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    Brilliant, linking to smear merchant in chief Paul Staines. Well known for his anti racism stance after proposing to form a pact with the BNP in his student days.

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    Haha the Tories are coming out of hiding on the forum – must be an election coming up!

    Tory Activists

    It’s significantly embarrassing that you are trying to run a gotcha when it was in fact a Tory running the incredibly racist and bigoted campaign in the first place. The slogan Plaid are running doesn’t include the N word. Peter Griffiths’ did and he got voted in by racist Tory voters.

    Have the Tories changed since 1965? We’ll let you decide…

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    Councillor you were right that there was going to be a Piers Morgan in this thread, but who knew it was going to be Janey. Backed the wrong horse!

    Janey Morgan

    Janey, you can’t say you’re not going to kick off and then throw the mother of all tantrums and fire off personal insults that don’t even stick. Perhaps that’s what half assed looks like.

    Last time I checked, I have been since the beginning of the pandemic and still am in a very low risk category for Covid. I’m probably in better shape than I have been in years, because walking was all we were allowed to do for almost half a year at a time.

    I’m the one in my extended family, when permitted who has been running emergency errands for more elderly and vulnerable family members so they don’t have to take any risks.

    I’m not expecting to get my call up for a vaccine until the end of this month, possibly next month. I’m not bothered, I’m completely relaxed about it and have taken all the sensible precautions to mask up, washed my hands until they have gone funny in some cases. I’ve kept my distance and barely seen anyone outside my immediate family except for essential reasons. I’ve played by the rules and haven’t caught it or ran the risk of passing anything on to anyone else.

    I appreciate that some other people may have had a far more anxious time and also lost loved ones. But this isn’t what this is all about is it.

    The picture is clear now, you were infuriated that Betsi didn’t get back to you because quite frankly like myself and others on here they thought the issue in hand was completely trivial and they had far more important things to be doing like booking in more vaccinations and saving lives than pandering to “outraged from’s need for a Waaambulance”.

    You have been completely disrespectful of the receptionist at the Hillcrest Medical Centre. You may not have named them by name but perhaps people who read this forum know who works on reception there and your attempt to shame them and put them in a bad light when they were just trying to do their job is pathetic for a grown adult.

    Now that others haven’t supported your view on here and have seen it for the complete outrage bait that it was, you’ve lost it. Next time try posting it up on Facebook instead, they are sucker for an outrage bandwagon.

    I just thought it was logical common sense that the issue should have remained a private matter between the surgery and your family.

    P.s. it reflects very poorly on your character that you believe people have died or got very ill from Covid from poor life choices. The implication being that it was their own fault that they died. Please go and explain that to families with loved ones who have lost people in vulnerable categories.

    There is also a shameful lack of tolerance in your argument for people who may not be able to wear masks.

    Good luck on all your future endeavours.

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    It’s not Drakeford as such that I have a problem with in Labour, it’s that absolute embarrassment of a man Keir Starmer. He stands for nothing in terms of what the Labour movement should be all about. His toxicity has driven those of us with socialist or slightly left wing leanings out of the party.

    It’s one of those where if you want Starmer’s Labour posing as centrist but actually quite right wing – you may as well vote Tory as they have already proved they are capable of doing Tory stuff. He’s gone on a perverse bid to try and capture a Tory vote whilst putting 2 fingers up at grass roots Labour voters. The man is a straight up Authoritarian who loves the Union Jack.

    Unless Drakeford can distance himself from this vapid excuse for a man, then he’s going to be losing a portion of the traditional Welsh Labour voters who have no trust in the Westminster branch of the party. Unfortunately that’ll be a double whammy because of the people who won’t vote Welsh Labour because they didn’t like how Covid was handled and all these lockdowns.

    At the end of the day, worth a punt with Plaid might be the way to go. There’s a stronger following for YES Cymru than there ever was before with Plaid firmly at the helm and whilst it seems unlikely that there’d be any kind of Welsh independence any time soon. A vote to protect Wales from the toxic influence of Westminster is the most sensible way forward at the moment. Labour can no longer protect us from the English Nationalist Tory Party in Wales.

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    It’s obviously not going to be common practice is it. Clearly someone was either exempt from wearing a mask, in which case the practice would have made the necessary risk assessments and deemed it safe for them to continue the job which they were doing. OR the staff member was being negligent and not wearing a mask when they should have done so. In the latter case a complaint should be raised if anyone felt at risk.

    Have you rang up Hillcrest Medical Centre yet to find out the answer? Because that will tell me whether or not a genuine concern was actually had.

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    Well, if a vote for the future is meant to be with the Conservatives running Wales then there truly is no hope for the youth.

    I’d also like someone to share with me at what point the last 11 years of Conservative rule in Westminster hasn’t been an absolute disaster for the UK as a whole. I’m all eyes.

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    I don’t really think age matters – respect to anyone who wants to actually participate either by queuing up or voting by post to attempt to at least put in a fair representation of democracy on polling day.

    Let’s hope the turnout increases from the embarrassing 45.3% that occurred in 2016. As it’s typically the 55% who didn’t vote who do the most moaning about the state of affairs in Wales.

    There’s the ones who use the excuse that the Senedd is useless and should be abolished and Westminster reigns supreme. Surely it would be in their interests to vote in this election as the Senedd gets more and more powers every year and becomes more relevant to the lives of every Welsh citizen.

    You only need to look at how Covid restrictions were devolved to see that the Senedd had total control over everyone’s lives for the best part of a year and onward.

    Whether or not you support further devolution or want to stop the balance of power shifting from Westminster. You need to be in on this vote as whoever forms the Welsh Government after this May election will have a very important set of decisions to make about where this country goes next.

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    Those working in patient facing positions in primary healthcare have to take regular lateral flow rapid Covid testing. So in principle, if this person had an exemption from wearing a mask they have undertaken other risk mitigation methods to prevent the spread of Covid from themselves to other they come in close contact with in their place of work.

    Teachers have to do these tests twice a week and this allows them to work in their environments in close contact without having to wear masks and without increasing the risk of Covid spread. The medical experts behind the Covid guidelines have deemed this a safe operating process and I imagine they have doubled down on these safety procedures in healthcare practices where staff are coming into contact with vulnerable patients.

    I’m sure the person in question had a valid reason for not wearing a mask, as I doubt whomever runs the surgery would have allowed it otherwise. As you have perfectly pointed out with your concerns that it’s a red flag in terms of Covid safety to most people.

    I’m guessing if your mother is not happy about this, you or her should get in contact with the surgery and make a complaint or an enquiry directly to them.

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    Looking at the utterly shameful behaviour going on outside the Senedd tonight, it would appear that nobody currently responsible for this country or any commissioners for Crime in the Cardiff area deserve to be voted back in.

    We’ve all spent the majority of the last year playing by the rules, desperate to save as many lives and keep as many people safe as possible, we’ve not been able to go anywhere, hardly been able to see friends and family, kids have not been able to go to school and people haven’t been able to work or earn money to pay all of their bills.

    Then you give people a whiff of freedom & they act like first class pr*cks to have a jolly putting themselves and everyone who hasn’t been vaccinated at risk. Utterly pathetic behaviour and even worse of how embarrassing it is that they couldn’t put down a dispersal order over Easter Weekend in Cardiff Bay to prevent this from happening.

    We’ve already seen what has happened earlier in the week in other big cities. Perhaps you can’t stop people from gathering, but at least a bunch of smaller gatherings in less public places would be better than this.

    Cardiff has let the entire country down.

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