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    ChillDoubt spat out foaming at the mouth;

    “LOL, another keyboard warrior!
    Happy to meet you in a car park of your choice, or behind the bike sheds at hometime, bring your mates…..FFS!

    If you get within 2 metres of me at the checkout, I’ll tell you, have no fear. Not really my fault if you can’t follow basic, simple instructions.”

    Why do you assume i mean violence towards you? Your threat of violence towards me is uncalled for and childish in it’s manner. Defending oneself against your kind of aggression can take many forms one form being reasoned discussion even if heated reasoned discussion; you would struggle to defend your postion. Matt’s latest post puts it very well. People with an attitude like yours cause more trouble than enough.

    Meet me behind the bike sheds, bring your mates :) how old are you?

    Keyboard warrior indeed :)

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    ChillDoubt wrote;
    “People aren’t doing it for themselves, hence they have to be taken to task and shamed into following protocols, for everyone’s safety.”

    You have read George Orwell’s book 1984 haven’t you? The two minutes of hate. You would do well in room 101.
    Come remonstrating with me for not doing as you think i should and it would not go well.

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    Matt wrote;
    Also seems to be a ridiculous trend at the moment where people go out of their way just to get offended by analysing everyone who is non-compliant, either not wearing a mask, not wearing a mask properly or going within 2m of everyone else. The safest thing to do is obey the rules yourself, get in, get out and mind your own business. That’s what I do and I find it a lot less stressful.

    Exactly. In plain speaking, stop bitching about other people, you don’t know their situation.
    Times are testing enough without people looking to cause trouble for others.

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    Wrexhamuser wrote;

    Funny, the quote button isn’t working for me.

    “JaneJ, the constant prophet of doom a little like Drakeford who thinks they have the moral high ground and speaks for us all!

    In your little world, your perspective might suit you and your family. So far from your everyday posts it is clear the only thing that you are worried about are the illness. You do not give a damn about the other aspects of it, and I expect they don’t worry you – white, middle-class, nice salary and able to work from home or on a cushy pension by any chance?

    Many people tonight will be furious at the greater impact on their life than the extremely small chance of serious illness and death. Please do not try to spread the emotional pleas of the politicians. Let us be real, normally you will not give a damn about my or my families health, it is more about if it will make you family ill.

    It is about time people rebelled against this nonsense. The Government and police know it only takes a few hundred people to ignore the law and they will be unable to cope. Hopefully, hundreds of thousands of people will now ignore the law and make the Government aware of the public’s feelings. On other news forums the majority now oppose the Government’s decisions. Your view and most of the participants in the small insular bubble on this forum are in the minority!”

    Had to chip in here as this is likely to be the only really sensible and thought out post in this thread.
    sensible people apply thought and logic to problems not just emotion and of course emotional blackmail like, save your grannie. By the way i’m over 70 and think we need to get out and get on. Back to the blinkered subservient posters :)

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    Durham Constabulary press statement

    ​On 27 March 2020, Dominic Cummings drove to Durham to self-isolate in a property owned by his father.

    Durham Constabulary does not consider that by locating himself at his father’s premises, Mr Cummings committed an offence contrary to regulation 6 of the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020. (We are concerned here with breaches of the Regulations, not the general Government guidance to “stay at home”.)

    On 12 April 2020, Mr Cummings drove approximately 26 miles from his father’s property to Barnard Castle with his wife and son. He stated on 25 May 2020 that the purpose of this drive was to test his resilience to drive to London the following day, including whether his eyesight was sufficiently recovered, his period of self-isolation having ended.

    Durham Constabulary have examined the circumstances surrounding the journey to Barnard Castle (including ANPR, witness evidence and a review of Mr Cummings’ press conference on 25 May 2020) and have concluded that there might have been a minor breach of the Regulations that would have warranted police intervention. Durham Constabulary view this as minor because there was no apparent breach of social distancing.

    Had a Durham Constabulary police officer stopped Mr Cummings driving to or from Barnard Castle, the officer would have spoken to him, and, having established the facts, likely advised Mr Cummings to return to the address in Durham, providing advice on the dangers of travelling during the pandemic crisis. Had this advice been accepted by Mr Cummings, no enforcement action would have been taken.

    In line with Durham Constabulary’s general approach throughout the pandemic, there is no intention to take retrospective action in respect of the Barnard Castle incident since this would amount to treating Mr Cummings differently from other members of the public. Durham Constabulary has not taken retrospective action against any other person.

    By way of further context, Durham Constabulary has followed Government guidance on management of alleged breaches of the regulations with the emphasis on the NPCC and College of Policing 4Es: Engage, Explain and Encourage before Enforcement.

    Finally, commentary in the media has suggested that Mr Cummings was in Durham on 19 April 2020. Mr Cummings denies this and Durham Constabulary have seen insufficient evidence to support this allegation.

    Therefore Durham Constabulary will take no further action in this matter and has informed Mr Cummings of this decision.

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    Eh! More traffic! Don’t know which planet you are on. I’m on the road a lot because what i’m doing requires me to be and, it’s eerily quiet everywhere i go. Just got back from a trip up the A55 to Glan Conwy Hospital, back via an address in Mostyn along the coast road and, the roads are very, very quiet. I was out yesterday doing a similar thing only Chester to Glan Clwyd and back and again the roads were, again, virtually bare so, afaiac your are talking utter rubbish. The bit about the “boy racer”. I go through those lights quite a bit on my way to Wrexham Maelor and take great care and not once had a problem so i recommend you take greater care there but, i think, tbh, you are probably building it up into something it wasn’t. As for the Police being around i am, in the course of what i do seeing a lot of them and see them pulling cars in and up so they will have laddie in his beat up polo, sooner or later so, just calm down.

    Might i suggest you go to bed before you post then you might not write such rubbish after you have had a sleep.

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    No wonder Atherton gave up all those public sector jobs. She finally found one where she can legitimately screw people’s lives up and make a fortune. She hasn’t even had the chance to add on expenses yet!

    Quite a miserable post tbh.

    Sarah has done a lot by working hard for the wider community in various roles, (plus she has served her country in the military) which is more than i and, i will hazard a guess, more than you and her other detractors here have done; I am pretty damn sure Sarah has got into politics to carry on her work helping others and to say otherwise is churlish to say the least.

    From her website:
    I was brought up locally by my supportive parents; my father was from Chester and mother from Caernarfon. I attended a comprehensive school and after leaving at 16, I joined the regular army, serving in the Intelligence Corps. A few years later I left to start a family. With a need to re-skill, I trained as a nurse at the Maelor and Bangor University progressing to became a District Nurse. I subsequently became a Social Worker, here in North Wales, specialising in older people and mental health. In between I found time to run my own business in Wrexham, a small Micro Brewery, based on the Industrial estate. Whilst working in the public sector I gained an understanding of the issues that face us all in our daily lives and I brought that understanding to my role as a community Councillor. In this role I have dedicated the past few years in improving my community. Although I am now happily married to Nick, I brought my son up as a single parent. I know only too well what it is like to pay the bills, balance work

    Read, and please, show some respect for a person that has and always has had the interests of the community at heart.

    My views on an MP’s pay and increases thereof i will reserve for discussion with my MP and not uselessly bandy them about on here which, is how it should be done.

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    There you go,from the horses mouth;

    A view from Clwyd South’s Member of Parliament

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    The email asking for details went end of January and still waiting for response. Why not just publish them on his Web site.
    Have you used the email and had a response?

    Yes i have, a question about government funding for Farmers; i received a comprehensive reply around a week later but, as i said in a previous reply, he had lost his mum (early January) so was dealing with that as well as being a newly elected MP. so, at the time i thought he did well replying in a week. Remember he is up and down to London as that is where a lot of his work is done, he can’t be on your or anyone elses doorstep asking you what you would like, what’s upsetting you? , can i do anything for you? all the time can he? It could be that at the particular time you sent the email he was up to his eyes in it as i do know that the new MP’s did go into panic mode in January due to the amount of emails they were receiving from all over the shop as well as going through the process of being sworn in, getting set up in their Parliamentary office etc. etc. These people are not superhuman you know so, as i said, cut him/them some slack and reserve your judgement for their performance in the longer term. Simon has just got the keys to premises for his constituency office on the Vauxhall Industrial Estate Ruabon so when he’s got that set up you will be able to go and mither him there, enjoy :)

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    Where are the details of the Surgeries???

    Why don’t you ask him??

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