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    Jane the lack of responses here since you posted either shows that threads are male-dominated (reflecting the Council) or Wrexham women are apathetic and could not care less – something I hoe can be proved wrong. I hope some women will make it to the Council Chamber tomorrow or for a chat over coffee to see what can be done.

    Come on you male thread contributors tell your wives, partners, girlfriends, daughters about what is proposed.


    I don’t know but their coffee shop Tweets often have very false smiles (if you can count them as smiles) either that or the coffee in some locations is very bitter!
    I wonder if they will commence a pub crawl once they have done the coffee shops.

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    Below is a copy of the Access Statement reslesed by the Council as part of the FOI

    This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.
    Access Statement for Oriel Wrecsam/People’s Market
    Oriel Wrecsam/People’s Market is situated in Wrexham town centre. It is on a pedestrianised street on the east side; on a busy road leading to the integral multi-storey car park on the west, with a surface level car park to the south and a road to the north. The car parks have designated disabled space at no charge (free). The area is reasonably flat with a gradual approach. There are a number of entrances from each side of the building and all are flat with automatic doors. There will be two galleries with touring and local exhibitions on display showing both 2D and 3D artwork. There is a performance space with a mobile space and temporary (Blecher) seating with equipment for film, a mobile stage and a sprung floor for dance performance. There is a market hall and retail shops and a small flexible performance space in the market hall for temporary specialist markets and for small performances such as dance or story-telling. There is a food court with three different serving stalls with seating in a communal area so that visitors can sit together. There is an education and learning suite on the first floor. Access to this area is by swipe card with lift access. There is a gallery shop with a reception area which is staffed and where you can get assistance.
    We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01978 292140 or email
    • For full details and maps of how to reach Oriel Wrecsam/People’s Market please see out website. Alternatively you can plan your journey by car or public transport using a journey planning website; enter your own post code and ours, which is LL13 8BB to get directions.
    • The nearest railway station is Wrexham General which is 0.75 miles away (a 15 – 20 minute walk). Taxis area available at the station. If you require an accessible taxi, you can book this in advance. See contact information for details.
    • The nearest bus stop is directly outside the main entrance. You may need to change at Wrexham bus station in which case you should ask for Market Street bus stop. The bus station is about 0.5 miles away (a 10 – 15 minute walk). There are accessible taxis at the rank immediately opposite the bus station on King Street. The bus stop on Market Street has a shelter and a seat. All buses are able to take a wheelchair. Shopmobility has an office and equipment available to hire at the bus station.
    • There is a bike rack immediately outside the building on Market Street.
    Car Parking and Arrival
    • There is a Pay and Display multi-storey car park which is part of the facility. There are marked Blue Badge parking spaces which can directly access the lifts to and from the facility itself. Parking is at no charge (free) to Blue Badge holders.
    • There is a Pay and Display surface level car park just off market street to the south of the building. Car parking is free to Blue Badge holders and there are designated spaces which are adjacent to a ramp leading into the building.
    • All doors into the building are automatic.
    Main Entrance, Reception and Ticketing Area
    • The main entrance is situated on the ground floor on Market Street. The entrance is step free with level access throughout the ground floor.
    • There is seating throughout the facility.
    • The floor is level throughout.
    • The area is well lit with overhead lighting.
    • There is a lowered section at the welcome/reception desk.
    • There is a hearing loop system throughout the building.
    • The welcome/reception desk is staffed and you can get help and information here.
    • Wheelchairs can be loaned from Shopmobility which is based at Wrexham Bus Station.
    Public Toilets
    • Toilets are located on the ground floor with level access from the main entrance and the food court.
    • The toilets are opposite the welcome/reception desk.
    • There is a fully accessible Changing Rooms toilet with disabled toilet, a hoist, a changing bench and washing facilities.
    • There is a food court situated on the ground floor. There is step free level access throughout the ground floor and lift access to the learning and education area which is also step free.
    • Tables in the food court are of a trestle type and there is a variety of seating types including benches and chairs with and without arms. The seating is not fixed and can be moved to enable wheelchair access if required.
    • There is lighting directly over the tables and natural light from a large picture window to the south of the area.
    • There are three food service areas. The food service is from the service area counter but staff will be able to assist. The food providers will be encouraged to provide dietary information relating to food allergies and intolerances.
    • The toilets are near to the food court and there is step free access.
    • There are a number of shops and market stalls within the facility. The art shop can be accessed directly from the main entrance and the welcome/reception area. The doors are kept open when the shop is open. The shop sells souvenirs and gifts.
    • A low level counter is provided.
    • There is room for wheelchair access.
    • The other shops and market stalls are all situated within the ground floor area and can be accessed easily. There is ample room for a wheelchair to manoeuvre and turn between the stalls in the market hall.
    • Staff will be able and willing to help.
    Contact Information
    Address (Inc postcode):
    Oriel Wrecsam/People’s Market Chester Street Wrexham LL13 8BG (car park for sat nav is LL13 8BB)
    01978 292140
    Local Equipment Hire:
    Shopmobility, Wrexham Bus Station 01978 292028, LL11 1LE
    Local Accessible Taxi:
    Wrexham & Prestige Cars 01978 357777
    Local Public Transport:
    Arriva D Jones and Son Pat’s Coaches Townlynx Travel information from or Traveline Cymru 0800 464 0000

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    The following information is from an FOI to Wrexham Council about Ty Pawb. Interesting that they state that there is a Unit unallocated yet further up the thread a potential user has been told there is only a catering unit vacancy yet here it has been stated there is another unallocated.

    Date: 30/04/2018
    Response/Digest FOI: 8063
    Wrexham County Borough Council does hold the information requested.
    Tŷ Pawb Opening Days Costs
     Could you please provide a copy of the budget for the opening days of Ty
    Pawb, split between pre-event activities and the actual cost on the day for the
    VIP opening and the Public event on 2nd April.
     As the building is not up to standard for disabled people please provide a
    copy of the Access Statement and design specifications for compliance with
    the Disability Discrimination Act and when will all necessary works be
     Provide a list of the Advisory Board Members.
     Provide a copy of the anticipated budgeted rental income as per the
    development stage and the revised budget now that the commercial units are
    being let.
     Provide a breakdown of the actual number of units open for the opening dayhow
    many are now let and how many are still to be let.
    The total Budget for Dydd Llun Pawb (to cover pre-event and event activities) was
    £43,000. This was funded by Arts Council for Wales grant. In addition to this £4,002
    expenditure was incurred by Wrexham County Borough Council – £2,200 specifically
    in respect of the VIP opening day and £765 specifically in respect of the public event.
    The remaining £1,037 related to costs incurred to cover both events.
    Please find attached the access statement for the project development. As the
    building is now open, this is due to be reviewed and assessed regularly.
    Expressions of interest were received for all posts. Initial interviews took place with 2
    posts being filled. Further interviews are scheduled and all posts should be filled
    within the next month.
    Please note that where information is subject to copyright belonging to the Council, you will need to
    obtain the permission of the Council to re-use it for purposes other than private study or noncommercial
    research. The Council may charge for re-use. Where third party copyright material is
    disclosed, you must obtain permission to re-use from the copyright holders concerned.

    As per the Business Plan, the budgeted rental income in year 1 is £138k. Based on
    the current occupation level (and assuming that they remain in occupation for the
    remainder of the year) the forecast rental income in year 1 is £141k.
    For opening day we had 16 units open. We have 19 units let, 1 unit currently under
    offer and 2 units still available. These figures class food court as units as well.

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    Although the fabric of the hospital can be rebuilt/redesigned the most crucial element is to ensure that the right skilled staff will be available for when it may open.
    The lead-in period to achieve the good quality Doctors and consultants is a minimum of 6/8 years- the staffing expertise and predicting what skills are to be required needs careful consideration within planning.
    Many of the current functions in a hospital designed for the next 100 years will have technology readily available (some of which is not even produced yet) but with a design, financing, building and final commissioning being anything from 10 – 15 years new jobs will be required to deal with machinery and robots using AI – Artificial Intelligence

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    Access to the Art Galery for someone in a powered wheelchair is not possible without assistance due to the door width – in this day and age for a public facility not to have taken this into account is quite extraordinary.

    At the last Town Centre Forum, officers promised that the WiFi would be up and running by the 13th – the food outlets, in particular, must be losing at least 50% of potential takings — as there is no Cash Machine nearby anyone going to High Street for cash may as well go to one of the other eateries..

    Presume that the traders will be getting reduced rent to cover the lack of WiFi – if so yet another reduction in income for the Council and another increase in the subsidy that will be required.

    Its one thing to get negative responses about a building but when that translates into actually lost revenue for the traders and the Council the impact can over a short period of time become irrecoverable.

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    You can accept some “teething” problems when it comes to the building but not to have a basic management team in place to manage a £4.4 million project is just utter madness and gross incompetence at officer and Council Member levels for a project with at least a three year lead in.
    All of these teething problems are increasing the running costs and also lost revenue from units that are not complete or even finished off yet.
    The project budget for the project was based on full occupancy of all the types of units from day one- failure to act this is just increasing the deficit budget- collectively at the rate of a few £1000 a week.

    I was also told today that there is an issue with the food providers about who can supply coffee and drinks and who cant- I assume if this is the case the Council has included the type of restrictive covenants in the leases to reduce the level of competition between businesses. If this is the case then we are likely to see some cutthroat business activity as the food retailers compete.

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    You haven’t got to worry about shorter meetings for the Councillors to get to their car parking — look at the attendance figures – looks like some have only been to about 6 meetings since being elected last May.
    They all should (although only about half do) complete an annual report of their Council activities at Ward and County level.
    Everyone should ask their local Councilor for a copy of their report…

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    I wonder if anyone in the Council contracting team even thought about putting in penalty clauses for non-completion of work by due handover date..

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    Using today as a comparator for what Ty Pawb will be like on a ‘normal’ day is completely wrong — have a look in their after the children are back in school- this will be what the traders have to contend with 39 weeks of the year (the majority of their trading year). If they cant get these weeks to be profitable then their chance of survival will be limited.

    I wonder when the Council will start looking to reduce the rent to keep the current businesses on site. There have already been real variations given to the different businesses who have similar footfall.

    Getting people through the door the first time is one of the easiest things for any business – have special attractions, freebies etc. Getting people back is dependent on the first offer and impressions- clearly, today might not have done that- in particular, the lack of a programme of forthcoming events to act as a teaser is a very poor failing.

    It also looks like Nigel Lewis has now become the Chief Reporter and Marketing Officer for Ty Pawb and other Council events — without him sharing his ‘wisdom’ and films along with we would all be in the dark- the Council Social Media presence has been very, very limited today

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