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    Nice try Wrexham.com i.e, “we have asked ‘this question and that question’ and the answers are ‘here and there’ mainly from incompetent councillors. You didn’t answer the ‘get off your butt’ question re. speaking to people in the street with the question – “DO YOU SUPPORT WREXHAM COUNCIL SUPPORTING THE SPENDING OF £4.5 MILLION ON AN ARTS CENTRE IN THE TOWN – THE FUTURE RUNNING COSTS OF WHICH WILL FALL UPON COUNCIL TAX PAYERS”.

    I’m not a fan of Tŷ Pawb or of our councillors, but I have no problem with Wrexham.com’s reporting about either. Wrexham.com reports and then with this forum gives us an opportunity to comment with our own opinions – anonymously if we want to – on anything. There is also the Twitter feed. Just because Wrexham.com doesn’t report about selected local news items in a tone that matches your own view of them does not make its reporting biased.

    And as for 10 to 1 remarks on the forum being against Tŷ Pawb – where do you get that from? I like this forum, I like that it’s here, and I’ve no doubt that there are many people who read the remarks on here. But actually there seems to me to be only a small number of people participating in forum discussions. This particular thread has just 5 contributors.

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    Staff parking is nothing compared to the money spent on the Groves and the White Elephant arts exhibition centre.

    If you think councillors deserve perks, how about we give them free bus passes? They could get to work for free and travel to whatever official engagements they have on public transport. it wouldn’t cost us extra as the buses are running anyway. Then the car park spaces they no longer need could become chargeable to the public and generate income. Is this not a win-win situation? Unless, of course, you are after a specific perk.

    I don’t think this is a wind-up on your part, Councillor X, though I could be wrong. If I were a councillor I would feel annoyed at you for bringing this topic to the fore. If you want to maintain the perks, it would have been better not to bring the subject up on this forum.

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    If the Councillors and top management were moved to the staff car par at crown buildings or to the White Elephant Art Centre and their car park was a pay and display, how much could be saved?

    The important decisions questionnaire kept the secret staff car park at crown buildings very quiet when the question could have been asked and thousands could be made a week from it!

    People have taken me as a wind up merchant but I am nobody’s fool and have served a purpose in my past endeavours for the council and will support the good work of councillors.

    For me, it is a matter of principle. In a time of austerity in particular, I do not think it is right for councillors or “top management” to give themselves free parking – in any car park – unless we all get free parking. We pay our Council Tax for the services the council provides – not for a parking perk that the councillors give to themselves. Actual SERVICES are being cut, while the councillors keep their free parking – you think this is justifiable?

    A few weeks back there was some confusion over whether Penycae community centre was going to close in order to help with costs. In the “Difficult Decisions” document: (http://www.wrexham.gov.uk/assets/pdfs/consultations/budget/2018-19/difficult_decisions_2018-20.pdf), on page 5, it says: “It is proposed that these remaining community centre buildings (i.e. Kingsley Circle, Abenbury and Penycae) are either transferred to a third party by 31 March 2018 or considered for disposal or demolition. It is estimated this could generate savings of approximately £3,000 in 2018/19 and a further £11,000 in 2019/20.”.

    I quote this because it is talking in one case of a saving as little as £3k for a year. Abolishing free car parking for councillors may not save/earn much in the way of income, but in other circumstances it seems that councillors’ attitudes are that every little helps.

    I’m not expecting councillors to pay any more than other people – I want the same treatment for us all. It is all very well for you to support the “good work” of councillors, but that should not prevent you from acknowledging when they have got it wrong.

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    Councillor X,

    I never believed that you were a councillor, actually – but now I’m beginning to wonder.
    If Blue Badge holders have to pay for parking – and, in fact, I do not have an issue with this – then so should councillors. Everyone should have to pay for parking.

    It is appalling that councillors even considered, for example, less frequent bin collections for constituents whilst preserving their own parking perks. Do they really think their own parking is more of a priority?

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    Generally Councillors do a good job so what is wrong with them parking for free? They do not get paid much and you could not expect them to pay to come to work.

    I think jealousy plays a big part in this. They have something that other people want.

    Many council officials also do a good job and also get paid very little – they still have to make arrangements for parking and getting into work on time for normal working hours or meetings.

    As for, “Could not expect them to pay to come to work?” – are you serious? That is what people do – they pay to travel to work by public transport or by car, or they factor in extra time and they walk or they cycle, etc. If parking is difficult or if their journey involves a toll or if they just want to save on costs they may organise car sharing, and so on.

    As for councillors having something other people want – do you mean like a free car parking space?
    It isn’t jealousy; it is the principle that people should be treated equally – and that it would be nice, particularly in a climate of cuts and austerity, if councillors could lead by example.

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    If Councillor X is not a wind up I’ll eat my hat. That attitude is deplorable and if that’s the train of thought throughout the chamber I feel there will be no difficult decisions made after all. Time management, useful tool when you need to be somewhere, work it like the rest of us.

    I’d be interested to know whether Councillor X is winding us up.

    I don’t see why councillors should have reserved [&/or free] parking spaces. They will not be the only attendees at these meetings – if everyone else can get there on time then why can’t the councillors too?

    In the real world people with cars have to find their own parking spaces, often at significant personal expense, and have to allow extra time to find these parking spaces to ensure that they arrive in good time for meetings and/or normal working hours. I honestly cannot see why this shouldn’t be the case for councillors. It might even give them some insight into what life is like when you’re not a councillor.

    If they really can’t find a parking space, then they could travel to work by public transport – many of us do. That would probably give councillors some appreciation of how awful public transport is in Wrexham – but on the plus side they would not have to pay a parking fee.

    Mainly I think that councillors should not be given preferential treatment in any way over the rest of us plebs, and that they should be seen to be subject to the same rules as us, and that they should be eager to demonstrate how they are on a par with the general public.

    Many of us would like to be able to afford the convenience of a car – maybe we would be able to if we were given free parking too.

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    I’m with BT and it really seemed fine to me. I downloaded rather a lot today – hope I didn’t steal all the bandwidth!

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    Or Bubble could come as Mike Davies – everyone bring a photo license!!

    Maybe Bubble and Mike Davies are one and the same! ;-)

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    I would not trust Facebook or Twitter as a way to verify anyone’s identity- same issue as on this thread.
    Not supporting Mike Davies anymore than any other Councillor but here are his details- not he is one of only two Councillors in Wrexham who have generally decided not to become part of an Independent Group but to actually remain Independent

    Facebook and Twitter have little symbols (blue ticks) to indicate if this really is the person, which whilst not perfect are more reliable indicators that people are who they say they are than just taking someone’s word for it. I appreciate you have given me a link to Mike Davies’ page, but that still does not prove that the Mike Davies on Wrexham.com forum is that same person. I actually happen to believe that he is, but I do not know this for a fact. Using a real-sounding name does not necessarily mean that we are talking to the person whose name it is. It can be just as anonymous as any other user name.

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    Bubble, it would be quite easy to confirm my identification if you didn’t really believe it. Do you doubt everybody that you have discussed things with on this forum?

    I generally view anyone’s user name with some scepticism, as I think it’s unwise to simply accept that someone is who they say they are – particularly on the internet. Granted, with most users on Wrexham.com their user name is unlikely to be their real name (e.g. I am not called Bubble in real life). However, just because someone posts under a name that sounds like a real name does not mean that this actually is their real name – and the use of a real-sounding name certainly does not automatically make me believe it is real. Perhaps Wrexham.com could introduce a little verification symbol (like Twitter or Facebook).

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