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    Well, I heard earlier this year that Chester were buying homeless people one-way bus tickets to Wrexham. How cheap are they not even shelling out for a train ticket.

    Thing is, this isn’t actually going to have any net benefit on the overall number of homeless people around the UK and the resources they require, because they have to go somewhere. So, if for example Leeds are tactically sending homeless to Sheffield, they’re probably doing it the other way round too.

    These are still human beings who need some level of support, whether or not people agree with it. Even if you try and concentrate sending all the so-called ‘undesirables’ to one place, like what has happened in Rhyl, then there gets a point where a place can’t handle it or it gets so bad an overflow occurs. As we’ve seen, some of the Rhyl homeless and persistent drug abusers have decided to come to Wrexham.

    If I were homeless I’d just abuse the hell out of the getting a train ticket thing and have a free ride around the country every week, see if I could get a first class upgrade.

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    Completely disappointed by the lack of knee-jerk reactions on here ;) the Facebook lot had it all resolved in minutes.

    “Show these bored kids prison, allow the hitting of children again, string the parents up. In my day I feared the police as I got caught skipping through a field of wheat. My 15 year old is in bed by 7pm after a supper of bread and dripping and a mug of hot cocoa.”

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    The Welsh Assembly certainly needs to look into these issues that are happening across Wales, but this is not something happening in isolation and the NHS is under severe strain across the UK.

    Loss of local GP services through closures and mergers across England is also rife under Jeremy Hunt’s Flying Circus. Here’s a map of areas suffering from GP losses and their severity.

    Issues in SNP-led Scotland with GP surgeries requiring up to £1bn in repairs and risk closure if they can’t afford to pay it.

    GP practice closure issues in Northern Ireland

    The whole NHS is under strain.

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    Is there a history of people being knocked down in this vicinity? I would have thought that there was a bigger issue with parking outside school when there isn’t room for other cars to get past. Anyone speeding over those dreadful ramps would do serious damage to their cars. I am all for 20 mph during school hours with an hour either side with 30 mph during weekends & holidays. Not quite sure where the speed camera would be located.

    I believe that there is talk of removing speed bumps from UK roads, at great cost to the taxpayer, due to them creating extra levels of pollution. Of course this advice is from Gove who most likely isn’t bothered about the environment or seeing people being mowed down in the street.

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    Cheers for the endorsement Dicky boy ;)

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    Can’t see the tweet because like many other Labour supporters he has blocked as he doesn’t like being asked questions about Brexit Express, that call centre or pretty much anything that doesn’t involve some doled out praise from the yes people of this town.

    He’ll be cleaning that speed camera every morning with a squeegee.

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    They are not allowed to issue tickets on private land, that is why the management at Eagles Meadow has banned them from operating on their land. They only try and fine easy targets,such as elderly people or lone women who have accidentally dropped a receipt from their pockets, but they won’t dare approach lads standing outside the pubs on High Street deliberately throwing litter. They are a private security firm and you ARE NOT OBLIGED to give them your details.

    If Kingdom approach you to issue a fine then firstly, politely tell no and walk away.

    Secondly, try to walk into a shop or onto private land, as they are not allowed to follow you onto private land to try to issue FPN notices.

    Thirdly, do not be afraid of their threats to call the police for refusing to give your details as the police WILL NOT attend. This is because it is a civil matter and the only role the police would have if they were to attend would
    be to prevent breach of the peace. Seeing as the police won’t even come out to investigate burglary these days, they certainly won’t be interested in attending to prevent breach of the peace over an accidentally dropped bit of litter. Also, even if the police did attend, they can not pass your details over to Kingdom Security, as this would be a breach of data protection.

    If there are no means for them to legally enforce a fine on you, then surely their behaviour within a public space is nothing more than an extortion racket where they are threatening the vulnerable to pay out cash. At what point does this actually become a scandal?

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    Just wait until all the fuss when they decide their iPads are ‘obsolete’ next year, just so they can all mess about with the stupid facial recognition technology. They will just continue to rack up more and more pointless and selfish expenditure at the Council Tax payers’ expense.

    The only way you are ever going to get past this death of local council progress by stranglehold from the current batch of old duffers and no marks is to wait for them to retire or drop dead. Then there’s no guarantee some equally as annoying bunch of replacements don’t come in and continue alienation ad infinitum. Because the councillors local friends & family are going to return the same people year after year. No-one else can put a strong enough counter voting block forward, not even with party backing. You want a shout at getting in as a councillor next election? Start fixing fences now, driving the elderly to the shops, getting the local farmers pigs in during a storm. Yes, those are all commendable community activities, but have nothing in the way of making you competent to make effective decisions about running a county with 135,000 People living in it.

    Wrexham Council and particularly the Exec Board is not a platform for radical thinking. If a local issue can’t be beaten to death by consultants or lawyers then they have to find a way for it conveniently to slip through the cracks until the persons affected just give up. Plus the dominance of independents means that they have none of that pesky party political interference from higher up. All guaranteed to mean no progress is made and everyone gets paid.

    There a few a good councillors in there but they can’t get in any influence with the regime.


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    in reply to: Gresford Roundabout #138155


    Nothing wrong with the roundabout, there’s just a problem with a minority of idiot drivers who create danger to all other road users and themselves for the sake of getting somewhere 5 seconds sooner. They could form a whole new chapter of the highway code on defensive driving titled ‘Watch out for drivers who are accidents waiting to happen’ or in Daave’s first edition – That Twanker almost knocked me motor vehicle into a ditch!

    Their sole mission is to cut people up on the Gresford or B&Q roundabout during rush hour without the use of any indicators or predictable road trajectory. They are the type of drivers who play it safe by sticking to 90 down the A483 during heavy rain and not breaking regardless of what objects are in what they stupidly call the fast lane.

    in reply to: £1.7 million cat adoption centre #137894


    Love cats

    We move like cagey tigers
    We couldn’t get closer than this
    The way we walk
    The way we talk
    The way we stalk…

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