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    I think I’d be a great Chief Executive Officer….
    I’m crap with money
    Can’t lie straight in bed
    Always answer a question with another question
    And if I was to say “Good morning, Good day or Good evening”….
    Make sure you have a good look outside first!

    in reply to: Councillors Allowances #139932


    It seems Wrexham Council are quick enough to to hold their hands out but if others do the same then they are wasting valuable tax payers money!!!!

    Wake up ALL at WMBC, nobody is indispensable. You could quite easily find yourselves in the same queue I’ve stood in so many time…

    And personally, I hope you do!

    in reply to: mobility scooters death race 2000 #123772


    I’ve encountered the said lady quite a few times in the past and was told when she’s heading away from town she’s usually, ever so slightly, pissed as a plank cos she’s been in Top Weatherspoons all day/night drinking!
    How she’s still alive is a miracle.

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