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    X – To anyone paying Council tax – this isn’t a free service, so we have the right to scrutinise and provide what I’d say was constructive feedback about this particular project.

    Vladimir Putin doesn’t like people criticising his regime – his critics have a frequent habit of being arrested, disappearing, getting poisoned or dropping dead.

    Perhaps we should all be clap happy campers for WCBC’s grand Executive Board – lest we all get it in the neck next.

    Oh and I see those £20s you pictured as a grotesque representation of the stuffed wallets that all the Executive Board members have over their excessive pay packet for what they claim to do plus expenses.

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    Lock Stock Rob Brydon

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    The having of the EV points at all is just a green points scoring PR exercise for the council. They know exactly what’s practical in terms of putting in a charge into electric vehicles as they’d had the 2 Nissan Leaf vehicles back in 2012 – so they’d know that 7kw is a poor option for anything other than parked all day in the same spot or overnight charging.

    Clearly gone on a cost saving exercise when it’s a false economy – as they’d have got more praise for putting in the higher 14kw points and people would have sought them out to use them. Also inevitably they are going to have to upgrade them in the future as Electric vehicle uptake increases.

    Wrexham council pointless infrastructure spends – anyone ever use the free WiFi on the CCTV network? Does it even work yet?

    Luckily for WCBC on the Electric car updates they can be a slow as they like about rolling anything out as it’s going to be 10-15 years down the line at least until their is any kind of mass manufacturer market push and consumer adoption – they are still trying to squeeze everything they can out of fossil fuels.

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    And die in Caergwrle?

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    I imagine those types are too lazy to do any gardening anyway – probably the houses where the council is forced to go and cut the jungle grass down before Jumanji breaks out on the local estate.

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    Skates update was incredibly poor and makes our rail capabilities look like a joke.

    This particular statement is of significant concern:

    “If I can put it this way, it’s a bit like when you buy a used car. You buy a used car knowing that the previous owner may not have maintained it as well as you would have liked them to. And so, what you do is inspect it, and you will factor into it the possibility of having to get new brakes or new tyres, but you inspect it.”

    Yes we can all relate to that comparison – however bit of piss poor due diligence in place from a national government if they can only gather limited information on something where millions of pounds of Welsh public money is going to spent on. This being something as important as a rail network that people rely on daily to get to and from work. It is also used by those wanting to travel in and out of Wales for business and leisure. So inferior services will harm both business and tourism if it carries on.

    If WAG can’t be trusted and competent enough to deal with large multinationals on public transport then how can they be trusted in any area for us not to get screwed over?

    Also if Welsh rail transport has been substandard for 15 years+ – a humiliating government admission. What are they going to do to get off their backsides and fix things?

    Time for Ken to stop grinning like an idiot for photo ops and put his big boy pants on & actually do some work.

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    Surely the fact that the Highway Code applies across England, Wales & Scotland means that there is no leeway in terms of altering the imagery of the signs themselves as they all need to look identical across the 3 mainland British Countries.

    I like Welsh signage and it’s a great part of our country’s culture and heritage. However, at no point should road user safety be put at risk over bickering & squabbling over language semantics. It will be very interesting to se me what solution is come up with to keep everyone happy.

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    As Lucas and the council have nothing to do with running the trains – surely the questions should be aimed at Ken Skates AM – he is Transport secretary after all.

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    I realised that they must have cleared the ghetto in order to make room for the Christmas Light Switch on festivities.

    The irony being that the Rotary club were raising money for the homeless but in order for the event to go ahead they had to make the local homeless be made homeless from their preferred address.

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    Furthering the logical madness of the proposed 3-weekly bin collections – the council will rapidly realise that this will be a disaster. It’s actually a harsh austerity measure disguised as ‘doing good for the environment’.

    The reality is that when you ask a household to fill a black bin up in 3 weeks – you are asking them to reduce general waste by 50% or find another method to dispose of that 50% of rubbish.

    On black bin day most people’s bins around here are comically overflowing with black bin-bags – there are hardly any that have the lid down properly.

    Failing rubbish reduction – we are capitalist consumers, we consume, we are told to do this and therefore produce a lot of waste – there are a number of ways to get rid of your excess rubbish:

    1) Fly tip – bad and illegal

    2) Buy a garden incinerator and burn it – bad for the environment and anti-social – domestic waste would kick up a stink

    3) Stick it in neighbour’s bins (or other public bins) – anti-social and probably illegal

    4) Take it to the public recycling centres – unmixed general waste they have a field day about when you try and dispose of it as they try and maintain recycling targets – I’ve seen frowny refuse workers scrutinise bags of rubbish to see what should have been sorted. If everyone went to dump excess general waste they’d have a nervous breakdown.

    5) Just let all the bags build up in the garden until environmental health are forced to come and sort it out with the fall out of rats and other pests stinking up the neighbourhood. Believe me some will take this option.

    6) Move to somewhere in England like Oswestry or Chester and actually get your bins emptied once every 2 weeks.

    As a responsible and environmentally friendly local government – are the council planning on reducing their own waste footprint by the proposed equivalent amount that they plan to put onto residents?

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