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    ……after building a HQ that rivals the likes of Google.

    Oh yes, the 91,000 sq ft Moneypenny offices complete with tree-house for urban hippies and work experience school-kids is a real rival for the 3.1m sq ft Googleplex complex. Does Paul Nuttall do the PR for Moneypenny now?


    Does the UK intoxication laws for being drunk and disorderly not also cover individuals who are causing a problem whilst under the influence of or incapacitated by illegal drugs or so called legal highs?

    I believe that the legal guidelines state:

    “The police will only get involved if the person is so intoxicated they are unable to act in a reasonable manner, such as passing out on the street. In that case typically the police will, depending on the circumstances, help the intoxicated person on their way or place the person in a police station cell until sober.”

    Now there has been evidence of people passed out in the bus station countless times, either drunk or otherwise intoxicated on other substances. Why are these people not being either moved on by the police or placed into a police cell until sober?

    Also, people are regularly witnessing the dealing of drugs and former legal highs in these areas, why are police patrols not able to spot these dealers and arrest them?

    It is a very concerning fact that there are unsupervised children of school age, vulnerable elderly and young mums with babies and toddlers, as well as others who have no choice but to use the bus station every day and are forced to share this space with individuals who are a potential threat and are 100% unfit to be around the general public as a result of what they have taken.

    This just isn’t good enough, it doesn’t matter how many council strategies are applied in committee meetings or plans to improve the situation, what the people demand is action and the taking back of the bus station for the people and local businesses of Wrexham to feel safe again as they do their daily commute and go about business. There should at the very least be some kind of permanent PCSO presence at the bus station as the current security situation is not acting as an effective deterrent to anti-social behaviour.

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    Trained chimps being the only ones putting themselves forward to run this county and high levels of public apathy and ambivalence ensure more of this tomfoolery for years to come. People who should actually be in charge of important things are usually too busy or getting paid too much doing something else instead.

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    I eagerly await Wrexham’s very own Batman and Robin or other suspect spandex clad superheroes cleaning up our streets.

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    It’s more of an effort to register and login to a forum so the average reader/commenter forgets that this is here.

    I’m sure I remember registering and logging-on to use Facey and Twatter.

    And here you are, you are one of the effort makers – Bravo. I can’t remember how many years ago I registered to either said Facey and Twatter, or when I last had to physically login to either of them, as they are all over all of my devices like a bad rash. They are probably developing some interface to interfere with everyone’s dreams as we speak, so that people don’t even need to bother to wake up to get involved.

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    Happy to be any label you want to place on me Sheefag.

    Not happy to see the debate on here generally become a bit threadbare and entries more intermittent. Wrexham.Com is a great vehicle for getting opinions out there and it would be a shame if the good folk of Wrexham avoided it due to the perpetual approach of a few posters.

    Just my opinion

    I think that because it’s much easier to comment on a story on Twitter or Facebook, that’s where the vast majority of people air their views. It’s more of an effort to register and login to a forum so the average reader/commenter forgets that this is here.

    I grew up using forums for years before we got swept away by the social media 24/7 endless news/non-news cycle responding to everything that is happening in the now and then completely forgetting about it 5 seconds later.

    It would be good for more people to come on here and contribute as forum threads have a longer lifespan, but I think there’s room for jokers and serious debaters alike. If this place was just full of dullards taking themselves too seriously, I’d have given up reading a long time ago.

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    Alunh – not really sure what Facebook thread you have been reading but mots of them are very negative or scyptical at the very least with similar views to this thread

    Yes, I don’t think many people who comment on the Facebook posts are in any danger of providing constructive debate or have any fear of publicly airing anything that might ‘ruin’ their reputation.

    Actually made me chuckle that the thing people picked up on most and shows their penchant for hair-trigger vitriol and discrimination is that the fact that a caravan was featured in the designs, meant that they feared that travellers were going to somehow rapidly descend upon the new hub.


    I think regardless of whether or not the scheme in question is sexist. What does my head in, is the fact that a company who employ people to further their ends and increase their profits is acting all virtuous and charitable just because it’s ’employed’ 10 people, but also needed Lottery funding to help them do it in the first place.

    I’ll be impressed when the senior management from the local MoneyPenny actually do something that doesn’t further their own ends to tick the boxes to get a few inches of publicity. How about they spend a day going round picking up dirty needles from problem areas in Wrexham (with the right equipment and training of course) or give up a day to help out with social care in the community. No, that would involve lifting too many fingers.

    I’m all for new businesses coming and setting up in Wrexham, but stop acting like you’re the Messiah, you’re a company, you pay people to do work and in return you make money. You don’t need to blow a massive fanfare of trumpets and hold a 21 gun salute every time you do something for the unemployed. Normal businesses hire people out of work all the time as standard practice.

    Yes, I appreciate this thread is old, but the bandwagon was too tempting to get on.

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    QUOTE :
    Yes, the bus stop to name one.

    Which bus stop? there are hundreds in Wrexham?

    It’s just not safe anywhere anymore, a gang of vicious grannies at the Rhos high street bus stop, pension day so off to the den of vice and gambling at Mecca to get off their tits on white wine spritzers and gin, already giddy from throat lozenges and the maddening heat from their Winter Fuel Allowances. Look out, they might kick off and force you off the priority seating at the front of the bus.

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    What I am finding most interesting on this forum and a certain popular social media site is the talk of ‘No Go Areas’ in Wrexham.

    Okay so there is an increase in perceived undesirables on the street, but are we categorically saying that there are areas in Wrexham, where the average Joe/Jane will face down a real threat of violence, mugging or worse from druggies and gangs?

    What levels of threat are we talking? 1980s Harlem or Compton? Modern-day Aleppo? Or are we pushing it to Biblical levels of Sodom and Gommorah?

    Now I’ve lived in a number of different areas in Wrexham, as well as on the edges of Moss Side and Salford in Manchester when I was younger. I have to say that labelling places as such is more harmful than helpful. The vast majority of people in these places are neighbourly, helpful and law abiding and I’ve had no trouble to date from anyone, anywhere I have lived. To allow the actions of a few bad eggs tarnish the reputation of an area is a bit of an insult to the people who live there and also harms local businesses and community services operating in these areas, as it puts people off going there and therefore reinforces any deprivation that is happening.

    It would be nice if the Police were able to tackle all of the issues arising around Wrexham and people have a right to be concerned, but as people have said cuts across North Wales are making things more difficult.

    In terms of other solutions, whatever happened to Neighbourhood Watch Schemes? Are many still in operation? Did they ever do anything? I regularly notice stickers on lamp-posts in various areas, but they seem faded or ripped, so would imply they were something from the past.

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