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    If the lower orders would exercise a modicum of restraint and forego their Sky Sports subscription or their second annual holiday to Magaluf they would have adequate financial resource for food.

    The typical social housing tenant could probably stand to lose some weight anyway.

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    I might be fat, but you’re a pompous, stuck up arse.
    I can diet…..

    Angie, baby, is that all you can muster?

    Do try to answer the question and explain to us why you think the good rate-payers of Wrexham should have to bear the cost of housing for all the local counties’ degenerates so that they can lounge about in good comfort, stupefied on narcotics all day.

    in reply to: Open letter to Hugh Jones #137275

    In a flagrant display of arrogance and misogyny

    *rolls eyes*

    Tell me, Ms. Hammons (a felicitous name, given your impressive girth), how many of Wrexham’s so-called homeless have you admitted into your home?

    What’s that? None?

    Then why do you expect the rest of us to pay to house these parasites?

    If you truly cared for the “plight” of these undesirables, you would make the personal sacrifice.

    But that’s not the point, is it? The purpose of this indulgent agitation is to make yourself look and feel good. It’s just self-serving, hollow virtue signaling.

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