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    There will be a kickback to the time limit – look how many cars have moved from Penymaes Avenue and Westminster Drive — lots of town workers who work all day now using the freebies.

    I think that is the case, both the Library and Waterworld car parks were completely full at 9.30 yesterday morning with nowhere for anyone to park – several people looking for spaces. Yet in town there were hardly any shoppers. Came to the conclusion it was 9-5 workers parking there all day for free, thus completely spoiling the incentive for people who actually wanted to come and spend money in the town’s shops.

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    I vaguely remember seeing some consultation about this but it just said something about them reviewing the frequency of collections – I assumed that this meant they were considering going back to weekly collections for the black bins as a lot of people (big families) seem to struggle with fortnightly. Naturally, I supported this proposal.

    Good to hear your input Nen, I think that goes to show how there was no implied nature that services were going to reduce on black bin collections. I went and re-read the question that was in one of the tell us what you think sections on the Difficult Decisions and quite frankly you could interpret it exactly how you said – increase services because people are struggling with fortnightly collections. Unfortunately it seems to be the case that it’s no longer what people actually want or need – more what they can get away with cutting to reduce costs, but at the same time increase council tax by between 3-5%.

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    I could probably rant for about a week about the awful driving habits encountered on Wrexham roads.

    2 things wound me up on the roads past few days:

    1) A complete berk overtook me in the 20mph Penycae zone at night, doing 40+ – came out of nowhere so didn’t even see him until he was overtaking and it was just before I was about to do a right turn. Zoomed off without a care in the world. My concern is that at night, there are still lots of pedestrians with poorly visible clothing in parts of the village where there are no footpaths. Now, I don’t expect everyone to wear hi-vis clothing at night time, as us drivers should be on the lookout all the time for hazards – likewise pedestrians can see cars coming and get fair warning at 20mph, but if some boy racer clown is going full throttle down the narrow roadways, with cars parked up on both sides, it could be so easy for them to hit someone who has stepped out into the main part of the road. Or likewise smash into another vehicle who isn’t expecting the Wales GB Rally as they are going to the shops. To be fair, I ranted about it on Twitter and the local PCSO actually asked me if I had the details of the vehicle in question, but as it was dark and they were driving fast I didn’t get anything.

    2) I was on the Gresford roundabout, going up onto Chester Road towards town, was in the correct lane, following the correct lane markings (I think they are a bit faded though) to get some Big Time Charlie in an Audi beep me in anger as the lights went green because they were in the wrong lane and wanted to change into my lane and the vehicle was slightly behind my car and wasn’t indicating, plus there were other cars behind me going the same way as well. I’m not entirely sure what the driver was expecting myself and the 3 other cars to do, all because they had selected the wrong lane.

    It’s just things like these that are annoying at the time because nothing bad comes of them are usually the actions that will compound into accidents during peak times at pinch points, because people aren’t driving properly and others aren’t paying attention.

    But you are right, most people know how to ‘game’ Wrexham roads. As long as you don’t speed in the money-making speed camera hotspots, it is statistically highly unlikely you are going to get caught out for a vehicle offence on the actual roads.

    You very rarely see people actually pulled over and when you see police on the roads, it’s usually the case that they are zooming off to a crime somewhere so aren’t going to stop to pull over traffic offenders. You see these TV shows where they have local traffic enforcement officers, but I’m really not sure if there are many vehicles actually going round policing the roads in Wrexham. It’s not clear, or even how many unmarked vehicles are going round.

    Oh and one other gripe whilst we are talking about cars. Can someone tell me why on earth so many people round Wrexham put their bloody foglights on the second it gets dark? It’s actually illegal and can result in a fine if caught and risks dazzling other drivers, yet you can drive round Wrexham and several people have them on. In fact, some people are so stupid they are driving round with 1 fog light bulb gone and just 1 working.


    I think the problem is, unlike most councillors having their leisurely Tuesday afternoon jaunt, messing about with microphones. Most business owners will be too busy working hard during the hectic festive season, which seems to be make or break these days to actually attend.

    I’d be very interested to know what this so called town centre masterplan will yield in Britain’s harshest retail environment it has ever seen. Massive alarm bells are going off – instead of chains folding after disappointing January sales, the big collapse is happening already. Nothing is impacting directly on Wrexham yet as we don’t even have anything worth closing down anyway. Toys R Us has announced massive store closures across the UK – will be interesting to see if the Chester one gets hit. Thomas Cook is closing stores. Then there’s all the bank closures announced today. 2 high end furniture chains have just gone bust 1 after the other. To top it all off the Mary Portas save the local high street plan was a massive failure as over 1,000 shops in the 12 towns that received her scheme funding have closed in the last 5 years. So quite a bit of doom and gloom.

    On the upside Wrexham does have some very vibrant & successful local businesses in the town centre. It’s just none of them are bricks and mortar shopping. You’ve got the likes of Fat Boar, Emz Cakes, King Street Coffee, The Bank, Voodoo Moon etc… all doing very well for themselves.

    There needs to be a realignment of what a town centre is used for. It’s just too easy & cheap to get all purchased goods these days from supermarkets & the internet & that isn’t going to change.

    So in light of that, the mix needs to be pushed towards non-retail commercial – with the new Welsh Investment bank being set-up in Wrexham it would be an attractive proposition to get financial services moving into the town centre if commercial rents/rates were made competitive. Also room for tech firms if funding is made available for them, coupling with the new Welsh Gov backed business incubator. Also, chronic housing shortage you say? Convert some of these underutilised retail spaces into apartments. Then third and final part – more community and recreation activities. There’s plenty of pubs & bars already, but more non-alcohol type venues would be welcome. Maybe some more upmarket restaurants and actual spaces for young people and kids to get out of the house and socialise and not feel like a nuisance. Oswestry has a brilliant soft-play centre for kids and has video games and nerf gun activities for older children – Wrexham has the one in the Squire Yorke and a few elsewhere that aren’t great. Nothing in the town centre.

    I’m building all this in my mind like it’s the Sims. So I’m pretty sure the reality of any major urban space paradigm shifts have an unlimited number of hurdles.

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    During the meeting Cllr Rodney Skelland queried what impact the roll out of 4G would have on the usage of CCTV – with the actual systems installed prior to 4G coverage being readily available to near enough everyone with a data contract.
    At the time Cllr Hugh Jones said: “When we went out to contract for the provision of CCTV it was some years ago and 4G wasn’t advanced.”
    “We will review at the end of the three years and see if it something we want to continue with.”

    Couldn’t make this up of course, they are already trying to kill it off before it’s seen any public usage. I’ve got a 4G data plan, but I still use Wi-Fi hotspots in town – I’m able to use both the BT and O2 wi-fi networks due to being customers with them, but there are a few other decent free providers spotted around town.

    The main reasons are:

    1) 4G is unreliable in some parts of town and can become even less so when there are lots of people clustered in a small area. See what happens on matchday for example. Coverage and strength will be different for each of the main providers.

    2) 4G data plans are not unlimited and to pay for loads of data, it’s still quite expensive. Most people only have about 2-4gb of data to use per month. So supplemental Wi-Fi would be welcomed by those who are in town everyday and would otherwise run down their plan quickly.

    I’m only a light data user and I still run out a few days before the end of the month and rely on hotspots frequently.

    Now I’m not suggesting it should be down to the council to feed people’s social media and YouTube habits, but it’s a service they decided to offer, have spent money on and completely failed to deliver.

    Was there any research into different providers and going to check out actual Wi-Fi schemes in other towns to assess its fitness for purpose for our town? Or was it upsold to an overzealous council person in charge of procurement as if it was a movie package on Sky because Wi-Fi was all the rage 2 years ago? It’s all very troubling.

    There are a number of successful schemes running in towns up and down the country, so it can be done. It might even have been worth looking st setting up a commercially competitive system (many partners are available) and charging users for access. If it was any good, people would happily pay for daily, weekly and monthly passes and the ROI would soon bring profits into the old public coffers.

    Then the councillors could go and faff around with their precious iPads all around the town.

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    Looks like that will serve up shite?
    We deserve better

    Sung in a Wurzels accent – Holidays arrrrrre coming, holidays arrrrre coming.

    Wants to muckspread goodwill across the county.

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    The only real people on this entire forum are Daave and Sheefag. Everyone else is either a Russian bot or Cllr Pritchard in disguise. I’m actually a Russian Cllr Pritchard.

    in reply to: Welsh nationalists Plaid Cymru who are the kidding #140902


    Welcome to the forums Carrie. Ultimately if people on here are true to their word you should earn respect for being a councillor who actually posts on here.

    There have been ones who have come & gone, but I find the political spectrum of Wrexham residents on here incredibly broad.

    I think there is an automatic bias against Plaid in Wrexham but as a Labour voter on a national level I find local Labour’s opposition to cuts etc… against the Independent-Tory coalition quite flimsy. So to have a grouping of councillors who are willing to be vocal and stand up to the ridiculous slash and burn budget cuts should be welcomed. If no-one is willing to do anything to scrutinise the status quo then we may as well not have councillors and let them have a dictatorship instead.

    When the independents are actually just a party themselves, their usefulness as independent standing members who can question party politics of the major ruling parties becomes redundant.

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    It’s bad when you see something in Wrexham that you don’t like and you come onto the forums hoping someone else has also complained and here we have it, a thread about it!

    My thoughts were the logo looks like it will fit onto an Estate Agents board – it looks too dull and corporate. It is not something that says vibrant arts space – it looks like it needs more colour and a creative edge to it.

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    look at the allowances assembly members and mp get its mad what about them cutting their allowance no chance and it’s the same with the councillors I would imagine? Frankly I wouldn’t do what they do for a gold clock. The reason we are in this mess is the massive borrowing by sucsessive labour governments, we are now paying the price, I agree councillors do get payed to much but our Am’s & mp’s have a part to play also lobby them, after all it’s down to them that we are in this dreadful mess.

    Multiple layers of bureaucracy and those doing the deeds on a UK-wide, Welsh and county level basis are seen to be running everywhere into the dogs and are getting well publicised pay rises whilst everyone else is facing pay freezes, which are in reality cuts when inflation is carrying on, including incredibly damaging spikes in housing costs and fuel/utilities.

    A lobby does need to be put in place nationally and many are fighting the good fight. But right here and right now local councillors are just not doing good enough within the means that have been provided to them. So we begin locally on a local platform. I mean how much money was wasted in legal challenges on the Groves site – I believe well over £100,000. That money could have had a boatload of better uses serving the community.

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