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    I think the closure of a single Facebook thread is not likely to stop the types of comments people may wish to make – they will move to another platform eg thread!!

    There is almost no evidence to show that censorship has ever changed the views of people on an issue – so often negative views will just be escalated. In this case, Nigel trying to keep reality from people who use town on a regular basis will just raise more and more negativity.

    Allowing people to express their view – and in this case, making sure that the Council are made aware of the comments then there is a chance that someone will eventually sit up look and listen

    in reply to: This may have already been covered – car parking #148492

    Council Watcher

    This is a farce of a proposal put together by people with a vested interest.

    1. Reclaiming- The HMRC guidance for claiming expenses is clear that travel to a designated workplace and car parking is not an acceptable expense for the purpose of claiming from an employer or through tax.
    2. Assuming all Council Members and Officers use the Guildhall or other Council office in the town as a designated place of work any claim made could be deemed fraudulent. Cllr Bitthel is potentially making a statement that if carried out Council Members and Officers could be deemed to be defrauding.
    3. The figure of 490 people eligible for the ‘special offer’ would imply that this must be most of those staff in the Guildhall, Crown Building, Lord Street and Lampit Street- this would appear to be a significant increase in the number who currently have free parking. The impact is that the Council are now going to offer the Β£100 deal to people who are currently paying as they are not senior enough in the structure.
    4. The move in 3 seems to be to ensure ALL staff and Council Members have equality but is actually a move to reduce income.
    5. Have the Council conducted a full Equality Impact Assessment- if so what has made Members and Council Staff for important than the average citizen – what criteria have they used to determine this.

    in reply to: Ty Pawb – success #148434

    Council Watcher

    The response states that two people have been appointed to the Advisory Board – if this is the case I’m very surprised that the Wrexham Jungle Drums (and have not as yet put names into the public arena. Have they had to sign the “Official Secrets Act” not to divulge their identity?

    Does anyone know how many units actually exist including the South Arcade? Regarding the Alunh comment about rental income being low- it has been stated on the thread about the reduced rents and phased payments to try and get full occupancy. The FOI response looks accurate to the question but is also very selective in terms of explanation.

    in reply to: Ty Pawb – success #148279

    Council Watcher

    Jimbow you are starting to paint the picture of the financial meltdown – few more things that have not happened —
    Β£15k rent for the ariels for the Polie when they close the tower
    No allocation of rent reduction or ‘sweetener’ to get the stalls occupied
    No costing for the Doormen that are required for functions in the evening when the bar is open
    Cleaning staff at present double original due to cleaning up after workmen
    Costs of the utilities are under spec due to high consumption commercial catering items
    Businesses having to pay full rates within their rent as Small Busines Rate relief does not apply
    A level of compensation to business that occupied from day one when everything was not fully functioning and they have had lost sales revenue. – They are looking to apply for rent rebate already.
    Lack of WiFi for business to use credit card machines etc — leaving them with a much smaller spend per customer than originally expected.

    Where the Council is gaining is funding for a marketing officer from the Arts Council is being appointed to cover Ty Pwb, Museum, Library and other locations.

    These points are just purely the commercial hit that the Council and Busines are facing before even looking at the activity that will be arranged to try and get the football- at present, the pace feels like a large hanger full of air but no atmosphere.

    in reply to: Welsh Government enforcing 50mph A483 speed limit #148160

    Council Watcher

    Can I suggest that readers and the Council look at the info on the thread started 31st October – on this is the info re pollution levels- it appeared from the info then that Victoria Riad by the school was one of the worst places as car waiting at the Ruthin Road lights were polluting the air with engines running. Cllr Phil Wynn has still not made any statement about a school in his own Ward.

    in reply to: Carwyn’s Resignation #148027

    Council Watcher

    Not sure why the announcement came as a surprise – since he threatened legal action against the Assembly at the beginning of the week if they voted for the release of a report into the circumstances surrounding Carl Sargent’s sacking.

    His position had surely become untenable in this action which would have also gone against a number of his own backbencher’s views.

    It looks like the South Clwyd Labour Party may have to think hard about whether they would support Ken Skates if he put his hat in the ring as a possible contender for the Leadership – the Labour Momentum controlled local Party may not support his leadership attempt as he is not known for his Corbynite support.

    We are certainly in for an interesting time in Welsh politics over the next few months at a crucial time leading to Brexit. Whoever gets the Leadership role has a massive task to ensure they fight head-on with Westminster to negotiate the best post-Brexit deal for Wales.

    in reply to: Ty Pawb – success #147881

    Council Watcher

    Don’t forget both Ty Pawb and Tourist Infomation are closed on Sunday- are we not trying to create Wrexham as a seven day a week visitor attraction or just five days.

    Retailers who have taken over Ty Pawb have no rent conditions to have to open up- I have also been told that there are additional costs to be levied for any of the retailers or food stalls if they want to open up on a Sunday as the cost of security and cleaning are not costed for a seven day a week customer offer.

    Similar restrictions have been put on the traders who may wish to open up in the evening when there is a non-Council event being held at a minimum of two doormen are required while the serving of alcohol takes place as this was not included in the Ty Pawb budget.

    I wonder if the Council has worked out yet what the cost is per day/hour to have the building open- heat, lighting, security, cleaning, duty manager etc.

    in reply to: Disgusted with the health service #147880

    Council Watcher

    The waiting time at a pavement incident is in proportion to the severity of the situation as reported by the bystander when they first made contact with the ambulance service. They triage calls based on information provided- although distressing the service have to prioritize based on life-threatening risks.

    In this instance, if the message was an elderly person over 70 who was bleeding would have a higher response than someone of 50 in the same situation.

    This may seem harsh but it is the reality of triage which is why sometimes many ambulances are backed up with people who could have arranged their own transport to hospital but often people think they will be seen quicker if they go by ambulance — but this is not the case- the same triage applies if someone arrives by ambulance or through the main door.

    in reply to: Wrexham is a great town #147879

    Council Watcher

    The reality is that without all of the nurses and Doctors and other staff working in the health and care sector that have come from a wide range of countries across the world then the system would be in a worse state than it is now.

    You cannot magically create Doctors and nurses who all have a minimum of 3 – 6 years training – we actually have a looming crisis in Health and Social Care as many Eastern Europeans are now part of a reverse migration pathway and are leaving the country.

    To see the impact of this just do a Google search on job vacancies in North East Wales in these categories and you will find vacancies that run into 100+. Do we have vast numbers of unemployed people with skills ready to take on these roles — no we don’t. Can we train the unemployed for the roles – highly unlikely as many of the unemployed are bordering on being unemployable for a wide range of issues.

    What we are guilty of in this country is retaining the migrant workforce for our own ends when their own country may have a shortage of qualified staff.

    Before anyone says we need less health staff if we had fewer migrants living in the area look at the figures and the larges % of attendees in the hospital is still the UK citizens. Migrant attendees as a % of total people in A & E is still below the % of migrants living in the area.

    in reply to: Litter Enforcement #147875

    Council Watcher

    People need to remember that they have a right to request all photos and any video evidence that has been collected under a Subject Access Request. Would be interesting to know if anyone has been able to get this information from Kingdom after they have been issued with a Penalty Notice and how many have asked but not had any evidence provided.

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