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    thank you suethecat

    maybe a freedom of information request will expose the truth?

    perhaps then we will learn which high ranking council officers and councillors have let virgin do wahtever they want for the past 12 months, and maybe they can explain why the public have suffered such inconvenience and shoddy dangerous workmanship

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    Clearly the contractor has to take the blame here for failing to do a professional job.and though some blame can be apportioned to wrecsham council roads inspector i have been told that by friends that the councils director leigh robinson was so desperate to get virgin cables in to the county that they were advised to give virgin contractors carte blanche to do what ever they wanted. they were allowed to ruin the footpaths and do a goddamn awful job at the behest of mr robinson – maybe someone needs to ask him what he thinks of the shambles that he has allowed to happen

    does anyone really think that the new chief exec will be any different to the last one?
    the decision will be made by pritchard and bithell and they will employ someone that they can continue to manipulate to their own personal gain.
    money will continue to be frittered away in rhostyllen and johnstown
    council jobs will be continue to be cut while punch and judy fight amongst themselves for power
    people need to wake up and realise what these two jokers are doing to the town

    in reply to: Council Budget #139192

    So executive board members…the time is nigh.

    Are you going to vote to cut the £300000 music budget?
    Are you going to vote in favour of sacking even more council staff ?
    Are you going to vote to make us all pay more to park in our decaying town?

    remember that £43ooo that you could have saved the council by voting to take the lower salary? …..that could have kept two staff in a job.

    For once, please think about others rather than yourselves.

    in reply to: Council Budget #139069

    Page 6 paragraph 11 of the councillors budget overview refers to cuts in the services provided by park rangers
    ‘The Council manages 11 Country and Urban Parks. It is proposed to reduce the number of park rangers working within the parks’
    It mentions savings of £100k; I’m not sure what park rangers earn, I guess its not much above living wage, so I can only presume that means 4 or 5 rangers being sacked?

    In todays Leader Councillor David A Bithell (lead member for environment) appeals for help cleaning up stryt las park and says
    “the rangers do an excellent job of looking after our parks but now and again they need our support….”
    “please help if you can and show your support for the park rangers”

    So the councillor wants us to show our support for the rangers at the same time he is planning to mercilessly cut their jobs.

    How can anyone so two faced be allowed to ru(i)n the council? Despicable publicity seeking little twerp.

    I wonder if any executive board member will have the guts to speak out against these cuts? … stupid question really

    in reply to: Councillors Allowances #138538

    This might be a different topic but its still relevant. I read a report this week about Wrecsham Council being fined £160000 having been taken to court by the safety executive for failure to protect their staff from vibration white finger.
    Council Leader Mark Pritchard quickly tried to exonerate himself from any blame saying that it was a matter that predated the current administration; but the judge is reported as saying that’there was a significant failure between 2011 and 2016′ I thought Councillor Pritchard took his independent coalition into power in summer 2013 so not sure how this predates his administration or how he can be blame free.

    The report goes on to say that failure to protect the workers occurred in the street scene department. The judge said ‘ those in charge including elected members had to understand that safety should be taken seriously’ So the elected member looking after the street scene department is being overtly criticised by a judge for the departments failures. The lead member responsible for street scene is Councillor David Bithell.

    So while Councillors Laurel and Hardy were both voting to keep their fat salaries last week, the people of Wrexham find themselves £160000 worse off due to rank bad leadership.

    in reply to: Councillors Allowances #138045

    Interesting post from a few months ago. Councillors in other authorities who agree to pay cuts and pay freezes, councillors who lead by example. Unlike the self serving bunch of leeches at Wrexham council who this week voted to keep their inflated wages.
    The vote should shame all those councillors who claim themselves to be ‘independent’ Every single one of them voted identically. Not one of them was prepared to set an example; they must have been told which way to vote by their leaders Messers Pritchard and Bithell.
    If your councillor stood as an independent then independent they should be. Selfish lily livered cowards.

    in reply to: Gresford graffiti artist #129026

    I can only console myself that I was never taken in by the Lead Member’s statement ” it will be done when the better weather comes.” (Sic )

    This would never happen in the lead members ward – all road markings are refreshed at least twice a year in Johnstown, just to give it that kerbside appeal so sought after by the voting public.

    in reply to: Wrexham bus routes #125904

    So VOR you are intimating that it was only reinstated by Councillor Bithell because it goes through his ward? That would be an appalling abuse of power and surely other councillors not getting such preferential treatment would object to this?

    in reply to: Crime in Wrexham #125833

    The PCC earns 80k a year for a three day week. Maybe if his pay was cut to a normal wage he could employ a couple of constables to walk the beat?
    And get those pcs hiding in the speed camera van out doing some proper detective work.

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