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    This is the opening exhibition at the Ty Pawb, White Elephant. We may well ask if this is planet earth when the council propose charging for our well used country parks whilst spending £4.5 million on the Ty Pawb, White Elephant project that will not interest, or be of any benefit, to 95% of Constituents. Meanwhile, if the country Park charging scheme goes ahead, we hear it could affect the ability of over 200 children to enjoy the health benefits of the outdoors and sport. However, there is one possibility, that they will be able to play indoors at Ty Pawb as there will be plenty of empty space there in a couple of months!

    On the subject of the country park parking – the meters will be in remote locations and will be regularly vandalised. The income taken from the parks will be lost in the purchase/hire, maintenance and repair of the parking machines.

    It is about time we got good professional ‘thinking’ councillors who live in the real world and are not in it just for perceived ego’s and have held some sort of responsible, professional job prior to their election.
    We must stand up for Wrexham and the silent majority….. Boycott TyPawb and vote the councillors out – we would be better off without them.!

    It is going to open and it will be great for the town. You need to move on! I’m starting to get very concerned that this is becoming an obsession, maybe try some of these or stand in the next local election as you are clearly an expert in the economy, event management and also the mind-set of over 130,000 Wrexham residents….wait!…are you God? if so I’m really sorry about swearing in Church back in 1988 ;0) Tŷ Pawb all the way I say!

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