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    There cant be a problem.
    After all an insurance company (Allianz) would need a reason to refuse to insure any address within a postcode wouldn’t they?
    Now the nights are drawing in, we can have the annual competition on where gets burgled more often, Hermitage Park or the Fairways.


    North Wales Child Abuse ring any bells?
    Bryn Estyn home?
    Ex Police Superintendant?
    Ex Wrexham Mayor?

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    The first response of the Police (or more likely a PCSO) is to look for a reason to not record the incident.
    No record= no recorded crime.
    I have heard an officer this year say he prefers the Eastern Europeans in Wrexham, if they have a problem, they sort it out themselves: saves him the paperwork.
    Drug dealing in the shite tip of QP is so endemic, that you are more likely to see drug dealing than a police officer on a day to day basis.
    You can report it, some seem to get rolled up eventually; but the Police are more interested (by their own publicity) in targeting those bringing drugs into the area from elsewhere and other suppliers.

    I have seen the dossers and the short guy openly dealing drugs in Queens Square, in broad daylight (11.30am) the last two occasions I`ve been (had the misfortune to be) in town.

    I`ve recently had an insurance company (Allianz) refuse to quote on car insurance, as they will not insure any address in my postcode.

    Wrexham has an infatuation with rubbish, “looking after” these scum is now an industry.

    The rest of us just have to put up, shut up and pay up.

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    Most of Wrexham Town centre is empty.

    Why dump the problem on the Industrial Estate?, the people based there have enough to deal with as it is; and have to pay to deal with it themselves.
    The last time the Police managed a regular presence on the estate, the local businesses received a “begging letter” from NWP asking for donations from business to cover the cost of patrols. After paying how much in business rates?

    Maybe the Groves could be donated to the WAG (like the prison site was), WCBC could then build a fence around it (like they did at the prison site), WAG will probably take all of ten seconds to find a way around the “education only covenant” on the site.

    If it is necessary to give these people food, shelter, and keep them occupied during daylight hours, whilst supporting them in rehabilitating their lifestyle; maybe we should consider re-opening the old red brick building at the end of the hospital, the one that was next to Cobden Mill.
    That used to be a “one-stop shop” for the neady.

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    Whats Elephant in Welsh?

    As in Wen ??

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    Don’t worry, I will put cash money that all of those houses will be sold as Gresford rather than Llay.

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