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    It may take a while to sort out the finer details but I am sure that we will get there in the end. It took the EU a bit of time. I seem to remember butter & beef mountains & milk & wine lakes in the 80’s.

    Next it will be how wonderful rationing was; there was no obesity crisis

    I worry that our industries were moved across the continent & our fields & flood plains have been built on. Is there anyone in the UK with the skills to bring it back?

    No. That’s why so many Eastern Europeans were doing menial jobs in factories, while thick locals whined about the lack of jobs. You should go into a Factory, the skilled guys, will all be guys, white and in their early fifties if you are lucky.

    If those same people who aspire to be brighter than those who voted Brexit, were to apply themselves it would make it so much easier all round.

    We have been carrying you useless dross for years, now you want to drag us down to below your level, and still have us carry you.

    “From each according to ability, to each according to need”.

    Roughly translate as ” I will sit here and whine, with my hands out, while you flog yourself to death keeping me. It `s my entitlement”

    What skills are you bringing to the party?
    Most of you would be useless as compost

    Some of those of ex politicians who are dead set against Brexit have very nice well paid jobs across the water.

    And too many of you are sat on your arses with your hands out gasping for more.
    Qualifications in Wrexham means, achieving disabled status.

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    Agree with Matt. I am not saying that all Remainers are middle-class snobs. What I am saying is that is the perception amongst ordinary people and this isn`t helped by some remainers inferring that leave voters are nothing more neanderthals. Just reading fb page and there is a troll on there insulting people calling them gammon. Clearly we have a very divided country. I just feel that events such as the one tomorrow will serve no purpose and will only wind up locals who already believe they are looked down on by the so-called liberal elite.

    I find it hilarious that I now qualify as liberal elite.

    Ive spent most of my life being told Im stupid/thick; when I meet someone more limited than me, they must be thick.

    I`ve only heard three people give serious logical reasons for Brexit; after that most of them are comedic if they were not so pathetic.

    My favourite was the guy who claimed we would be able to trade with all the counties we were banned from trading with now. I asked for examples and he gave a list of near bankraupt South American countries, when I asked for an example of a South American country that was solvent: Cuba.

    As for winding the locals up, a major portion of them seem to be working on the assumption that as they have utterly fucked their lives up, it is time to stuff up everyone else`s. It cant affect themselves, as they have pissed it all away anyway.

    Recent un-guarded remark from someone in a recruitment agency; “There isn’t and unemployment problem in Wrexham, There are just un-employable people”.

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    JP comments basically sum up what the problem is here. Remainers are so full of their own belief that they are intelligent people and the leave voters are thick. Well it seems to me that it is the Remain voters who need educating on social engagement. Do they really think they are going to win enough support to reverse Brexit by telling leave voters how thick they are??? Leaving the Eu might be an act of national self-harm but insulting their voters will only make them want brexit more. So Remainers my advice to you is starting living in the real world with real people rather than mixing with your own type at dinner parties bragging about which universities your children are at.

    I was not the one who put “REMOANERS” and “Stupidity” in the same sentence, even if it was a very long one.
    Brexit is Brexit, it is happening: Whatever it is.
    I live in Wrexham, I was born in Wrexham, I work in Wrexham.
    I get burgled by the QP scum who you would consider “real people”.
    I`ve never thought there was much wrong with Wrexham, that could not be improved by repopulating the place.
    I`ve yet to see anything to change that opinion.

    The “real” people in Wrexham are a bunch of barely educated thick buggers, who consider a Coleg Cambria NVQ 2 in being thick, the height of educational (over)achievement.

    Wrexham, as a town and as a council (elected and otherwise) is and always has been infatuated with shit,
    be that people or jobs.

    The only thing better for Wrexham than 10 minimum wage jobs, is the promise of eleven minimum wage jobs.

    It costs more to keep a prisoner in Berwyn, than the GVA for an average Wrexham worker: get AlunH to explain that one, he should be able to use small enough words for you.

    As I said earlier, too many are more concerned about the size and warmth of the puddle they are in.

    If Brexit is going to be buggering up my kids future, your puddle is going to be smaller and colder, and you will be head first in it.

    I will make sure of it.

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    Once again we have this stupidity of people thinking that they should have another vote on this and another vote on that, how many votes will it take to get through to the REMOANERS that wrexham and the UK voted leave no matter how big or small the majority or as some say people didnt know what they were voting for, well I for one certainly knew what i voted for and how the idiotic pain in the asses in europe ie france and germany mainly, want to disrupt this process as much as possible as they dont want us to leave as this will be the waterfall for lots of other countries to follow suit, then the fall of the EU,my my if only the stubborn people that are trying to wreck the leave process realise we managed before the EU, and we will manage just as well without it, just a pity that it was the common market we agreed to join originally not to giving away all our power to the EU (france & germany) after all these coutries would not have their own vote now if it werent for GREAT BRITAIN saving their countries and all our serviceman giving their lives for them.

    Seven commas, one full stop, variable capitalisation.

    Yep, we can see which end of the stereotype you fall into.
    Good job you could type it, that rant, would have left you gasping otherwise.

    The EU has been propping Wales up for decades; I doubt they will miss us.

    I doubt you have the whit to comprehend the shit-storm that is about to descend.

    Still most of Wrexham just love their puddle of shite to sit in; biggest gripe is whether it is warm or cold.


    Ty Pawb is cleaner and tidier than the market ever was, including when it was built,
    It also lacks that pervasive small of piss, that always used to linger.

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    I’m shocked there are properties worth anything like that much in Wrexham.

    You should read the property paper, there are properties for over half that in Caia Park ward.

    £400K in Gresford/Marford is fairly ordinary, Marford Hill would average closer double that.


    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it


    That’s an interesting view point.

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    The Police station tower is little more than a raised middle finger to Wrexham.

    Now from Llay, they can use “stuck in traffic” as a reason for being disinterested.

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    Go Below can actually point to successful ventures they have started and are operating, rather than fanciful pie in the sky ideas that never got anywhere(like the ski slope).
    You can almost guarantee that the council will go out of their way to block it.

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    And it is full of gangs of Eastern Europeans drinking on park benches or walking up and down town looking for trouble!

    As opposed to getting run out of Hightown/QP/Garden village/Spring Lodge, local area of choice, because you come from the wrong side of a dividing road?

    Grow up

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