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    So Councillors and Staff pay £100 a year and get to park where they want?

    So they can park for (almost) free and take up a space which could be earning £3 or £4?

    So isnt this just costing us a lot more money?

    So wrexview, losing money would mean less toilets open, so be prepared to do like a bear and poo in the woods. Cue the comedy music …. oh no, we cant afford the music!!!

    So there!

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    With Cllr Atkinson having a pay rise from £13k basic councillor pay, to the £29k a year Lead Member salary PLUS his window round, i heard he is buying it from Ian

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    Actually my Polish mate said that he hated how the “bad ones” are all coming over here so is HE racist? Or does he just have an opinion???

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    Idris, this racist rant is becoming a tiresome now. I suggest you do some research into Poles in Wrexham before you come on here spouting shite. Look up Penley and the Polish hospital, look up the Polish pilots in WW11.
    Polish people have been in Wrexham since the 1940’s. Take a look into the history of Italians in Wrexham. Once they were looked at with suspicion. The Portuguese cafes in Wrexham have become a vibrant part of town, try visiting one and chat to the people there. Wrexham is a much more pleasant town FOR the immigration.

    Those type of people you refer to are poles apart from the bullying would-be gangstas that are running our town down.
    I respect the past but fear for the future. I don’t feel safe in town it is a scum area and I now stay in my own village so don’t give me racist rants as I have older Polish mates from a genuine place in time where men were gents and not louts.

    AND most people DID vote for BREXIT to stop the flow of unwanted immigrants! F.A.C.T.

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    The NHS is filled with oversea types because nobody in the UK wants to be paid crap money to do the job AND they do a really good job. I was in with my hip and have no complaints.

    Eastern Europeans come over to do unskilled jobs that the lazy sods born in the UK do not want to do because they get more in benefits.

    So when they no longer want the unskilled jobs and decide benefits is easier then the Eastern Europeans start hanging around town and the park drinking and causing trouble. They add to the problem of the UK druggies that flock into Wrexham because its an easy screw.

    The Agencies started this problem by inviting everyone over and nobody will solve it because BREXIT is too late and too soft.

    Why did Wrexham vote to EXIT? Was it because we don’t like EU Rules or the fishing thing? No, it was because we are becoming little Poland here in Wrexham and people are fed up of it.

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    Matt : “If someone from Eastern Europe (or anywhere else for that matter) is resident in Wrexham then they are entitled to the same healthcare as anyone else in the area. The vast majority of them pay their tax and council tax. They are paying for the running of the NHS.”

    Please give me the figures for this as I see loads of unruly troublemakers who I doubt add anything except to the policing bils.

    Also Matt you need to get out and stop stalking posts on here. Open up those peepers and look out the window. None of it is good.

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    Matt …..

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    My point of Eastern Europeans invading Wrexham and making a nuisance of themselves also extends to their help in draining the NHS.
    I present a Tweet on from last night.

    16 hours ago
    @wrexham 13 ambulances outside a&e, patients on gurneys in corridors/round majors desk. My dad’s been in majors seriously ill since Sat night, waiting for bed on ward. Poor staff, being brill but running round like crazy. If anyone doesnt need to urgently go to a&e, please don’t.

    Tell me that they do not clog up the hospitals and doctors!

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    Does anyone REALLY give a chuff? As long as the council make some money they should let kingdom do whatever they want.
    Who cares if they are scared to approach gangs who chuck their beer cans on the floor?
    Its not ZERO tolerance at all is it? Its selective targeting and every business is out to make a profit not act as a charity.

    Target the litter droppers and smokers and those who they can screw money out of i say!

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    I think Idris is one of those people who walks slow on a pavement, just to annoy everyone else.

    Yes I do.
    I also stop to talk to people and block the pavement, drive in the middle lane on motorways even if there is nobody in the slow lane, dont signal at roundabouts, kick pigeons and hate pasties!

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