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    I am not sure if my local councillor, is even allowed to be a school governor

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    As a kid Wrexham was known for shoe shops and building societies; recently it appears to be Vape shops, Pawn shops and charity shops.

    At least hairdressers are paying rates, unlike the charity shops.

    Am I the only cynic who notes that most of the Barbers/hairdressers are cash only businesses?

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    As for the signage, I travel to the Nottingham area fairly often.

    You pass three prisons on the way, dove gate(?) just after Uttoxeter, Fosson(?) off of the A500 and another in Cotton in the Clay.

    Non of them have banner size signage like Berwyn, if you didn’t know they were there, you would probably miss them entirely.

    Why is it that Wrexham seems to be infatuated with the crap end of the population?

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    I remember reading the Lonely Planet guide entry on Wrexham some years ago, that was hardly flattering.
    I grew up in Wrexham in the late `70s, I can remember how the town changed; for the better.
    Walk through Wrexham now, and I really can not see how you can come back from the current situation.
    Wrexham is now a dormitory town.
    The centre is somewhere to avoid.

    I went to the David Starkey talk at the Parish Church last year, walking out down church street you are faced with a store that has not been occupied this century, with a dosser in a sleeping bag in the doorway, got to the corner of High street/Chester street and there was a ~10 year old lad shouting abuse in a broad traveller accent, while he stood on the kerb and pissed in the road.

    I will not take my daughter into town due to the prevalence of drug dealing or drugged up dossers there.
    The centre of town, Queens Square, outside the Guildhall, in banking hours.
    I made the mistake of pointing a drug dealer out to the town centre bobby on the only occasion I`ve seen a copper in town (rememberance day), and nearly got arrested for the effort.

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    Wrexham has gone backwards for 20 years

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    Welcome to Wrexham.

    Home of three of the seven wonders of Wales.

    You only mentioned football, if you want to start on local industrial history; I suggest you really swot up first.

    You could look at Olympic medal winners from Wrexham, Matthews in Tokyo, and at least two since Wrexham FC last staggered from a relagation battle.

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    There is a hell of a lot more than just a tenth rate football team to Wrexham.
    However football is as far as the dullards can think.

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    Why on earth would you advertise Wrexham football team?

    One step above Sunday league.

    A483, Wrexham Bypass would cover everything.

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    There cant be a problem.
    After all an insurance company (Allianz) would need a reason to refuse to insure any address within a postcode wouldn’t they?
    Now the nights are drawing in, we can have the annual competition on where gets burgled more often, Hermitage Park or the Fairways.


    North Wales Child Abuse ring any bells?
    Bryn Estyn home?
    Ex Police Superintendant?
    Ex Wrexham Mayor?

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