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    They need to pay for toys such as new Ipads of course, 35K plus irc.
    The issue has gone quiet but not gone away :)

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    Parkingmad, are you community council or some other self appointed pleb?
    How were the cars causing a hold up?
    Why have you got pictures?
    Why will someone be there everyday taking pictures?
    What do you want the council to do?
    Do the car owners live in Bersham Road?

    Many questions, no easy answers!

    So, Community Councillors are “self appointed plebs” are they?
    Very disparaging of people who volunteer to help run villages and the like.

    What do you do to help?

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    Cymrodor the money spent promoting the Welsh language 500k would you agree? or would you spend the money saving a fire pump at Wrexham? Seeing all of your plaid Cymru colleagues in the news paper all looking the part dressed in the same uniform all with the boards wanting to save the pump at Wrexham, why dose your plaid Cymru colleague who is the chair of the fire authority supports the removal of a pump at Wrexham it’s farcical, I’m not the brightest spark in the box but I can see exactly what plaid are doing promising the earth and delivering nothing oh sorry a quill and ink instead of the iPads.

    No need for Quill and ink as they already have quite functional Ipads which, you are no doubt aware so, why the comment?

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    I know where my vote (and i suspect my wife’s) will be going.

    Plaid Candidates Pledge to Refuse Pay Rise if Elected as Wrexham Councillors

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    good the elderly are leaving, spend more on those arriving

    Eh? Care to expand on that?

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    Not sure if I can post a link but my pension is with Standard Life and when I try to log in it will not let me as it says need to update to new IOS and security certificate not valid, if i try from my sons Ipad it works fine but he has a newer model than me

    I see.
    Strange that as i can find no mention of that situation on google but i did find this on Standard Life’s website;

    “With the festive period just around the corner and Christmas lists being eagerly compiled, these days it’s not so much new trinkets but new technology that figure highly.
    That’s why we thought now would be a great time to launch the new version of the Standard Life Savings app, a handy addition to any new (or existing) mobile or tablet”

    So, they do seem to allow any age tablet to access their site. It would seem strange to me that they would lock out thousands of customers (pensioners) from accessing their accounts because they do not have a new enough tablet, very strange indeed.

    I suspect you have a problem with your Ipad and not with the web site. I could, of course be wrong and obviously cannot attempt to access your account to verify the problem.

    The Councilors use the Ipads for Council work and (one hopes) not for personal things
    and they are working fine at the moment so one would assume that they will continue to operate.
    If a time came when they just will not operate at all with any of the systems they use then there would be a case
    for replacement. They do not seem to be at that point yet though as they are using them day to day without problems.

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    Surely if the Ipads can be shown to generate a true cost saving then they should be seen as an investment and the replacements should be viewed as maintenance of the investment. It would be interesting to see the value of the old Ipad’s and then a decision made as to use them as trade in or donate to local community groups.
    I also have an Ipad 3 and certainly I am no longer able to use certain sites as it does not have the latest updates so it is no longer considered secure enough.
    A point like this will always be contentious.

    That’s interesting. Any chance you can post links to those sites as i would like to see for myself, if that is possible of course. Thankyou.

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    More BS. false arguments and made up figures from Wrexham council ref. Ipads.

    Plaid Cymru is showing them up on this issue;

    “Mr Jones went on to ask three questions of Cllr Pritchard;
    “- Does he not understand that councillors can access e-mails and papers via Webmail on their PCs or their own tablets?
    -Does he not realise that the council already installs the Good App on personal tablets that allows councillors to access the council intranet securely?
    – Does he not realise that any Plaid councillors elected in May could opt to buy a council iPad out of their own pockets, to save the taxpayer £32,000?”

    As i have said before here, i have the same Ipad as the councillors ie. Ipad 3 and yes it isn’t now going to get all the operating system updates the other Ipads will but, it still does everything it has always done for me and very well. They do not cease to operate just because they are not supported. All the security issues BS is just that, BS.
    When a family is short of money they have to tighten their belts and make do with what they have and make the best of it, something some of our councillors are incapable of doing when it comes to spending OUR money!!

    Use your vote to send a message that we are sick and tired of this kind of behaviour from our elected representatives.

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    Talk about pot.kettle black .Plaid cllrs were spotted with their shiny new i pads at bodlondeb (Conwy)

    Plaid are hypocrites,2 plaid councillors on Wrexham council have had ipads for many years,I checked this out today and it true. oops

    The fact they have them is not the issue. The issue is that the WCBC is going to replace them with new ones at a cost of over £32k to the tax payer when the ones they have are still functioning well as has been admitted by a Councillor on here. The Ipads are a useful tool but, to replace them all at this time when essential services are suffering heavy cuts wreaks of insensitivity and a cynicism that is breathtaking and shows the contempt we are held in by some of the council members.

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    Found out today that the iPad replacements will cost £310 each with the other £290 being spent on software and security licences over 5 years ie £120 pa.
    The alternative is paper copies, which 5 years ago was costing the ratepayer £700 plus per elected member each and every year.
    To reduce the cost of democracy maybe paper reports ought to be stopped.
    As we are still facing huge financial cuts maybe elected members ought to consider making this sacrifice, even if it is easier to speed read a report in paper format.

    Cllr Phil Wynn

    I feel the need to shout this as you aren’t listening, NOBODY IS SAYING GO BACK TO PAPER, WE ARE SAYING KEEP WHAT YOU HAVE AS IT HAS ALL THE SOFTWARE ON IT AND IT’S DOING A GREAT JOB AND SHOULD CONTINUE TO DO SO!! I read the report on the meeting and it’s depressing reading with all the BS being bandied about.”Cllr Phil Wynn added his support to the upgrade plans, saying: “Without the iPad we would be going backwards. There is an obligation that all members look at the cost of delivering democracy”.”well, WE KNOW THAT AND YOU ALREADY HAVE THEM SO PLEASE STOP BANGING ON ABOUT IT!! Anyone would think you are arguing for getting them for the first time!!
    It’s quite obvious to me that the cries of the electorate are not being listened to again by SOME of the elected representatives as they seem to have their fingers in their ears and are humming loudly.

    I hope that the councillors that are not listening that are also up for re-election suffer the consequences at the up-coming elections.

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