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    Let me assuage your concerns, there’ll be plenty of uniformed locals in that prison, one way or another.

    What you’re complaining about is called mobility of labour Ben.
    What’s stopping you from applying for a job in Liverpool, Manchester or London?

    I think you will find that the vast majority of inmates will come from over the border (ridiculous to think that north Wales needs a super prison holding 2000+ inmates.) And no doubt a lot of them when released will be encouraged to settle in the area creating ever more social problems.

    As for your “mobility of labour” comment it may well be true but it doesn’t alter the truth of Ben’s point about local jobs.

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    What’s he going to pay with ? His benefit’s money? Profits from drug dealing ? Mugging old ladies ? Burglary ?

    Thats a bit harse AMA, I know two people in QP that are not actually on benifits!!

    I wonder if you yourself are on “benifits”? I find it difficult to believe that anyone would employ someone with such appalling spelling! Or am I being “harse”?

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