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    All prisoners brought into A&E from HMP Berwyn are handcuffed, and often chained, and accompanied by at least 2 officers. 1 officer stays with them at all times during treatment.

    In 9 cases out of 10, patients brought in by the Police are also accompanied by 2 officers, who stay until they’re discharged. In the odd 1 in 10 case, the patients are victims, aren’t under arrest and are not deemed a threat.

    The biggest threat to A&E are timewasters who could easily treat themselves, and attention seekers who often have mental health issues.

    I worked as a Security Officer in A&E at the hospital until 3 weeks ago.

    I find it disturbing that someone who claims to have been a security officer at the Maelor’s A&E appears to think that this make him/her capable of spotting so-called “timewasters who could easily treat themselves” and “attention seekers” with “mental health issues”. Did you have sight of their medical notes? Did the medical staff discuss with you personal information relating to their patients?

    In fact, I find this sufficiently disturbing that I am going to report it. I would not feel comfortable attending A&E if this sort of personal medical information is handled so irresponsibly.

    Bubble, reporting him will do no good.

    Mr Adrian has run his own security business since April 2016 so is unlikely to reprimand himself!


    If the Travellers broke down, at least they wouldn’t have to wait long for The A.A

    I wish this had a “Like” button!


    I can remember someone else who hated the gypsies!


    Travellers have set up camp on a field on the Gresford side of Pont y Capel Lane, with the local councillor looking for prompt action to have them removed.

    Cllr Atkinson, local residents and the Chair of the Community Council have been in touch with Wrexham Council and the police to have the travellers moved on.

    Cllr Atkinson told us: “Not in my back yard, that is why we want to stick travellers in Llay out of the way of all of the nice people!”

    No longer in his backyard now after he Tweeted …..

    Andrew Atkinson

    I’ve followed the travellers through Llay and across the Flintshire border. Not sure their destination, still a few caravans in Gresford. In touch with police will update in morning.

    Instead of negotiating with and helping the Travellers he is keen to get shot. They can f**K off to somebody else’s land now they are no longer his problem.

    Glad he is so understanding – He gets my Vote!

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    I think that this thread is very sexist and short sighted!

    Women cannot be bothered to put themselves forward for the jobs and then play the sexist card because nobody is knocking on their door and asking if they want to be a Councillor! Men seem to have applied for the jobs, so why haven’t the women?

    Don’t you think that Councillors should represent Wrexham’s diverse set up? Put in lots of Eastern Europeans and Portuguese and a few Muslims. Lets be as equal as we can. Include the Travelers, zombies and homeless on the Executive Board.

    Woman are as equal as men, they just need to apply themselves and take the jobs!

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    Before they were bogs it was a bunker from the war and the mayor and top brass would shelter there when the air raid siren went off.

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    Perhaps the Strategic Director or whatever he is called now who by all accounts pushed for all this work to be carried out everywhere in the locality should stand up and apologise to us the ratepayers for the shoddy and forever ongoing works that Virgin Media have been carrying out.
    Was there ever any decent communication between the council and the contractors doing the job or was it just ‘get the job done as quickly as possible’.
    I see it as just another calamity by the powers that be sat in their ivory towers so far removed from the rest of ‘joe public’.

    Like the other Top Brass, he don’t live in Wrexham and the only time he would have to walk the streets and be able to see the damage would be when he goes and gets his pie n chips at dinner time.

    They also don’t have to drive on minor roads.

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    I am happy. Not taking medication to make me happy to be Welsh either
    . Just happy. Not a sarcastic sad miserable
    “get” who enjoys getting his/her kicks reporting negative pcs of news.

    By saying that just makes you a “get” otherwise you wouldn’t be writing here.

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    Can we all pay £100 a year and park where we want?

    They will just raise Councillor allowances to cover the cost!

    in reply to: Western Gateway #148830


    Nobody care and because of this the problem will just get worse.

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