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    Even better in this situation – The police attended the scene, but of course this wasn’t enough for the classy folk of Facebook Towers where someone decided to refer to the police as scum and then someone lambasted them for a completely unrelated matter where they failed to help get their dogs from their ex in a domestic situation.

    Sounds like we really do need a sheriff for the gung ho mob. Wild West Wrexham.

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    Has anyone really found a way to control social media?

    No and doubly not so when it comes to kids.

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    It’s quite shocking really…

    Link to article if anyone is interested

    90 high profile addicts that are a persistent nuisance in town that have been profiled.

    I wonder how many others are about the town not documented.

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    Watcher it is incredible how much the numbers and intake have gone down. Back in the 90s when I was there St David’s had around 1,100 pupils there and our year 7 intake when I started was 7 forms – so about 210 pupils. There were some years above with 8 full forms.

    It’s quite surprising even with the merger into the 2 super schools that the intake had already dropped into a 5 form system. Parents must have already been diverting their pupils elsewhere.

    Alun, I actually chuckled thinking about the times back in school when we’d have the mixed ability class for various subjects – seeing that 1 really naughty crazy bastard kid strutting in expecting a round of applause just for turning up. Getting shouted at, doing whatever the latest fad was – such as shining laser pens at the teacher, singing offensive songs, thrown out of class to stand in the corridor only to be seen 5 minutes later strutting behind the hut on the field for a fag. ‘Sir, sir he’s on the field!’ Teacher has completely lost it at this point, apologises tells us to do work from a text book – leaves the class to find a teaching assistant to retrieve the kid, fetches the most senior member of staff currently not teaching then we all listen to a 10 minute bollocking in the corridor, teacher all red faced and stressed, kid sent off to isolation. End of lesson.

    Teacher relieved that the next several lessons the kid hasn’t bothered to turn up to school – until the wag man forces them to make an appearance. Rinse/repeat.

    Back then as a kid you’d love the whole spectacle seeing your geography teacher etc… being put through the motions, the deputy head actually having to do some work. Not quite being able to work out how some children get away with everything without being expelled. It’s only now I feel sorry for the whole lot.

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    Matt’ll be along in a minute to blame Thatcher and the Tories.

    I know you miss me ;) I have nothing for or against cats.

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    Most of the ones I’ve seen are still in the same places they have been for a few weeks.

    There was one in Penycae that had snapped, so only a single cable was running across the road over the weekend. However, someone was there to repair it this morning.

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    I would suggest that you have the case in many of the deprived families in Wrexham – parents struggle to help with homework regardless of what language it is in.

    I know many people who are bilingual, were sent to the Welsh schools and have English parents and it never did them any harm.

    You are right though that whilst the Welsh school system is being fully supported and working towards fostering excellence – they really are failing to address the abysmal failings in the English speaking comprehensives.

    Alun has mentioned in a few threads on education that it really boils down to how the English language comp system is pretty outdated in Wales and the schooling system has been unable to flourish and ended up failing compared to in England where they have the Academy system.

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    You’ve provided us with a complete set of unbiased references exclusively from the Daily Mail and Telegraph?

    I think that backs my argument up. Thanks.


    If Clr Atkinson had any common sense he would respect all the laws that Hugh Bet mentioned.

    Gypsies and Travellers are protected from discrimination by the Race Relations Act 1976 and the Human Rights Act 1998, together with all ethnic groups who have a particular culture, language or values.

    As a Clr in a senior position on the Executive board he should know better that he is not authorised to take such actions as he did the other night – that is why we have a police force and other relevant trained professionals to deal with situations like temporary traveller sites.

    Then to broadcast it online basically throws a massive invite for any members of the public to start pursuing minorities out of any location you feel like and take matters into their own hands. He wasn’t far off getting elected as MP of Wrexham. Oh wait this is the exact sort of screwy grey area behaviour Tories like to dabble in.



    How many of Wrexham Council’s Code of Ethics have been broken here?

    Examples of ways in which a member may break an Authority’s Code of Conduct include:

    1) behaving in a way that negatively affects their Authority’s reputation; – the LDP wants to make sure that Travellers have a place to live in Wrexham County. How is chasing them out of the county like a vigilante at 11.30pm at night aligning with that goal or securing WCBC’s reputation as somewhere that does not discriminate against the traveller community?

    2) using their position unfairly to gain an advantage for themselves or someone else – or to do someone else down; – doing a family of Travellers down using their elected Executive Board position to think he has the right to pursue them at night time.

    3) improper use of their authority’s resources;

    4) failing to declare an interest;

    5) bullying behaviour; – I don’t think we need to say anymore on this one – actions in 1 and 2 speak for themselves

    6) failing to treat everybody equally; and – An ordinary family of other non traveller origin would not have been chased out of the county.

    7) revealing confidential information about individuals without good reason. – Although he failed, he was effectively attempting to Dox the travellers by working out where they were going to settle – meaning that because he had not got the police involved. Had he publicly published the whereabouts of the new traveller location, they could have been subjected to harassment/danger from members of the public.

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