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    Just wait until all the fuss when they decide their iPads are ‘obsolete’ next year, just so they can all mess about with the stupid facial recognition technology. They will just continue to rack up more and more pointless and selfish expenditure at the Council Tax payers’ expense.

    The only way you are ever going to get past this death of local council progress by stranglehold from the current batch of old duffers and no marks is to wait for them to retire or drop dead. Then there’s no guarantee some equally as annoying bunch of replacements don’t come in and continue alienation ad infinitum. Because the councillors local friends & family are going to return the same people year after year. No-one else can put a strong enough counter voting block forward, not even with party backing. You want a shout at getting in as a councillor next election? Start fixing fences now, driving the elderly to the shops, getting the local farmers pigs in during a storm. Yes, those are all commendable community activities, but have nothing in the way of making you competent to make effective decisions about running a county with 135,000 People living in it.

    Wrexham Council and particularly the Exec Board is not a platform for radical thinking. If a local issue can’t be beaten to death by consultants or lawyers then they have to find a way for it conveniently to slip through the cracks until the persons affected just give up. Plus the dominance of independents means that they have none of that pesky party political interference from higher up. All guaranteed to mean no progress is made and everyone gets paid.

    There a few a good councillors in there but they can’t get in any influence with the regime.


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    Nothing wrong with the roundabout, there’s just a problem with a minority of idiot drivers who create danger to all other road users and themselves for the sake of getting somewhere 5 seconds sooner. They could form a whole new chapter of the highway code on defensive driving titled ‘Watch out for drivers who are accidents waiting to happen’ or in Daave’s first edition – That Twanker almost knocked me motor vehicle into a ditch!

    Their sole mission is to cut people up on the Gresford or B&Q roundabout during rush hour without the use of any indicators or predictable road trajectory. They are the type of drivers who play it safe by sticking to 90 down the A483 during heavy rain and not breaking regardless of what objects are in what they stupidly call the fast lane.

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    Love cats

    We move like cagey tigers
    We couldn’t get closer than this
    The way we walk
    The way we talk
    The way we stalk…

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    I don’t know about all specific cases but I know of similar cases where addicts have continually stolen money and possessions from their families and eventually been cut loose as the families were at the ends of their tether. I can’t imagine that this situation is that unusual.

    Unfortunately the only solution families in this situation are aware to help resolve such issues is to go on Jeremy Kyle & get shouted in their faces about which one of them is the tea-leaf that has stolen granny’s pearls. Issue becomes trivialised for 5 minutes of entertainment.

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    I hope you start feline better soon Daave.

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    Well it’s not a nuclear fall-out but there was MDF contained in it, which whilst I agree is unlikely to cause any long-term harm if exposure is outside and short term, is still not good.

    HSE has guidelines here:

    So there shouldn’t be major consequences but steps should be taken to ensure an incident like this isn’t repeated. Otherwise where do you draw a line on corporate responsibility in industry?

    If a resident of Chirk had carried out a much smaller scale incident from their home that had affected neighbouring properties they would have been fined.

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    Mat do you seriously think that this is Mark Pritchard putting this block in place – I think you need to look further along the Executive table! Also who are the legal advisors that are putting forward such spurious reasons. Mark P may be the deliverer of the message but the originator – I don’t think so..

    A report to the Council Standards Committee should be made

    No more so than Theresa May being in charge of the country, but with leadership comes responsibility and his portrayal of his part of said running of Wrexham Council comes across in the manner which I described. I am not the only one who has been critical of his political style and perceived actions.

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    Just read’s latest article on the lengthy explanation on the absence of the questions and Mark Pritchard’s shocking use of bureaucracy to dismiss the questions on technicalities is bordering on passive aggressive and shows extreme contempt for the general public.

    I can now see how this talent has him firmly planted as Exec Board Leader. Shameless, blame shifting bureaucracy that pretty much stifles and prevents anything from happening in Wrexham unless on his say so.

    If you take what he says about the petition you can see what ridiculousness we have all been forced to deal with when people’s welfare and the public’s very real concern gets dismissed in such a shameful manner.

    “Referencing the petition Cllr Mark Pritchard said: “We have received the petition but it did not contain any signatures, and some of the names listed were clearly fictitious, and postcodes outside of the area were also listed.”

    1. It did not contain any signatures – come on Mark it’s an online petition, the person’s entry represents a digital signature. Is he a councillor from the 1700s? Fetch me the fastest rider who can read and get the signatures from the discontented villagers with this here quill & parchment.

    2. Some of the names were clearly fictitious – is he saying he scoured the entire list of 600 names and decided beyond reasonable doubt that there definitely is no-one in the UK with these names. This is where he is bordering on Donald Trump logic & dismissing something as Fake News.

    3. Postcodes outside the area were also listed – Sorry I didn’t read the specific rules of this free country where people from outside of an area are banned from having any level of opinion or concern about elsewhere. Ever heard of people who might commute to work in Wrexham? Students? People concerned for their relatives who live in Wrexham? People just concerned about homelessness? Sorry guys, Mark says no.

    Seriously needs to climb down from his Ivory Tower and treat the people of Wrexham with the respect they deserve.


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    Just need to keep making more noise about this until the council listens. I’ve just tweeted a link to this open letter on the forum and did summary tweets of the 5 questions so everyone gets a rough idea of what people want answers about.

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    Read on my Facebook tonight that Hugh Jones wasn’t even able to resolve a parking in a cul-de-sac (the new piss up in a brewery) issue in Rossett. Leaving a number of residents alienated and annoyed.

    Needless to say, he finds it perfectly at his liberty to annoy the rest of the town too. Moral of the story, never leave a Tory in charge of the homeless.

    As for Mark Pritchard telling lies, now that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Thick as thieves.

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