed his luck as Labour MP for Wrexham and I’m not overly enamoured with Susan Elan Jones’ voting with the government to bomb Syria.

    However, the fact that the media has Theresa May portrayed as a picture of sanity, she claims that God speaks to her and guides her. If she was any religion other than Christianity, in this now faux Christian state people would be getting the opinion of 2 medical professionals and getting her sectioned or held under terrorist laws if she was muslim.

    Yet apparently Jeremy Corbyn is the dangerous lunatic with these incredibly irrational policies:

    Labour Policies

    Now I’m not 100% sold or deluded that Corbyn and Labour could save the country and Wales (will be interesting to see what Welsh policies unfold). However, anyone has to be better than the abysmal performance of the Tories since 2015 and arguably during coalition. David Cameron pledges a Brexit vote with no plan on how to execute Brexit if it happens, lies are heaped on to get people to vote for promises that can’t be kept and then Theresa May comes in and government U-Turn after government U-Turn happens, including a U-Turn where she said that no General Election would occur until 2020 and now here it is coming in 6 weeks.

    People are going to complain whoever is running the country, but the current shower are toxic and have turned us against the whole of Europe and alienated Scotland and Northern Ireland and at the same time continuously threaten the NHS and the apparently labelled ‘Just About Managing’ JAM demographic of people, which includes lots of hard working families and young individuals.

    People just need to take a reality check and decide whether they want to continue to be punished and treated with disrespect by the Tories for another 5 years or vote for a change. I’m not even fussed who people vote for as long as it is a meaningful vote against the Tories.

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    Conde thank you for actually taking the time to respond to my scrutiny. It is interesting that other councils have been able to set-up commercial ventures with many others in the process of doing so. The Wirral has dubbed their plan Wirral Council PLC and interestingly Salford Council has a team of 10 specialist software engineers to roll out commercial IT services for profit.

    The articles I read lead in with the fact that they were competing directly with the private sector and in the Liverpool / Manchester regions where these councils are situated I think competition is very strong and this is fair game.

    However, I think private enterprise in Wrexham needs a leg up to get things going. I would rather see the council working hard to support local start-ups to get things off the ground. Glyndwr Uni has their business incubator set-up but there would be no reason why the council couldn’t go about helping to set-up other incubation or accelerator type initiatives with support from the Welsh Government or other public or private funding sources. I think more could be done to try and attract other high tech firms either in manufacturing (we have huge industrial estates and excellent transport links) or services such as fintech. This type of commercial activity support would boost inward investment and skilled job creation in the area and in turn boost the whole regional economy. I appreciate this sort of undertaking is difficult due to getting financial and assembly backing. But it’s what I would like to see more of.

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    What I will say is that I believe an option for the council to engage legislation and create a publicly owned trading company utilising some of the skills held within the council. Quite potentially opening up a revenue stream as well as potentially engaging employment opportunities.

    But there will be things being released by myself in good time.

    Several questions about this idea:

    1) Is this not just an attempt to privatise some of the council’s already existing offerings? Surely all of the council’s skills and services should be offered to the local community for free (we pay council tax) or on a not-for-profit basis where additional costs justify a nominal charge.

    2) Where is the manpower coming from to spend time on private enterprise and commercial activities? When cuts to frontline services already mean it is difficult to get access to existing public services from the council meaning that existing council workers spending time trying to earn revenues away from the council’s core purpose will cause greater strain on the whole system. This hardly seems fair when local council tax payers are paying the wages of these council workers in the first place to do something not necessarily in our direct best interests.

    3) If these are in fact viable commercial services then surely the council will be directly competing with and creating unfair competition against local small businesses who offer the same services? Albeit being able to undercut these SMEs as they will be taxpayer subsidised. This will then ironically threaten local jobs and wipe out any gains made by the proposed job creation benefit mentioned.

    4) How will generated profits be transparently protected from being either awarded to councillors in the form of numerative and non-numerative benefits (they already awarded themselves iPads) or stopped from being wasted on the likes of expensive consultancy fees elsewhere in less efficient areas of operation that would likely wipe out said profits?

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    I think we can safely say that the level of Plaid bashing going on that hasn’t existed before, means that they have ruffled a few feathers and are potentially a credible threat. No-one is going after the Tories or LD etc…

    A major problem in Wales is that Labour have not satisfied voters in North Wales that they are going to help us out any time soon. We aren’t interesting enough for His Corbs in Chief to give us time of day and the Welsh Assembly are too busy with South Wales as usual. I am a lifelong Labour supporter yet am completely unconvinced that they could form a credible leading council in Wrexham. They haven’t even bothered to field a local candidate in my ward which further alienates me.

    Personally, I don’t think a Plaid led council would be strong enough either but I do believe that the fact that they have actually opposed bad decisions last time round and generated debate means it is essential that a few of them get elected this time. Couldn’t even tell you what Labour were up to after the great defection last time round or what they stood for.

    I do think there is an issue with all these independents, as someone said in another thread. Some are genuinely independent and vote for what they believe in issue by issue, but others are just closeted Tories and Labour who are too scared to run on the party ticket because trust in the country’s 2 major parties is at an all time low.

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    Now it’s an interesting situation in the Penycae ward from what I’ve observed. The independent incumbent John Phillips is playing nepotism king by trying to plant as many flags, sorry signs on wooden stakes into as many of his mates gardens as possible around his little kingdom.

    However, there has been very little information available about what he actually stands for in terms of his policies for the local area or Wrexham as a whole. In fact he relies solely on his tribe of people on social media who say John Phillips is the only person they will vote for because he has lived in the village for years and apparently has walked up and down every street single handedly cleaning up the village. There have yet to be any leaflets through doors or statements made by him anywhere.

    His only competitor Aled Powell of Plaid is very much the underdog in this election, despite the fact that he has been leafleting, doorstepping and attempting to engage people online. I’ve read his leaflet and a lot of what he says and Plaid’s aims make a lot of sense. However, what I’ve noticed on social media is that despite the fact that he has tried to engage with local people is that they have come across rude and dismissive as John Phillips is the only man for them. One person even bizarrely stated that they wouldn’t visit Penycae again if it fell to Plaid, so I’m not sure what they think happens during local elections that would make Penycae become like occupied France if 1 councillor got in from a particular party.

    There is also the fact that many local voters completely fail to see the big picture of what is going on beyond the vision of their own front doors. With 1 person expecting the next 5 years of councillor tenure to be spent ensuring that people are not parking too near the bus stop. This small thinking mentality and rampant nepotism probably applies across several wards in Wrexham where primarily older voters are handing a council seat to their buddies year after year and it’s become tired and ineffective.

    The likes of challengers like Aled Powell really need to galvanize people who otherwise wouldn’t bother to vote, especially who are unhappy with the state of town affairs. As the main hurdles to overcome are apparent young voter apathy and the block vote by rote older generation who keep handing power to the Tories on a national level, shoved us into Brexit and allow the same old councillors to warm their cosy seats in Wrexham.

    As I typically vote Labour, I am a floating voter in Penycae between an independent who needs to tell me more and a party I’ve never voted for before.

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    al. It could be deemed to be so, if you vote an Independent into office. They can be anything from a Raving Looney Party to a Galvanised Methodist. You really do not know what you are getting.

    But at the same time does anyone really know what they are getting when they vote for any political party anymore at any level? Did anyone who voted Tories in the last General Election hope that we had Theresa May, BoJo and David Davis getting us to cavalry charge off a cliff riding blind donkeys with 3 years to go before anyone can legitimately get a vote to sort out the mess.

    I think you need to vote for someone you believe can actually make a difference to your own area and then hopefully as a collective mess those in do a better job at town and county level than the current Executive Shower.

    The only people really hoping for a low voter turnout is incumbents who have proven very unpopular this time, hoping that voter apathy will keep them in power.

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