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    Derek would you possibly clarify the group of parents accessing the subsidised childcare with whom you object ?

    At first glance isn’t Sprouts helping the disadvantaged ?
    What’s wrong with that ?

    Why should seem parents be able to access subsidised childcare when others have to pay substantial amounts. Council Members and Officers involved in this disgraceful provision should ask how they allowed this to carry on. Summary of accounts below.

    ” Sprouts Nursery on Rhosddu Road, which has been backed by £155,000 Welsh Government funding and £90,000 from Wrexham Council, already has five traineeship learners and four volunteers.
    Flexible and affordable childcare is important for families on a low income and those looking to return to work. The opening of Sprouts Nursery is the first part of a project by Wrexham Council to address this in the town.


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    Possibly a typo, but 490 + 32 + 11 = 533 not 553 ?
    Hence 522 litter penalties compared to just 11 dog pick up failures.

    So just to check before congratulating the enforcement team for resulting in the almost disappearance of dog poo around Wrexham – why has enforcement not been similarly successful in reducing litter and wrongly discarded fag ends ? Surely if enforcement is modifying behaviour as suggested the dog poo penalties and litter penalties would be reducing at a more equal rate ?

    Obviously it is all too easy to draw the conclusion that the main thrust of enforcement is chasing the low hanging fruit fag throwers. Maybe its just that dog owners are more intelligent than smokers on average and have changed their ways.
    In the whole of June only 11 dog fouling fines that is remarkable.

    “Throughout June there were a total of 553 incidents, with 490 penalties issued for people failing to dispose of cigarettes; 32 for those failing to deposit of other littler and 11 for dog owners who failed to pick up after their pets.
    This is an increase on the 405 fixed penalty notices issued across the County Borough in May.
    The reduction in dog fouling, which has been a well documented problem across the County Borough has been welcomed by Ashley Houston-Birch, Team Leader at Kingdom Security.”

    490 Fined For Dropping Cigarette Butts & Decrease in Dog Fouling Across Wrexham


    LetsDrivePlaces – based on your evidence – no you really shouldn’t !
    Nice dashcam by the way if you fancy selling it before you incriminate yourself further I know somebody after a Nextbase 512G.

    The footage with the FIAT Punto is truly shocking.
    Try posting on the Pistonheads thread “The Sh*t Driving Caught On Cam” – you have managed to capture some sh*t driving…..YOURS !!!

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    Amazing in Wrexham High Street – just WOW.
    Fantastic night for Wales.
    Robbie going viral in Iceland probably !

    Interesting chat about academy football at half-time too.
    Brilliant way of making everybody in Wales smash their telly!

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    So the deficit is worse than 10 years ago.
    Westminster currently subsidises Wales £13.2 Billion per year.

    Close to the current £11 Billion per year to Scotland.

    Thank Goodness Leanne Wood and Nicola Sturgeon have the good sense to leave independence at the bottom of their party agendas. *cough

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    Wrexham CLP mentioned by Tristram Hunt on C4 News yesterday during which it was mentioned that Jeremy Corbyn had failed to get out the Labour heartland voters for REMAIN.
    Why would Corbyn be super motivated to back remaining in EU when he has been passionately opposed to it for decades ? No surprise he wouldn’t share a platform with Cameron despite being “begged” or that Obama’s suggesting he had a word was dismissed as pointless.
    Corbyn should have been allowed to campaign for LEAVE.

    It is opportunistic of Blair/Brown/Miliband acolytes to seize this EU result as a way of removing Corbyn, they never wanted him as leader in the first place. The EU result isn’t a verdict by Labour voters on Corbyn it is a vote to leave the EU regardless of political hue.
    So Corbyn should stay.

    If Corbyn goes, then Carwyn Jones and Leanne Wood should step down also.

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    Noting that Wrexham Council have not tweeted the number of litter fines so thanks Wrexham.com for raising awareness of the disparity compared to dog fouling albeit the figures provided from Wrexham Council I guess.

    So the model seems to be the same in Wrexham as has been reported in other towns and cities.
    41 fines for dog fouling compared to 591 fines for littering.
    Considering also that this is during the honeymoon period when the enforcement is hoping to be reported in the media as a positive outcome.
    41 x £75 = £3075 vs 591 x £75 = £44325.
    Total £47400.

    So if Wrexham Council and Kingdom have the same contract or similar to other towns as reported in the media this means that so far Wrexham Council have to pay Kingdom around £40 to £55 per correctly issued ticket so around £30k. (632 tickets x £50 = £31600)

    If this is the case should not the story be reported that so far Wrexham Council owe Kingdom £30k in fees so far and will only be paid the value of the tickets ie £75 successfully paid.
    Whether the fines are paid is not guaranteed, more an if, a butt or a maybe, to use the Wrexham Council twitter wit.

    So possibly the only ones making any money will be Kingdom leaving Wrexham as has happened with other councils out of pocket.
    Possibly somebody could find out if this is the case ?

    £44k Worth Of Litter Fines Issued During April On Behalf Of Council

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    Wrexham Council tweeted today…
    Since April 1, 41 fines have been issued for people failing to pick up after their dogs.

    Thanks for the update.

    Please can we have the number of litter fines since April 1 also.

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    Last night’s BBC2 Artsnight is available on BBC i-player.
    May be worth watching if interested in the Wrexham Arts Hub…

    ” Sir Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate, makes a personal journey to one of the most economically deprived areas of the UK, as he dares to ask why contemporary art matters?

    In the former steel town of Middlesbrough, Serota encounters a radical experiment by the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, as it creatively redefines its mission to better serve the community of Teesside, including its large population of asylum seekers.

    In New York, Serota meets artist Mark Bradford, who will represent the US at the Venice Biennale next year. Bradford, an abstract painter, is determined to use his success in the art world to help foster teenagers in the deprived neighbourhood of Los Angeles where he grew up. ”


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    The key to get people to spend their money is keep them there as long as possible :) Car parking charges are a barrier to that. I am SURE that I am not the only one who does this – but would not rule it out, m wife says I’m not normal all the time :)

    Don’t worry FWARP .. very few of us are normal all the time.

    It isn’t just you being fiscally efficient – my neighbours have stopped visiting Barmouth since the parking charge along the sea front.
    They often used to buy fish and chips from The Mermaid and park up along the sea wall – along with a line of cars as far as the eye could see. The last time they went there wasn’t a single car parked along the pay & display area. Hardly anybody walking about the town either.

    They go to Llandudno mostly now instead and buy their fish and chips from Chish’N Fips and park up along the road overlooking the sea and Great Orme.
    An excellent example of a council modifying visitor behaviour.

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