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    I’ve heard an unfortunate story about a Wrexham based Cabbie and his campaigning against a certain contracted firm.

    And, please finish the message.

    Alleged issue is this – directly taken from Peter Rourke Admin of North Wales Against Kingdom Security Facebook Group:

    “The Wrexham CC post as promised.

    So … feeling annoyed about the suspended cab driver in Liverpool?

    Well, I found out today that Wrexham CC have warned a taxi driver in Wrexham that he will have his license taken away because he has posted on THIS group, taken videos of rubbish and posted them on THIS group.

    They have printed out every single post he has every made on THIS group and used it against him.

    I believe he is a war veteran, having fought in many countries for his own country.

    And he now cannot have his freedom of speech in his own country.

    Unfortunately he seems to have left the group. Understandable I suppose because he is scared of losing his income.

    The way that councils want to make North Wales and Liverpool tidy and clean and free of dog muck and illegal and fraudulent private FPN issuing companies is to threaten taxi drivers.

    Way to go Councils. Oh we are so proud to have you as our leaders. So proud that you have chosen this righteous path.

    My god people. We not only need rid of Kingdom. We need rid of County Councils! A damned disgrace but shows you for the COWARDS you are.”

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    Restrict the use of traffic lights on junctions to busy times would help traffic flow and help reduce air pollutants from standing vehicles.

    I very much think that the use of traffic lights around Wrexham is actually an important safety consideration judging on the Mad Max style approaches people have to various junctions/roundabouts in town when the lights are down.

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    This is exactly the problem I was talking about in another thread, people from the council and other stakeholders constantly attempting to cajole people into some kind of Elysian Fields vision of Ty Pawb that quite simply no-one else is buying into at this point.

    1) It is impossible to declare something an overwhelming success after having been open for just 3 weeks and no indicators of footfall, business performance, reception of additional entertainment events or any kind of awards or other acclaim. There is nothing measurable to suggest this, unless the council sets itself such a low bar that it’s in awe of itself that it was even able to launch the place at all without it turning into a catastrophic failure. In terms of user feedback, there has been relatively tepid positive reviews with a far greater number of ambivalent reviews where some things are okay but other issues hinder the overall experience or people feel somewhat underwhelmed and then there are the negative reviews – granted some aren’t that objective – e.g. “I don’t like the industrial design look” – that’s down to personal preference, but other gripes that have been discussed here such as “cards not accepted at businesses” or “I can’t find the art gallery” or “there are disability access problems” are real issues that have a real negative impact on the over all user experience and economic and attraction model of the place as a going concern.

    For people not to be able to find the art in the arts hub and for businesses to be losing hundreds of pounds of potential trade in the opening weeks with still no resolution does not indicate an overwhelming success to me.

    2) In terms of saying no negativity – the ongoing trend of people being discouraged from discussing their own personal opinions and experiences of Ty Pawb, the council would actually be shooting itself in the foot, as the constructive criticism that comes out online will actually give an indicator into how the space can be used better and the general receptiveness of the stakeholders to continuously adapt and improve the space will be a difference of between whether it lives or dies long term.

    You can’t just sweep criticism under the carpet and not listen to local user feedback, after all it is “Everyone’s House” and some people in the house complain more than others, but the spirit of the place should be open and all views welcome. Just because a boatload of cash has been spent on it and the entire face of the local council rides on it, doesn’t mean to say we have a single guaranteed success outcome.

    As I’ve said over and over again in various places, the only way to shut us critics up is to do such a good job by addressing all issues and drumming up trade through the door and making it an overwhelming success rather than just saying it’s the case and expecting everyone to toe the line. Because right now it’s really beginning to look like the Emperor’s new clothes, a renovated People’s Market with the illusion of some kind of artistic bent. The new clothes cost £4.5m and people are really struggling to see them.

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    Surely a lot of you are writing on the wrong forum, this is “Ty Pawb – success” :)

    Read the first post.

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    Following on from what I mentioned the other day, there are additional observations that several visitors have asked vendors within Ty Pawb where the art gallery is, it seems many people can’t actually find it. For an Arts Hubs-cum-Market this is not great, as I thought the idea was art first with a supplemental market NOT a market with a hidden away obscure art gallery that nobody can find – surely the arts bit was what the funding was supposed to be all about, rather than an upgrade and renovation activity of the People’s Market? Almost sounds like WCBC hoodwinking the WAG for the funds.

    The other thing, that I can only imagine the vendors are rather unhappy about is that there is still no Wi-Fi set-up in the venue, so they still can’t accept any card payments. I reckon, if you count the time since the hub launched, it’s almost been 3 full weeks of trading – the inability to accept cards, must be costing vendors potentially hundreds of pounds in lost revenue. Many people no longer carry any form of physical cash on them due to the major use of chip and pin or tap to pay or if they do have cash on them it will be limited and will hold them back from making more expensive impulse purchases that happen when you have access to your full bank account/credit card limits worth of cash.

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    Another “teething” issue (how many are acceptable?). Someone on the Wrexham Town Matters forum expressed frustration that they could not get information on prices or even get an enquiry on how to book the theatre space at Ty Pawb after making several enquiries. I believe that contact has now been made with the right people and the issue is pending resolution, but again major concerns that artists and musicians want to book the space but a fristrating lack of readiness means they are unable to do so or assess affordability.

    If they weren’t ready they really shouldn’t have rushed the opening as all of these issues being reported online are completely killing off any initial buzz and hype around the place. Reputation that is very hard to regain is in tatters.

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    Hence why I was asking if they had been DBS checked?

    Yes, Kingdom Environmental Officers are DBS checked. They’re also vetted through a company called Check Your Staff at a personal cost to them of £50.

    Thanks for the clarification.

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    Surely that applies whether or not they’re Enforcement Officers ?

    Absolutely, but there’s a massive red flag if a stranger is following a child and there is the right to phone the police. Whereas, as part of Kingdom’s work they are being asked to follow children who they have perceived to have been littering who they “suspect” are adults until the children can prove they are children. Surely a sex offender would think this is a fantastic set of permissions to have. Hence why I was asking if they had been DBS checked?

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    Idris it is quite clear from your posts that we are not going to agree on the issue of various residents in the town. We’ve obviously had very different experiences. It is my experience that the Polish I have met in 3 different locations I’ve lived in, across Wrexham, have all been very polite and friendly as neighbours and helpful in the places of business I’ve met them.

    I’m not entirely sure that questioning someone’s usage of a forum and response on a forum is very relevant in 2018 when it can be accessed on a smartphone from anywhere at any time. What I get up to in my own time is entirely my business and how I go about observing Wrexham is also my business and my experience. I’m going to post on here because I am interested in matters regarding Wrexham and this is where the best discussions and debates are held.
    If you say something I want to comment on, it’s going to happen, likewise if I saw something you said on Facebook or Twitter. Just as you have equal right to reply.

    You will notice I have not called you any names, I am just interested in your point of view. But do tell me this honestly, if you think Wrexham really is such a bad place to live, why haven’t you considered moving elsewhere? Or what do you propose is taken place to help improve the town?

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    My point of Eastern Europeans invading Wrexham and making a nuisance of themselves also extends to their help in draining the NHS.
    I present a Tweet on from last night.

    16 hours ago
    @wrexham 13 ambulances outside a&e, patients on gurneys in corridors/round majors desk. My dad’s been in majors seriously ill since Sat night, waiting for bed on ward. Poor staff, being brill but running round like crazy. If anyone doesnt need to urgently go to a&e, please don’t.

    Tell me that they do not clog up the hospitals and doctors!

    Where does it state the ethnicity of the people who were waiting in the queue in A&E? Where do we draw the line on people not from the area not being welcome at the local A&E? Should the pesky English be allowed to use it across the border, what about our neighbours in Flintshire and Denbighshire? Where are we posing the cut off of the geographic origin of non-locals using our local NHS health services?

    Also, what about the origins of the doctors and nurses who are actually treating staff – we are quite happy for people of different ethnicity and locations to save our lives and treat us, but turn the nose up when it comes to others different from us receiving treatment at our free at point of access National Health Service.

    If someone from Eastern Europe (or anywhere else for that matter) is resident in Wrexham then they are entitled to the same healthcare as anyone else in the area. The vast majority of them pay their tax and council tax. They are paying for the running of the NHS. If we are complaining about clogging up for example, why should a British person on benefits not paying into the system be more entitled to access? Or perhaps those who self inflict and get treatment – e.g. smokers, alcoholics, drug abusers. How about the fact that we have an ageing population that need a higher level of care and health issues than others of working age or children. Of course it’s not the case that people are judged on their ability to pay into the system or how their health issues have been caused or their age demographic.

    Also, I’m not sure what authority the original person had to Tweet that “If anyone doesnt need to urgently go to a&e, please don’t.” – Are they in a senior position at Betsi Cadwaladr or the Welsh Ambulance Service or another health services representative? No. How does she have any triage knowledge on who should or shouldn’t be coming to A&E. Someone could read that tweet, think their problem isn’t as serious and then leave it and then die. Don’t get me wrong, that is highly unlikely, but I don’t think it’s up to the families of patients to be handing out medical advice online and then it getting signal boosted by (giving it authority and exposure). Although I think the main illustrative point of the retweet was how busy the Maelor was.

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