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    Thank you Wrexham.com for reporting the July FPN totals.

    …And Then There Were Three.
    So 568 fines for cigarete litter compared to 3 fines for dog fouling.
    Councils in other areas (Blaenau Gwent) reportedly responded to criticism of an emphasis on cigarette related litter by agreeing separately for additional Dog Control Enforcement Officers paid at around £20 per hour to tackle dog related issues including dog fouling.

    Should Wrexham Council now consider this to persuade skeptics that dog fouling is being taken just as seriously as tackling improperly disposed cigarettes ?

    “Over £46,000 in fines were issued to smokers, litterers and dog owners across the county borough last month – an increase on the number issued in the previous month.
    Monthly figures released by Wrexham Council show that a total of 619 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) were issued by Kingdom Security officers across the county borough throughout July. This was an increase of 61 additional FPNs compared to June.
    The £75 fines were issued to those found dropping cigarette butts, littering and not picking up after their pets. The fines come as part of Wrexham Council’s ongoing partnership with Kingdom Security, who were brought in by the local authority earlier this year to help tackle the above issues.
    In total £46,425 in FPNs were issued – an increase on the £39,975 issued throughout June.
    The vast majority of July’s FPNs were again issued for ‘improperly disposed cigarettes’, with 568 smokers issued with £75 fines. This is up on the 490 FPNs issued in June.
    A further 18 fines were issued for dropping food, 28 for litter, two for breaking dog exclusion orders and three for people failing to pick up after their dogs.
    Ashley Houston-Birch, Team Leader in Wrexham with Kingdom Security, said: “We have increased our patrols around Country Parks and identified dog-fouling hotspots, but have admittedly struggled to issue many fixed penalty notices for dog fouling this last month.
    “In a bid to tackle dog fouling, we have carried out more patrols outside of usual working hours, with patrols starting at 6am and some enforcement officers patrolling until 9pm.
    “We will also continue to increase patrols and follow-up reports to combat the problem.”

    Wrexham Sees 16% Increase In Fixed Penalty Fines In July

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    ASDA should be given credit for reacting to criticism of their speed bumps.

    Just a shame they didn’t act sooner when faced with customer complaints, their tills may well have been ringing more merrily over the last months as they have just reported their worst ever quarterly results.
    ASDA staff should also be congratulated for not making adverse comments regarding customer driving competence on Facebook – instead quite properly passing on customer feedback to management. (*Cough.)
    On the topic of tills ringing – maybe ASDA will also address another complaint – too often hardly anybody sitting at the tills – older shoppers in particular often resent being pushed into using self-service. Unidentified item in the bagging area – quite. Put staff back on the tills before everybody goes to ALDI !

    “Newly installed Asda boss Sean Clarke has been left in no doubt about the challenge ahead of him after the supermarket chain reported a 7.5pc drop in like-for-like sales in the second quarter, its worst fall on record.
    ASDA total sales slumped by 5pc during the three months to the end of June, while footfall tumbled 6pc, as shoppers shunned its large out-of-town stores.”

    “Asda has said it will not be increasing its investment in a price cuts regime despite a further 7.5% slump in sales in the spring.
    On Thursday, the Walmart-owned chain revealed the drop in sales at established stores for the three months to 30 June – a major worsening of performance after a 5.7% fall in the previous three months and its eighth quarter of decline. One retail analyst described the grocer’s performance as “fairly calamitous”.”

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    Reflecting on your points Joan – it would be interesting to compare the successful payment rate in larger towns / cities to smaller towns.
    Are Wrexham shoppers being taken for fools ?
    In fact, do any of these enforcement companies patrol large cities – or do they find ” protecting local communities ” more lucrative ?
    Using the tactic of not giving personal information may probably be de rigueur in somewhere like Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester or Camden etc.

    I honestly don’t think it would work in Wrexham.

    With so few dog-fouling penalties issued the poo is almost an irrelevance already but it will be interesting to learn how many fag throwers pay their fines over the next few months.

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    No-one really has to obey rules if they want,

    So if they cause a collision then what?

    Katia wrote: ” No-one really has to obey rules if they want ”

    Nope Andy, twas Joan not me.

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    I am not objecting to any parent – the point is that the Council have established with great subsidy a service that competes with others at unfair advantage. If the level of subsidy they are using was the same everywhere I would not be objecting.

    For a moment it read to me as hinting some of the parents accessing the subsidised child care were not low income / under privileged.
    Thanks for clarifying Dylan.

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    So to answer your question, if you are going toward a red light especially if you can see traffic crossing your path as they are on green what do you think will happen if you don’t stop for red?

    Green is go through fast.
    Amber is go through as fast as possible.
    Red is go through with care.

    ( I can’t actually drive by the way – but this seems to be how it works. )

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    Joan, I hope you stay around.
    There isn’t actually a question about red turnips.
    It is Sheefag’s wry wit.

    Too often female posters disappear, whatever happened to Maureen ?
    It would be nice if we could have a forum like Owen Smith’s proposed Shadow Cabinet – having at least 50% women.
    Oh hang on, I see the folly – what if we can’t find 50% that are any good !

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    As I said its all a money making exercise. Don’t PAY – NO NAME = £0 fine

    According to recent figures all of the councils using Kingdom’s services have achieved better than a 60% payment rate.

    Ergo less than 40% of succeed in paying nothing.

    Joan, it could be the tactic of refusing to give personal information could work in big cities where people are more incognito.
    In Wrexham it would be too easy to identify offenders.

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    Novel idea for JoantheHog: clear up your dog’s poo, don’t drop litter – that way you won’t get fined.

    Novel idea for Stoneagle and perhaps some at Wrexham Council – instead of celebrating alienating roughly 400 people each month since the enforcement began, unless some poor saps are caught more than once {!} by fining them so they never want to set foot shopping in Wrexham ever again – why not knock this thing on the head before all the shops have gone the way of the dodo.

    After all its hardly stopping fly tipping or something really substantial.
    A few hundred fag ends weigh less than a kilo in weight and would easily fit into a 5p carrier bag.
    Oh and less than a dozen dog fouling penalties last month.
    Whoopy (doggie) doo.

    Interesting contributions but surely the enforcement body cameras would nail you if your mugshot is posted here on Wrexham.com.

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    While we are on the subject…
    Back in July 2013 the question was asked of the then (still ?) Town Centre Manager – did she consider herself value for money ? Presently unanswered {still ?}.
    Does anybody actually know what the TCM does and if they do, are they able to share ?

    Obviously our TCM is not to blame for the shops exodus in Wrexham but nevertheless it would be interesting to know.

    It would also be interesting to know whether any assistance was or is in place to help family or local businesses that are not nationals or multi-nationals to set up shop in Wrexham or to keep trading. If the policy has been to solely focus on “nationals” it has to be argued it hasn’t worked out very well has it ?

    April 10th, 2016.
    A new manager for Wrexham Town Centre has been confirmed.
    At this month’s Town Centre Forum Meeting it was announced that the Town Centre Manager, Isobel Garner would be moving to a new role in Project Management at for the People’s Market / Arts Hub.
    Ms Garner has worked as Wrexham’s Town Centre Manager for the past seven years.
    Her position has been taken over by Amanda Davies, who will fulfil the role of Town Centre Manager alongside her current job in events and marketing for Wrexham Council.

    Wrexham Leader
    July 12th 2013

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