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    Childish and delusional; BenjaminM & Matt, you’re so persuasive.

    On the description of how prisoners are treated I have no issue.

    AMA did not only state an opinion, nor was s/he quoting stats, s/he tried to add weight to it by stating where s/he had worked to indicate where this knowledge was gained.

    We all know that there ARE timewasters, but to suggest they can be identified by a layperson simply watching them in A&E is absurb. Even a drunk or drug-addled person could be there for another injury that is not apparent to those nearby. Even if they’re injured due to an accident brought about by their intoxication does not make them timewasters; they are still entitled to be treated.

    How would a layperson identify an attention seeker who has mental health issues? Again, an injury or other illness may not be apparent to an onlooker. Just because they appear to be seeking attention or behaving unusually, does not mean that that’s why they are attending A&E. Furthermore, not all mental health sufferers are attention seekers. If someone is experiencing a mental health crisis, particularly at an unsociable hour, where would you have them go to seek help, if not A&E?

    AMA stated s/he doesn’t work there any more. But other non-clinical staff still do. People’s medical records are confidential. My concern here is that confidentiality may be being breached by “careless talk”. You may be happy for that to be the case, but I’m not. On the other hand, if it’s not the case then no one has anything to worry about do they.

    It’s also possible that AMA never worked there and simply claims to have. Unless you know more about AMA than I do, we only have his/her word for it.

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    All prisoners brought into A&E from HMP Berwyn are handcuffed, and often chained, and accompanied by at least 2 officers. 1 officer stays with them at all times during treatment.

    In 9 cases out of 10, patients brought in by the Police are also accompanied by 2 officers, who stay until they’re discharged. In the odd 1 in 10 case, the patients are victims, aren’t under arrest and are not deemed a threat.

    The biggest threat to A&E are timewasters who could easily treat themselves, and attention seekers who often have mental health issues.

    I worked as a Security Officer in A&E at the hospital until 3 weeks ago.

    I find it disturbing that someone who claims to have been a security officer at the Maelor’s A&E appears to think that this make him/her capable of spotting so-called “timewasters who could easily treat themselves” and “attention seekers” with “mental health issues”. Did you have sight of their medical notes? Did the medical staff discuss with you personal information relating to their patients?

    In fact, I find this sufficiently disturbing that I am going to report it. I would not feel comfortable attending A&E if this sort of personal medical information is handled so irresponsibly.

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    Not Matt, he always feared she was immortal.

    Imagine if I did.

    Imagine if she was.

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    Hope it’s John Lewis.

    This must be the best kept worst kept secret

    I feel bad now that I may have given you false hope as regards John Lewis. Maybe it’ll be a branch of Tiffany’s. Or even something as low-class as a Zizzi’s restaurant.

    With any luck, it’ll be discount shop. I do hope so – those kind of shops are sorely lacking in Wrexham.

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    If we tell you, we’ll have to kill you.

    So be it. The suspense alone will kill me. Could it be a new Apple store, Waitrose, John Lewis, something of that ilk as befits our wonderful town.

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    No idea. Been waiting for someone – anyone – to respond & reveal the worst kept secret.
    Am now wondering whether you, newwales, already know the answer but are taunting those of us who don’t! Building up the suspense …
    It’s quite exciting. Who might it be?!

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    I’m very much with Matt on this. I have become very suspicious about how the council conducts its business. Some things are small, such as how did Chirk win best kept village, and who on earth thought the monochrome paving & cheap plastic-looking planters on King Street were a good idea.

    Other things like the substance abuse issues in the town centre and Rhosddu areas – these never seem to improve. We get told they’re complex issues that take time to resolve, but then the council continues to approve more HMOs. Home owners in Rhosddu must despair; maybe their only option is to sell their homes to those who will convert them to HMOs.

    Mainly what’s caused me most concern is Tŷ Pawb. I went there for a second time the other day – a weekday around 3:30 pm. It was deserted. Some stalls were open but most were not. Those that were open had no customers at all. I wish now that I’d gone beforehand to the Butchers and People’s markets, by way of comparison, to see whether they had customers. I can’t get over the interior design of Tŷ Pawb. The breeze blocks. It’s as if no effort has been made to decorate the interior of Tŷ Pawb. Even if that is a deliberate choice and the very “look” they were going for, it must still have been cheaper than if they had plastered the interior and given it a lick of paint. I seem to recall that a mural was being done in Tŷ Pawb- it didn’t occur to me to actually look for this, but I certainly didn’t notice it either. Does it exist? The fact that its website wasn’t even up and running when it opened – they had plenty of notice to prepare the website.

    Perhaps it is me who is out of touch with what looks “hip” and “cool”, but I seriously wonder why it cost so much. The word that comes to my mind is “backhanders”.

    Then there was councillors’ sleight of hand when it came to paying for their own parking. They seem to look after themselves. I feel as if our council is run by a load of used-car salesmen and/or crooks. There seems to be no accountability.

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    Edited to add that none of these people however, had any hand in the exploitation of the village of Llay.

    Are you sure? Maybe Llay should have been the rightful winner of this award?
    I’ve never been to the village of Llay; is it beautiful?

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    I haven’t been to Chirk for a few years so maybe it looks lovely these days.
    Does it still have that horrible smell?

    I wonder what the criteria are for best kept village – maybe the award is not based on aesthetics such as blooming flowerbeds and hanging baskets, but more about things like littering? Perhaps it ran on a platform of “ugly but clean”?

    Is Chirk nicer than, say, Marford, Hanmer or Overton-on-Dee?

    Maybe Chirk is lovely now. But I tend to wonder about the reasons for any of Wrexham council’s decisions, as those decisions do often seem so strange.

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    Hi this picture looks really artistic – take the lads away and look at the artistic way that the benches have been stacked it is a massive improvement in the plastic bottle top art that the Council paid £1000 to have for the opening.

    I think it may be a re-enactment of barricade scene in Les Misérables. It turns out Tŷ Pawb is in touch with its artistic side after all!

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