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    Also for anyone concerned about insufficient healthcare provision in Wales, we actually have a very easily solution for this. We have the power to raise income tax in Wales. 1p on the £1 on the basic rate would bring in an extra £200m a year, which you could arguably plough straight back into the Welsh NHS. Which would certainly go in a direction to help alleviate some of the healthcare services.

    No party will raise taxes as its unpopular with voters – yet people swallow much larger council tax increases every year for less services.

    10 years down the line or maybe less the NHS is going to reach crisis point (if it’s not already there yet) and people will have to decide between it becoming all or partially privatised having to pay for some of their care or get expensive medical insurance – like in the US – OR paying more tax in order to make it even remotely viable.

    Surely a 1% or so increase across the board is something most people would find acceptable rather than the lottery of health insurance – there will be many cancer patients who find themselves excluded from coverage and won’t be able to afford the treatment to keep them alive and they will die – hey ho that might solve some of the overpopulation crisis! – which is where we start thinking like a Tory.

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    Free movement of people is overloading our infrastructure.
    I do not have one racist bone in my body, I don’t care what colour or nationality a person is but enough is enough. We cannot cope with the increasingly larger population.

    Zinger if overpopulation is what you are concerned with then Brexit is not the answer – well not a sufficient solution on its own – see more of a bandaid over a bullet wound.

    EU Net Migration to the UK last year was only +74,000, which was a 6 year low versus non-EU migration which reached +248,000 which was at its highest levels since 2004.


    It is interesting that net migrant influx coming from countries where there is no freedom of movement was over 3 x higher than countries where there is freedom of movement – suggesting that freedom of movement on its own is not exacerbating problems.

    If you are that concerned about skilled people leaving the country then perhaps you would like to impose some kind of North Korea/Eastern European style prevention of people leaving the UK. Death to the defectors?

    Other reasons for overpopulation of the country and strain on the health service and housing shortages is the undeniable ageing population – people are living far longer and putting strain on services and resources. Like how I’m not prejudicing foreigners for coming here and living in the country, I’m also not prejudicing the elderly for living longer. I am merely making a factual statement.

    In 50 years’ time, there are likely to be an additional 8.6 million people aged 65 years and over – a population roughly the size of London.

    Fortunately there is a falling birthrate, so less sprogs to look after I suppose.

    It would be absolutely absurd from a rational viewpoint to target one group of people who are increasing the population and not take the holistic view and look at other reasons why the country is suffering from overpopulation.

    What proposals do people have for immigration control from NON-EU which is a far larger issue than Freedom of Movement?

    What proposals do people have to deal with the need for increase in services and resources required for the ageing population? We can’t do Logan’s Run.

    So if you are concerned about overpopulation then Brexit is a Dog and Pony show aimed at distracting the plebiscites of Britain in the short term from far graver concerns in the long term.

    What the EU Has done has tangled the UK up in pointless Bureaucracy for going on 3 years now at the distraction of other stronger improvement goals for the UK.

    For Brexit being right or wrong – instead of buggering about with deals etc… once Leave had gone through as the winning vote the UK should have immediately seceded itself from the EU and there’d now have been 3 years of progress one way or another rather than 3 years of horrible stagnation and bureaucracy. It’s a farce even Hard Brexiteers who say leave with no deal are being forced to create loads of laws and rules and documents just to leave on that score.

    In a war situation or independence situation there is none of this legal paperwork nonsense. For anyone hoping to leave the EU within the next 5-10 years I feel sorry for you because it’s just not going to happen. Even if Brexit Party gets MEPs, they immediately become part of the EU system. Farage is the ultimate double agent of Europe – he’s been on their pay since for 20 years. He’s just playing a heel character. If there’s no idea or promise of Brexit then Farage has no purpose. He wants things to be drawn at as long as possible as any remainer does as it keeps his pay packet high and allows him constant access to the BBC so he can mouth off etc…


    What the illustrious Council Leader needs to understand is that no bugger is going to praise the precious paving improvements if their car has been totally knackered by the third world quality roads getting into town in the first place. Pothole after pothole.

    Some real constructive feedback – stop pissing about with aesthetics in the town – rolling the turd in glitter – as people so eloquently put it on here – AND actually focus on real infrastructure & service improvements.

    Businesses aren’t being put off town just because a couple of people have been moaning on Facebook. Likewise they wouldn’t be attracted to the town on the basis on what the footfall sticks their trotters on even if everywhere is paved in gold.

    On a more positive note – if councillors want to know about attracting people into the local area and spending vast amounts boosting the local economy. They need have looked no further than the Wrexham Lager Family Fun Day at Bangor on Dee races on Saturday.

    It was absolutely packed to the rafters with locals and coach loads of people from Liverpool, Chester and further afield. Was a great day out, people must have spent an absolute fortune & Wrexham Lager as ever a brilliant local brand ambassador for the town.

    The only way in the short term they are going to get anymore people into town on a regular basis to sing praises is by more special events with free council parking.

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    At the end of the day if each Comic Con was reported to bring £1m into the town each time & included massive cash injections to the hotels & restaurants etc… then all the local stakeholders involved – the University, the Council & the major affected businesses have dropped the ball massively.

    It’s a case of complacency and something being taken for granted. Had they set-up a special grouping to ensure there were no snags on the day (e.g. parking, transport etc…) on the staging of such a large event then perhaps they would have not been forced to look elsewhere.

    Although there is equally the argument in play that for everything that could have been done Comicon has become so successful that it has outgrown the town. The Telford venue is way larger & will tap into the entire West Midlands market – so from a commercial point of view it was a very smart move. They don’t owe Wrexham anything.

    I’m not sure what other assets they could use to have expanded the event locally – except perhaps the Racecourse – but obviously that is always dependent of what is going on – on a match day.

    I’m of the opinion that the Comicon will be such a success in Telford it won’t be coming back to Wrexham.

    Glyndwr could perhaps take on board lessons from organising this event and how to improve and again – stakeholder group I mentioned could be set-up to look at how future events of a sustainable size could be attracted to Wrexham.

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    @ matt, I’m not spoiling for any argument Matt, just pointing out that who are YOU to dictate what contributors are writing and if its on or off topic as you see it. Isn’t it just nice that folk are contributing. As for your OT comments, thanks for them as I certainly have learned something new.


    Original comment was purely meant in a sardonic way at the fact that the thread had fallen into the bun-fight that it had.

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    Also if the Brexit Party candidates had any principles whatsoever if they get voted in – they should refuse to take up theirs seats – like Sinn Fein do in Parliament.

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    Fine I’ll bring it back OT

    If we look at the candidates that people have mentioned we know very little about & have to vote on in a few days (well about 1 in 3 will).

    Conservative: Dan Boucher, Craig Lawton, Fay Jones and Tomos Davies – Why are they even fielding candidates? Their 2017 mandate was to get us out of Europe – an absolute joke surely – should do the decent thing & not field anyone

    Labour: Jackie Jones, Matthew Dorrance, Mary Wimbury, Mark Never heard of any of them but heard Labour has fielded a bunch of Europhiles who don’t click with the overall party or supporter base – massively underwhelmed

    Plaid Cymru: Jill Evans, Carmen Smith, Patrick McGuinness, Ioan Bellin – Going to pick up a few remain votes but will struggle overall as usual

    Welsh Liberal Democrat’s: Sam Bennett, Donna Lalek, Alistair Cameron, Andrew
    Parkhurst – Will pick up a few more Remain votes but nobody really gives a toss about Lib Dems in Wales

    UKIP: Kris Hicks, Keith Edwards, Tom Harrison, Robert McNeil-Wilson Redundant duplicate of Brexit – expecting the final wipeout – will barely even split the Brexit Leave vote

    Greens: Anthony Slaughter, Ian Chandler, Ceri Davies and Duncan Rees Token party, token votes

    Brexit Party: Nathan Gill, James Wells, Gethin James and Julie Price Will do well here but unsure if that would ever translate to a credible party in Westminster that were capable of delivering Brexit – even Theresa May has trolled Farage’s party By saying all they do is shout from the sidelines

    Change UK: Jon Owen Jones, June Davies, Matthew Paul and Sally Stephenson L-O-L

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    @ Matt….
    I think contributors should be able to express their thoughts as they wish on here. If that’s OK with you of course?

    So you’re basically spoiling for an argument. Got a paper bag here for you to sink your teeth in.

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    I remember when this thread was actually about next Thursday’s elections.


    Does anyone have access to a party bus? Got to arrive in style.

    Party Bus

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