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    We are hitting on some seriously meta stuff – people complaining about people complaining. Thus it ‘snowballs’ further as I comment on the people complaining about people complaining.


    Conservatives are currently in the process of making their candidate selections in all of their challenger seats where they don’t have a sitting MP – in case May or the Government collapses due to Brexit and a snap election is called.

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    The ridiculous fuss about foreign workers sending money home is a huge double standard.

    You look at Brexiteer paper the Telegraph who are renowned for their anti-immigration stance.

    They actively encourage and have their own money service for British expats to send money home from their overseas jobs.

    So the rhetoric seems to be – money sent home by foreigners workers in the UK = Not Okay
    Money sent home by British expats in overseas jobs = Brilliant

    How dare people have freedoms with the money they have earned after tax.

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    The issue is that the developers know full well that they have the council decision makers over a barrel – it’s either threaten to pull out and leave Henblas a ghost town or the council accept a concession where they remove requirements. It might take them months or years to find another developer and in order to push through further redevelopment in the town centre they need someone to take up this project.

    It’s unfair on the area and unfair on those who seek affordable housing, but this is the price we pay for living in such a profit driven capitalist environment. Of course this is not to say that this won’t backfire on the Mandale Group where locals feel completely alienated by the lack of available affordable properties at the development or an equivalent lack of good-will in terms of funding the placement of affordable homes elsewhere in the county. People have been notoriously critical of Eagle’s Meadow the whole time the development has been in existence and they run the risk of becoming the next public target for criticism and lack of local support.

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    Please tell me there will be planks involved.

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    I’m not being funny but if you work in the public sector then statistics will be published online and discussed and performances at your respective place of work – The Council, Hospitals, Schools, DWP are going to be scrutinised.

    I think what people fail to recognise time and time again that we 100% have the back of public sector workers – the grunts, the cogs in the machine – we are indebted to them for keeping this country running.

    What we are unhappy with is the Powers That Be – Betsi, MPs, AMs, Council Exec etc… when things are not run in a way that they should be.

    So those in the Maelor need to take the credit given to them on an individual level when they do good jobs at work with patients, but not take to heart the overall politicised message RE: waiting times – at their place of work.

    There are some who are perhaps misguided and fail to recognise the root causes and wrongly blame the Maelor staff on Facebook for being stuck waiting 8 hours for their slightly sore thumb to be looked at. But it’s like with everything else in life you just ignore the idiots.

    I lobby for the improvement of the local health service provision – not just for local people to receive improved healthcare treatment, but I also know quite a few people who work within the Maelor and state their job stress and work levels are almost untenable due to a lack of staffing. If we keep pushing and telling those responsible that there’s not enough money and not enough staff then our end goal is aligned with the workers to improve their working experience.

    Solidarity with the NHS Workers.


    Bringing things nicely back to the original topic in question and hopefully avoiding an Andy Capp style fight cloud dust up – forecast for this week is looking pretty ominous – threats of snow and icy conditions – the council should have plenty of warning over which routes and car parks to grit and keep everyone as happy as possible (caveat – this is Wrexham – someone is bound to be unhappy).


    Breaking down the actual report – there are a few areas that are abysmal.

    Looking at the spiralling increase in agency worker costs on a like for like period each year:

    *Interim Period 2016/17 -£1,198,984

    *Interim Period 2017/18 -£1,441,765 +17%

    *Interim Period 2018/19 -£2,118,303 +32%

    That is not a sustainable cost increase trend when we are looking at cuts elsewhere in the difficult decisions. Any money saved is going to be sunk into these agency worker wage costs.

    Council have been heavily criticised in the past for the high cost of using 3rd party consultants – now surely the same thing needs to happen for the workforce in recruitment. It is too costly.

    The other alarming figures are the high volume of FTE days lost due to people who have been ill for 21 days and longer in any given year.

    Particularly high losses in working days from the sheer volume in schools plus high levels in child and adult social care. Now I know these are highly stressful environments – but equally they are places where if we don’t have the right staff in place or a staffing shortfall people across the county really start to suffer. As usual children, the disabled and the elderly.

    I think the include everyone who is off for greater than 21 days is not fit for purpose to evaluate who is likely to be well enough to come back from work.

    Some people could be off for a month and break a leg or have an operation etc… then come back to work and there’s no problem.

    But what about the people who have been off for something like 90 days+ you’d want to know about those in your data and see how many were there and what can be done to see about getting them back into work or if they are unfit for the job.

    I appreciate that it’s a difficult situation as you can’t just lay off people because they have fallen ill for any reason. But ultimately we are paying for all this through our council tax. It’s a public service so we need to be seeing fair value.

    I think there needs to be more toughness is letting those go who really are just draining resources and causing high costs of doubling employment with another full time staff member of agency workers. These zombies are also blocking someone who is unemployed but fit and well from potentially getting a valuable employment role with the council.

    Some people might think this is harsh but if they were private sector workers and were seriously costing businesses money on the bottom line they’d have been laid off months before I even start raising eyebrows.

    Isn’t PIP (controversial and not fit for purpose I know but still removes burden directly from the council to support them) – supposed to be there to for those who are long term ill? I mean some of them must have been serious as the council stated there were deaths in the figures. Surely those people would be so critically ill it would be more fair to them to say don’t worry about coming back to work you are not fit to work. Focus on your health and family.

    Don’t shoot me as I’m looking at this purely from an objective statistical and Systems point of view. I can sympathise and know it’s difficult on a personal level if you, a family member or a work colleague is off critically ill. We don’t want to throw people on the bonfire and leave them unable to fend for themselves. But how do things move forward?

    If the root cause is stress and anxiety for high levels of long term absence then something needs to be put in place to prevent it from happening as it’s an avalanche – the more people off Ill – the more work and more stressful it becomes for existing workers.

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    Ironically if everyone lead healthier, better lifestyles the average life expectancy would increase & then there would be a logjam of elderly related accidents and emergencies – falls & heart attacks etc… so you just can’t win.

    No matter how long you live until eventually something is going to happen to you where an ambulance will be called to keep you out of critical condition or keep you alive.


    Bring back the Gulag!

    In all fairness in modern Britain, this would end up costing the taxpayer more than said handout of benefits – through a series of keenly won court cases by serial dossers. Before any cold weather work was even allowed to begin to be undertaken – they would be given:

    i) a Cold weather clothes allowance, which would be generous enough to have them wearing better cold weather clothes than the rest of us – Barbour Jackets, Timberlands, hat, gloves, scarf, thermals, thermal heat pads.

    ii) Transportation allowance – again above actual cost of transport, both public transport or petrol money

    iii) Hot meal and a hot drink allowance – both before and after the labourious activities

    iv) Money spent on training – how to hold a shovel properly 101

    v) Plus can you imagine the compo claims if someone got sick or injured on the job

    What a wonderful world.

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