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    Maureen will be shocked to hear this from me but is the funniest thing in this thread.

    What Zinger said.

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    Actually agree with you for the most part X – I don’t agree with trick or treating at all – if someone came to your house any other time of the year begging and then threatening negative anti-social actions late at night the police would be right round (if there are any police left that is).

    The actual getting dressed up I think is fun for the kids and they should just throw local community Halloween parties/discos (we used to have one in school) to keep the kids there get them tanked up on sweets etc… where perhaps instead those who are willing to give out sweets on the doorstep – could perhaps bring them to the local community centre/school. That way keep them out of trouble and keep everyone safe. Something that would increase community spirit rather than decrease it.

    Teenagers going round with eggs and expecting sweets need to bloody grow up. I remember the local shop I worked in as a lad – my boss had to ban egg sales to kids for the whole week leading up to Halloween (we’re just baking a cake – yeah right!).

    Although the full on Americanisation has massively turned Halloween into a profit making engine – you have it shoved down your throat aggressively by all the shops and confectionery companies – trying to make it something as big as Easter perhaps. Somewhat amusingly – in Tesco Cefn today they were clearing the shelves of Halloween stock already at lunchtime to make way for their full on Christmas selection.

    Americans might overdo everything commercially, but they also do law enforcement like no other either:

    Trick or treaters in certain Virginia towns who are over the age of 12 (or anyone trick or treating after 8pm) can expect jail time or a fine if caught. Parents supervising children going door to door are also banned from wearing masks.

    Once Halloween is out of the way we can all sit happily waiting for the next major American import – Black Friday on 23rd November.

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    Actual serious reply to Watcher as you managed to make a thought out reply to my flippant comments.

    My thoughts are that it would be an interesting turn of events for the influx to workers to come into the likes of Wrexham and North East Wales from England when notoriously Wrexham has been considered a commuter town for some years with people seeking work across the border in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester etc… but taking advantage of lower house prices and cost of living here.

    Perhaps if there is the right skill mix of jobs and competitive salaries offered then some of these outbound Wrexham commuters might decide to apply for jobs closer to home. We are currently lacking things like a decent tech cluster so anyone with any serious IT and creative skills has to travel farther afield than Wrexham for work. If these types of business set-up in the area it would generate a lot of economic stimulus. Or in general any of the STEM skills that are crucial for the new and evolving workplace.

    It would be beneficial to the area as a whole if the market became that competitive that more English people wanted to come and work here as well – it would help stop the brain drain. It would also show up companies like Refinitiv who made a fatal error in wanting to pull out of their industrial estate location.

    Of course if we’re expecting an net influx of additional commuter workers then someone seriously needs to pull their finger out and deal with the road and rail transport infrastructure sooner rather than later – otherwise it’s going to be chaotic.

    Also goes without saying that if more people choose to locate to Wrexham for the lower housing prices for their jobs then a lot of house building is going to need to take place as there’s still a critical shortage of affordable family homes to buy or rent even just with local competition to think of.

    The other important side would obviously be including lots of entry level career starter roles in any jobs packages released to ensure that young people in Wrexham of any skill level leaving education will not risk being part of a new lost generation who feel like they are on a jobs scrap heap and are left on benefits for life.

    So you basically need apprenticeship schemes at firms ready for those wanting to leave school at 16, connections for those at Cambria looking to start work at 18 and then you’d expect the graduate jobs market to develop organically with any new jobs created in defined skilled areas for those leaving Glyndwr or perhaps even attracting those who have attended other universities across the UK to actually seek work back home rather than go hunting for it elsewhere in big cities etc…

    These are all ideals of course, what actually gets implemented in practice will be somewhere between less than perfect and downright shambolic – usually the case. Let’s just hope it goes well.

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    Marvin – Make North Wales Great Again! It was my understanding the bridge was closed to vehicle traffic and restricted access to pedestrians and cyclists for months but they got it fixed ahead of schedule in time for the influx. THE WALL WILL BRING JOBS TO WELSH QUARRY WORKERS.

    X – yes, it’s a red cap for me all the way. I’ll refrain from threatening any caravans (migrant or holiday homes) for the time being. I’m looking to do more, do you know if Top Management has any tips?

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    Coming over here taking our jobs! I’ve heard there’s a migrant caravan already heading from Tattenhall seeking to cross over into Wales across Farndon bridge.

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    When budgetary constraints are dealt with on a few years basis and elections are every 5 years. It is always in the interests of the current ruling executive to go for the cheapest option available and in this case the 10 year rather than 20 years. It’s incredibly short sighted and bad management, but when the roads start breaking down and need to be replaced in 10 years the ruling executive will point to the previous regime as being at fault for failing to spend sufficient money and causing greater costs down the line. To no accountability whatsoever – once you are out of office, nothing can be pinned on you. Likewise, blame will also be pointed to austerity and the WAG and the Westminster Government for going the cheap route.

    When in Austerity and cuts mode – there is no political upside for them to future proof our roads or go above and beyond what is necessary.

    They already aren’t doing enough as the roads haven’t been fully fixed since last winter – as the massive pothole in the Tesco roundabout continuously reminds me.

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    X I’ve no interest in being baited across multiple threads just because you have a personal issue with me. It’s incredibly childish and arguing ruins the flow of the discussion forum for everyone else. The fact is I’ve not even posted in this thread so I’m baffled as to why you even need to bring me into it.

    Rob, as this post is completely off topic you can remove it if you wish, but I will not tolerate jumped up anonymous troll bullies online.

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    Funnily enough Councillor X I don’t ever have the urge to just walk into the Maelor to go and study the Doctors’ Appointment boards like you to make sure that a sufficient number of British sounding names are up there and to then assert some kind of so called moral outrage when there’s foreign names up there.

    You are noticing all the foreign names up there and getting angry about it because you have a prejudicial problem. It doesn’t matter how many countless Joneses, Smiths and Roberts are getting seen every day – as each foreign name is taunting you like a proverbial red rag to a bull and triggering whatever negative feelings you just can’t help having.

    The fact that you are pre-judging every single person receiving treatment on the basis of their name without even knowing who these people are shows just how deep your xenophobia is. You don’t know who these people are or if they were in fact born in this country or not – regardless of their names.

    Also, an incredible invasion of personal privacy I think – some creepy ‘Anon Councillor’ type sitting there auditing people going for health checks. I wonder if Maelor security have clocked onto you yet?

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    My problem is with the unskilled workers who use of precious A&E resources BUT are only here because local people don’t want to do the jobs they came over to do and are happy as Larry on the dole.

    This is actually incredible. You have a problem with people who come over here and work hard and actually earn money to pay their way doing the type of jobs that slack British wasters are too lazy to do? You mean the kings and queens of all resource waste. Why should those lazy scroungers have more of a right to access the health service just because they happened to be born in a geographic location similar to your own when they are putting nothing in vs actual workers. Cut off the bloody NHS to lazy people first.

    Dole scroungers don’t pay council tax, so they are causing budget cuts across Wrexham, they are taking council homes rent free from working families who can’t afford to buy a house and get a mortgage and are instead forced to pay inflated private rental rates. They pay in zero tax and national insurance.

    Even if there were zero migrants in the country, these lazy buggers still wouldn’t do the factory jobs, the fruit picking and all the other unpopular jobs because they are a waste of space. I applaud all these workers who want to come over and add to the economy.

    The way you go on about Top Management and value hard work from councillors, public sector workers etc… – Councillor X, I thought it would be logical for you to value individuals on a work ethic basis first regardless of ethnic background or migrant status or skill level VERSUS people who want something for nothing and cost the rest of us money and take but don’t never back.

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    Bubble you’ve hit the nail right on head there – hence my original questioning about the actual intentions of a post regarding foreigners.

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