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    It is also my understanding that Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook were also mis-sold monorails.


    What I’m concerned by is the constant green light being given to large housing developments that often won’t even be housing local people, they’re out of their price range. Yet the local infrastructure clearly can’t handle it. Obviously there’s growing problems on a national level, but we’re not really doing much to help ourselves at a local level on this.

    Wrexham’s location as a highly desirable commuter base with Chester, Liverpool and Manchester all within commute range means there’s going to be competition for people to live here and therefore a complete shortage of affordable 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom family homes. This also extends to the private rental market and the council and social housing stock. There is a very low level of these houses for people to move into across the board.

    The only solution they know is – build more houses – which obviously exacerbates problems on local services – healthcare and schools, increases congestion and a lot of these affordable houses meant for first time buyers are a very attractive long term investment proposition and get snapped up by those who already own a home and end up letting them out as a second home for rental for income. In turn the shortage continues and house prices get pushed up.


    How an Earth a conversation about local GPs quickly descends into a discussion about Nazism and eugenics is beyond me. If this is the level of political discussion among voters in this area, then no wonder it’s in such a mess.

    Pretty certain that a couple of comments on one singular thread containing less than 0.00001% of the local voter base isn’t the reason why the political landscape in this country is messed up.

    I tell you what I find more highly surprising – the number of people coming across as outraged that Nazism was brought up in the conversational equivalent of cloud cuckoo land (here) than the very real and worrying threat that in less than a decade or so there’s not going to be enough GPs to go round all the people that need seeing in this area.

    That means people are going to die that didn’t need to – perhaps they already are. Others are going to live in serious pain for longer or go undiagnosed with potentially life threatening illnesses.

    Those who can afford to will pay to see a Bupa or other private GP – those who can’t will have to wait months to get an appointment.

    This is a very real issue we are going to have to face in the present and future not something from the past.

    It is clear that even though it’s a public healthcare system – more money needs to be put into it so that more GPS want to seek the opportunity – no doctors are truly altruistic – they all want to make a decent living.

    In a perfect world we could crank the economics and logistics of the doctoring world so that it worked like the supply and demand for certain discount German supermarket chains.

    You get a growing number of houses and population and bam another bloody Aldi pops up to meet the needs of all the consumers. It’s a very crude example – what with it taking significantly longer to train up a GP than a shelf stacker.

    But you look how we’ve structured the country so that it’s really easy to get hold of 50p loaves of bread and 30p tins of beans – no-one will ever be short of these goods – but vital medical services – we seem to have cocked that one up. Perhaps we have our priorities wrong.


    The statement that the Vice-Chancellor of Glyndwr made has done absolutely no favours in terms of instilling a positive image of the university against the town.

    The negative comments towards both the town and those in charge of dealing with planning have rightly seen much negative commentary on Facebook (for once the mob is spot on).

    I previously criticised the councillors at the planning committee but the conduct of Glyndwr itself seems even worse.

    First off Glyndwr seems to think that as a profit driven higher education institute it deserves some kind of special treatment when it comes to planning and should just get plans Carte Blanche pushed through and to hell with locally affected peoples lives. They rightly receive the same level of scrutiny as if a normal commercial venture laid forth plans (a building firm, a supermarket etc…) or a charitable organisation or the own local authority itself (plans to expand schools).

    Wrexham is a working class market town with blue collar mining routes not a bloody University town – so planners aren’t going to roll over and do as they please. The town would still survive if Glyndwr didn’t exist – people barely noticed NEWI plodding along. Plus Coleg Cambria has been able to make bold transformation and expansion plans improving the quality of local education without stepping on anyone’s toes.

    Glyndwr should be grateful that 7 out of 9 of their plans were approved – that to me shows an incredibly supportive planning committee and smacks of sour grapes that they are moaning about the 2 that didn’t pass.

    If Glyndwr wants to start acting like a higher class of university and an economic powerhouse (what they are trying to project with their expansion) then they should realise that it’s not the council’s responsibility to pass their developments that will generate revenue to fund other expansion – it is the university’s responsibility to have a decent level of business acumen to actually find viable funding options for their expansion – rather than some cowboy roughshod usage of land and housing slapped down with little to no respect for the local infrastructure.

    They could access grants, they could look at attracting more overseas students, partnering with industry – there are many other revenue generation plans for an aspiring academic institute to expand. Most universities haven’t had land to dispose of that they can make a quick buck from. Alternatively they could look at the rejected planning applications and submit more acceptable and improved viable proposals.

    If Sainsbury’s put forth plans that were rejected they’d have to suck it up rather than say ‘well it’s down to the people of Wrexham’.

    There is also a certain level of exaggeration of the importance of their brand when they imply that businesses in Wrexham will not gain access to sufficient skilled workers if Glyndwr is unable to expand their education offering.

    The fact of the matter is people will go off and study elsewhere regardless of the strength of the local offering and yes some will permanently relocate – but the strength of recruiting locally the right mix of skilled talent will hinge on a broad range of factors well beyond University presence.

    Milton Keynes for example has a strong tech cluster with no decent university to speak of.

    I just think if you start getting hoity toity Vice Chancellor Professors talking down at the town – then you’ve lost the local community. I even noticed Trevor Coxon gave them quite a searing put down on the Facebook comments of the link of the article.


    The Nazis played around with Eugenics. The Brexiteers are currently supporting a Leave EU option in part because of high immigration levels.

    All have been panned by some people for their Politics, some deservedly so

    Also very interesting to say the least that the Brexit Party chose to take a leaf out of the Nazi Party political playbook by turning their back to an established parliament they don’t agree with.

    Back Turning

    Not the main topic or point of this conversation but still an odd choice to make for them when one seeks to distance themselves from such comparisons.

    Although I will hand it to the Brexit Party – at least they are not the ones with the lunatics spouting out about playing with eugenics. Rabid Tory Toby Young is the prince of darkness on that score – “Advocated what he termed “progressive eugenics”. Young proposed that when the technology for genetically engineered intelligence is practical it should be allowable for a decision to be made by poor parents with low IQs over which embryos should be allowed to develop using intelligence as a marker.” Sinister or what.


    It all smacks of the greater good – “You Townies will accept being stuck in traffic for longer during rush hour so we can play fantasy city status games”. It might be suspected that certain councillors are wearing glasses so rose tinted they probably think Glyndwr sounds a lot like Gryffindor and Wrexham is being turned into bloody Hogwarts Harry Potter Land.

    What is the point of having a Highways Officer who isn’t even allowed to express his own opinions or concerns and told not to recommend refusal at any costs.

    Well thought out development of the town with carefully considered planning that includes dealing with key infrastructure issues – such as the roads is desired.

    However, what we are getting is the equivalent of How Many Clowns Will Fit Into The Clown Car type planning and those with the biggest clown shoes honking their horns the loudest.

    in reply to: Our next Prime Minister? #170454


    Rather unfair on Vlad, to be honest.
    At least people knew what to expect of him. 🙂

    Considered a national hero in Romania – a lot of the stories said to be Saxon Propaganda.

    in reply to: Our next Prime Minister? #170329


    Also – is nobody suspicious of the genuine intentions of former Europhile Boris Johnson – whose father Stanley, sister Rachel and brother Jo Johnson are all massive pro-EU remainers?

    Something doesn’t really add up does it.

    in reply to: Our next Prime Minister? #170328


    You have to wonder how low the threshold would be before people didn’t want to vote for a candidate who promised them Brexit.

    Ian Brady
    Jimmy Savile
    Pol Pot

    Boris has no other policies to speak of, he’s not even pretending he’s a respectable human being.

    That said Hunt destroyed the NHS & is promising to Brexit by October 31st even though he said Boris’ promise to do that was a fake promise.

    I would actually put money on Brexit not happening on 31st October – it is completely unachievable on the basis that

    1) The New PM isn’t even being sworn in until end of July

    2) They almost immediately go on Summer recess until September

    3) They come back for a couple of weeks and then go on Conference Recess for another Month

    How is any renegotiation (if even possible), voting through policy & then Brexit preparedness (for any kind). Going to be carried out in the few short weeks our grotesquely paid politicians are actually working for until the best part of the lead up to Christmas.

    I’d be very wary right now of any promises from either of them. Just goes to show how thoroughly screwed this country is.

    It’s irrelevant whether you want to leave or remain – there’s an intolerable impasse happening either way and you notice the absolute refusal or care of politicians and the government to deal with any other legislation not relating to Brexit. It’s like having a cement mixer stuck on your driveway for years & your car being stuck in the garage indefinitely unable to use it.


    It’s like BREXIT. The more voices the more likely a road will get fixed ….

    But there’s not 52% of people shouting please fix the road to 48% of people saying NO DON’T FIX THE ROAD.

    Some might want a people’s vote on which roads get fixed and the terms of how they should be fixed.

    There should be a backstop on how roads get fixed that are half in Wrexham and Half in Cheshire.

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