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    The following infomation is from the Arts Council- make your own assumption about how much is ‘spin’ to cover their involvment.
    Andrew Richards
    Pennaeth Datblygu Busnes

    Ffôn: 029 2044 1361 / 07964 689023

    Head of Business Development

    Tel: 029 2044 1361 / 07964 689023

    Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru
    Plas Bute, Caerdydd CF10 5AL

    Arts Council of Wales
    Bute Place, Cardiff CF10 5AL

    Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg, ni fydd gohebu drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg yn arwain at oedi.
    We welcome correspondences in Welsh and English, corresponding in Welsh will not lead to a delay.

    To Chief Executive and Chair Arts Council of Wales

    I am writing to you about the serious concerns that residents in Wrexham have about the fiasco that is developing in Wrexham over the running of Ty Pawb. On the current information that is in circulation it is quite apparent the place is haemorrhaging money at an estimated average rate of £10k a week since opening based on actual bankable receipts the Council have received..

    In the original Business Plan for Ty Pawb it was stated that Arts Council would put in over £130k a year revenue funding. Clearly based on the current estimated losses through contractual issues with stall holders, lost revenue from the Police Mast, Car Park income totally slashed your £130k is doing to be nothing but straight down the nearest grid.

    1. I am making a request about what level of revenue funding the Arts Council are providing for 2018/19 and for 2019/20?

    Arts Council of Wales has offered a grant of £120,000 for 2018/19 (this is the amount budgeted within the forecasts). We have not yet made an allocation for 2019/20 as the vast majority of Lottery grants are made on a one year basis. The Gallery will reapply for future years’ funding as part of our standard procedures.

    2. What level of concern do you have about this project and what rating have you given it as a there is such a large amount of capital investment?

    The first 6 months of opening have seen a large amount of positive press for the project as well as the articles that you have highlighted. Articles such as the one in the Observer/Guardian here highlight the positive press that Wrexham is getting outside of the area and that hopefully will attract visitors and spend to the area. This was a key element of the thinking behind the development and appears to have made people look at Wrexham as a place that is trying to do things differently to attract people and income to the area.

    We don’t have a rating system as such and feel that a project of this scale needs time before we can really see the impact that it has had.

    3. What support are the Arts Council providing the Ty Pawb Staff about the programme of events etc. taking place or not as there is limited community engagement with the arts?

    Arts Council officers work with the staff at Ty Pawb in developing applications for funding as part of our regular procedures and these conversations will include discussions around community engagement. Participation is one of Ty Pawb’s strengths and daily events during the Summer holidays are a good example of this.

    4. What level of funding has been requested to compensate for the loss of the recent exhibition due to water ingress into the building?

    We have had no request for funding for this. The building is owned and managed by the local authority and its officers will be better placed to discuss any areas related to it.

    5. The Council are still saying they are working on the original Business Plan submitted to the Arts Council which clearly is no longer fit for purpose- have you received a revised Business Plan?

    The financial elements of the original Business plan were revised around 6 months before the opening of the building (again as part of the standard requirements for our funded capital projects). A business plan is a live document and we would not expect to see it revised every time a change in circumstance takes place. We have not therefore received a revised version

    6. If this project turns out to be a disaster that requires closure due to mismanagement and incorrect funding information would the Arts Council seek a repayment from the Council?

    We do not believe this will be the case , but our standard procedures allow us to reclaim funding from organisations should they cease to operate in the way described at the application stage. This would be a very unusual circumstance as we would aim to work with the local authority to make sure that the building works for the people of Wrexham

    The following are just a few of the links to the information that is readily in the public domain and other media sources.

    Based on all of these issues it is in the public interest for the Arts Council to make a statement about their involvement and understanding of what is happening as it appears that at present you are condoning all that is happening as there has been statement made.

    Are the public likely to hear from you shortly?

    At present we do not have any intention to make a public statement. We feel the project is in its early stages of development and has received a great deal of positive press along with some other more negative articles. This often happens with projects and in most instances any initial problems will iron themselves out without any further intervention. Ty Pawb has had some excellent visitor and participation numbers to date and we hope that this continues and that it continues to attract new visitors that would otherwise have not visited the area.

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    Conservative figures from a Conservative coalition Executive!!
    Perhaps the error re budget totals is conservative shown on another thread shows this up. We are all being taken as mugs. If I ran my house in this way I would be looking for a camping spot at the Groves.

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    Looks like the budget is mot only balanced but cash to spare. What confidence can we have in this Council

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    So much for having unions to look after their members.. Or do Union officials have free parking.

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    What about all the cheap parking ad well for staff in peoples market and cheap gym membership.
    How many staff have loans at low interest for cars!! Or other items.

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    Free to vote but the system makes them totally ineffective

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    Interesting that there are no pleas at the moment for food and clothes. If they have genuinely relocated surely based on what some people have written before there should still be a demand or have they all now moved indoors.
    What has happened to everything collected are the Salvation Army distributing things.
    There hasn,t been any outcry from any Councilor about any new camps so we can only assume the campers have all dispersed- unless the Councillors have been gagged!!

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    They might have moved but the underlying issue over substance related problems in town most certainly will not have gone away. The number of people at the encampment was minute compared with the scale of the issue- remember this was primarily accommodating the Mamba / Spice addict. Heroin addicts generally were not in residence there. As some at the Groves site had tenancies they have now perhaps opened their own front door to others — no doubt at a high price (to feed their own habit) for space on the floor.

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    Do families cast off their family member or does the family member cast off the family – there are two ways of looking at this and no matter how much a family may try to help their tolerance levels either break or are breaking point — when it gets to this stage often the pressure causes internal family conflict and other peoples relationships can collapse, this particularly the case when the a child can be from a previous relationship and is not a blood relative to both in a couple relationship.

    Often when someone has cast off their family the new family to fill the void are the other people on the street in similar circumstances.

    The impact on an entire family should not be underestimated when someone turns to substances — it is therefore unfortunate there is virtually no support for other family members even though with the right support they could be part of the solution to help someone out of the world of substance misuse.

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    Davve perrrhaps you need a cat and their purrring will send you for a perrfect sleep

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