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    Hugh Bet

    I do have sympathy regarding the difficulty of smoking but whilst it is not seen as being as addictive as smoking drugs the emphasis will never be put on it– big capitalist companies making millions and Governments collecting Millions – where is the incentive for this two bodies to make a difference and ban the product.

    Simple way to get a product banned is to show a marine mammal being killed by it on the BBc’s Blue Planet and suddenly the world wakes up ………..

    So Flipper has to die but its a calculated risk!

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    Hugh Bet

    This thread reeks of holier than thou.

    Is that less than holy smell of stale smoke coming from you IMHO?

    Actually he looks like Nen:

    Non smoker here; i dislike the holier than thou ban it brigade is all.

    People are human and you should not forget that.

    Just think how good the world would be if everyone was like you, staunchly upright, pure in thought and deed, mindful, right thinking doesn’t upset anyone et al. Yawn. As i said, holier than thou.

    By the way, have any of you noticed just how bad the world is? Death and destruction abounds and all you lot can bang on about is banning smoking. Well done you!

    Well said IMHO but unfortunately this opinion will have no credence with the Politically Correct, Liberal, tea candle lighting (that will solve everything) brigade as I like to call them, again back to the topic, I say this as a non smoker now for the last ten years, but previously a smoker for over 30 years.

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