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    It’s bad when you see something in Wrexham that you don’t like and you come onto the forums hoping someone else has also complained and here we have it, a thread about it!

    My thoughts were the logo looks like it will fit onto an Estate Agents board – it looks too dull and corporate. It is not something that says vibrant arts space – it looks like it needs more colour and a creative edge to it.

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    look at the allowances assembly members and mp get its mad what about them cutting their allowance no chance and it’s the same with the councillors I would imagine? Frankly I wouldn’t do what they do for a gold clock. The reason we are in this mess is the massive borrowing by sucsessive labour governments, we are now paying the price, I agree councillors do get payed to much but our Am’s & mp’s have a part to play also lobby them, after all it’s down to them that we are in this dreadful mess.

    Multiple layers of bureaucracy and those doing the deeds on a UK-wide, Welsh and county level basis are seen to be running everywhere into the dogs and are getting well publicised pay rises whilst everyone else is facing pay freezes, which are in reality cuts when inflation is carrying on, including incredibly damaging spikes in housing costs and fuel/utilities.

    A lobby does need to be put in place nationally and many are fighting the good fight. But right here and right now local councillors are just not doing good enough within the means that have been provided to them. So we begin locally on a local platform. I mean how much money was wasted in legal challenges on the Groves site – I believe well over £100,000. That money could have had a boatload of better uses serving the community.

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    Out of interest, if this was an error in the printing of the difficult decisions document, has anyone said what was supposed to be printed? Was it a typo?

    This is what it says:
    “A number of community centres across the county borough are now run by Community Councils. However, there are some community centres which are no longer in use, but which are still owned by the Council. It is proposed that these remaining community centre buildings (i.e. Kingsley Circle, Abenbury and Penycae) are either transferred to a third party by 31 March 2018 or considered for disposal or demolition. It is estimated this could generate savings of approximately £3,000 in 2018/19 and a further £11,000 in 2019/20”.

    Which part of it is in error?

    Council refusing to comment on what the error was – shocking PR!

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    Cllr Wynn added: “I’m not surprised to hear about this, they are going to find places off the beaten track. We know we have heroin addicts in Wrexham, some are on the street, we will from time to time come across them.

    Read this in a Bill Oddie voice and you’d think he was talking about a wildlife problem, like nuisance foxes.

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    thank you suethecat

    maybe a freedom of information request will expose the truth?

    perhaps then we will learn which high ranking council officers and councillors have let virgin do wahtever they want for the past 12 months, and maybe they can explain why the public have suffered such inconvenience and shoddy dangerous workmanship

    Go on send one out, that’ll upset the apple cart. Councillors seen to be pushed around by Bigger Boy Branson and co. Unfortunately everyone is fawning over Virgin Media like they’ve struck gold for the town and it’s the Wild West. In reality no-one’s area has been has set live and there’s been a lot of road destruction/disruption and now it sounds like a lot of remedial work to be done.

    Everyone is acting amazed that Virgin is being so generous investing billions into fibre in new towns and cities and in Wales. But it’s purely 100% profit driven – they need to get houses/commercial premises to sign up desperately and get user lock-in on expensive 24 month contracts, as they’ve hit saturation point in all the other towns and cities they have a network laid down in. Their shareholders are screaming expand or die in the neverending thirst of capitalist greed for profits.

    Now I’m probably cynical but it does sound like there’s a massive rush on to get the infrastructure down and deal with issues later. With the startling pace of wireless technology, I give Virgin Media 5 years before competitive ultra high speed 5G+ networks or a Wi-MAX style shared wireless internet becomes available and people can ditch physical wired connections into their house for good.

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    Where does the figure of “£13 million over 2 years” come from? I understand the Wrexham block grant 2017/8 will be reduced by 0.3%, which is £500,000.

    And how about the cash reserves of £7 million? Type in ‘cash reserves’ on the wcbc website to see the details.

    I’m not an accountant, so anyone who can explain in English would be welcomed.

    Was it this reserves strategy PDF?

    Seems a certain £7m+ funding reserves pot has been burned through over the last few years and is now 0 (see the image link below), unless it has been moved elsewhere. Again, I’m no accountant, so someone in know would be able to help us.

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    The pharmacy’s that take part in the needle exchange program make money for participating in the program, as a condition why can’t the pharmacy’s have a room? So that it’s done under supervision? This way pharmacy’s can help communities with less needles strewn around the area after all it’s them that’s making the profit.

    I am someone who would support the trial of ‘shooting up’ rooms in the right location and environment, but not at local community pharmacies. It is not something the likes of the elderly and people with young children picking up prescriptions should have to put up with – endless queues of drug takers, all cagey and shaking, waiting for it to be their turn to get high. Where do they go after to be out of their head? What happens if they can’t afford a fix today, do they start begging outside the pharmacy? Start pestering people for their prescription drugs? Start trying to steal from other drug users? Are we to expect a queue of 15 of them at 9am? Waiting for it to open up? What happens on a Sunday when it’s closed?

    Lots of questions and concerns.

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    Schools budget
    For a number of years the Council has protected school budgets. It is proposed
    that schools’ budgets are protected and given the same allocation as 2017/18 but
    not increased over the next two years. This means that schools will be required to
    meet growth pressures and inflation which are currently estimated at £1,158,000 in
    2018/19 and a further £1,408,000 in 2019/20. This proposal has been consulted on
    with the School Budget Forum.

    Clarification on this as well – school budget apparently protected, but effectively it is a cut if the same financial allocation is given for 2018/19 and 2019/20 as 2017/18 and schools themselves are expected to deal with inflation and growth pressures.

    In real terms schools are facing shortfalls in the latter 2 academic years (getting quite hefty by 2019/20) – however we can’t see the shortfalls here because for some reason the document decided it would be under no obligation to tell us the actual budget for 2017/18. How is anyone expected to work with this document?

    Where are schools going to find the shortfall funding? Everyone going to have to start taking in their own money for pens, like in some schools in England?

    Education is not being protected at all. The correct amount of money to be allocated to schools is the amount they need to educate the number of pupils they have in the school effectively and pay for the appropriate amount of staff. Dishonesty again.

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    One thing I am struggling to understand about the additional income streams being quoted, how do they have any context whatsoever without the overall costings being shown to us?

    School meals
    Current charges for school meals are £2.30 for infants and £2.35 for juniors. A 2%
    increase will be applied for 2018/19 which will increase the charges by 5p. In 2019/20,
    the charges will be brought in line with each other, which will therefore only see
    the infants’ fee increased by a further 5p. This is an increase which is applied to
    school meals every year, as the costs of providing school meals (e.g. supplier costs)
    increases. This will not affect Free School Meals entitlement. It is estimated this
    could generate additional income of approximately £15,000 in 2018/19 and a
    further £7,000 in 2019/20.

    Surely in this case, the additional income is going to cover the additional costs they mention from the supplier, but this is suggesting a surplus £15,000 over what is available in the budget now to be applied elsewhere?

    What someone needs to ask the council is: i) Will there be an extra £15,000 available to allocate to elsewhere from the budget from the price increases in 2018/19 and an extra £7,000 in 2019/20 or will this extra income be entirely absorbed by the increase in supplier costs and therefore not represent any increase in income to the overall budget whatsoever?

    ii) If the additional income is actually going to the budget (after covering the increased costs), why are paying for dinner parents being unfairly levied above the actual supplier cost increases – schools and education are not for profit generation from hard working families.


    Very pleased to hear that the phone boxes are now being removed, as I’ve never seen anyone use them to make a phonecall in years, but looked like a hotbed for dealer activity.

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