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    Or Bubble could come as Mike Davies – everyone bring a photo license!!

    Maybe Bubble and Mike Davies are one and the same! ;-)

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    I would not trust Facebook or Twitter as a way to verify anyone’s identity- same issue as on this thread.
    Not supporting Mike Davies anymore than any other Councillor but here are his details- not he is one of only two Councillors in Wrexham who have generally decided not to become part of an Independent Group but to actually remain Independent

    Facebook and Twitter have little symbols (blue ticks) to indicate if this really is the person, which whilst not perfect are more reliable indicators that people are who they say they are than just taking someone’s word for it. I appreciate you have given me a link to Mike Davies’ page, but that still does not prove that the Mike Davies on Wrexham.com forum is that same person. I actually happen to believe that he is, but I do not know this for a fact. Using a real-sounding name does not necessarily mean that we are talking to the person whose name it is. It can be just as anonymous as any other user name.

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    Bubble, it would be quite easy to confirm my identification if you didn’t really believe it. Do you doubt everybody that you have discussed things with on this forum?

    I generally view anyone’s user name with some scepticism, as I think it’s unwise to simply accept that someone is who they say they are – particularly on the internet. Granted, with most users on Wrexham.com their user name is unlikely to be their real name (e.g. I am not called Bubble in real life). However, just because someone posts under a name that sounds like a real name does not mean that this actually is their real name – and the use of a real-sounding name certainly does not automatically make me believe it is real. Perhaps Wrexham.com could introduce a little verification symbol (like Twitter or Facebook).

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    Why don’t Wrexham authorities give these people ASBO’s banning them from the town centre?

    Seriously, Nen, I don’t understand your stance on the ‘homeless’ in Wrexham. If others on this forum criticise them you seem happy to shoot those forum members (not just me) down (e.g. “Where do you expect them to go? Many of them have been driven out of their home towns like Rhyl and Chester by a combination of services being cut and banning orders, etc. Give them a break.” Yet other times like this you appear to want them banned from the town centre, or you refer to them as deadbeats and question why they have been given a portaloo.

    I’m also intrigued as to why you have Alf from Home & Away as you profile photo.

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    The same thing applies to the so-called digital bus time information — capital spend and then no revenue to keep updated — total waste of money.
    What about the Town Centre free wifi is that working yet or another white elephant system. (apologies to elephants)

    My first thought when I saw this was about the digital bus information. Last time I looked at these displays they were still ‘live’, albeit with a just a speck of light. I wonder how much the council are spending on the electricity for these displays. I’m guessing that, at best, they consider the ongoing electricity bill for these to be cheaper than having people go round and disconnect them from the mains.

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    Yes I’m one of those beloved Welsh nationalist Plaid Cllrs, Carrie here, sorry ‘Flipper’, there wasn’t an intention to be anonymous, thought it was fairly obvious. It’s actually the first time I’ve managed to log on here. What are you talking about public services not being impacted? The question was about the UK budget announcement yesterday and the potential impact of that on the Difficult Decisions proposals, not the Tory austerity agenda generally. Plaid aren’t in coalition in Wales, we’re in opposition. We’re sort of back to square one here, this is a good example of why I personally gave up on forums years ago.

    I have said this before and will say it again, anyone who is in any sort of position of power should not be anonymous, councillors, council officers, etc. anyone who is not Joe Public should state who they are, because judging by many posts Joe Public is in the minority on here :(

    The problem with the above thought MP1953 is this. You are anonymous, how do we know you aren’t doing exactly what you say others shouldn’t do. Are you really “joe public” as you call them, or maybe you are somebody in power with your own agenda. I have always posted under my own name (even before I was elected as a councillor). That was my choice. I sometimes think that anonymous people shouldn’t be able to make personal remarks about “real people”. I have had anonymous posters making personal and untrue statements about me on this forum, only for them to say afterwards “oops sorry, I was wrong”. Should that be allowed? It doesn’t really encourage me to want to debate on a public forum when I don’t know who I am talking to. Remember, this forum is un-moderated and it is possible to say just about anything without any redress.

    It is also the case that we don’t actually know whether you are Mike Davies. Just because you have set it up as your user name does not mean that is who you are. And, without wishing to sound harsh, just honest, even if you are Mike Davies, I don’t actually know who Mike Davies is. I’m guessing you’re a councillor? But anyway, how do we know it’s really you?

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    OK, I’ll bite. Yet again this is a sob story giving only a very one sided view. This individual even acknowledges that he was given accommodation since becoming homeless and lost it again because of being found with drugs in his room. Cannabis may not be the worst of drugs but it stinks and when people smoke it the smell gets into neighbouring residences in a way that simple tobacco smoke does not.

    He also admits to taking class A drugs which he claims he used to take the pain away. I am always very sceptical of this claim that the drug taking follows the homelessness, not the other way around.

    If I were a homeless drug addict or alcoholic, I would know just what to say to get sympathy from the bleeding hearts. I had a traumatic experience, I have mental health issues, I only take drugs to numb the pain of being homeless, I was unfairly evicted by a ruthless landlord, I know I put myself in this situation but all I need now is a chance, etc.

    This person is reporting events from his own point of view only and with his own agenda. My own experience of living in social housing with all of the drug addicts and dealers I lived next to is that they were given chance after chance to mend their ways before being made homeless. This goes on for years, while other neighbours are forced to put up with their behaviour.

    On the news the other day I heard Andy Burnham (Mayor of Manchester) announcing an initiative to give hundreds of homeless people social housing – effectively they will be jumping the queue. When asked what he might say to people who’d been on the social housing waiting list for years who are now taking second stage to rough sleepers, he said “The people of Greater Manchester are fair minded, decent, people who can recognise when people are in greater need than they are.”. It sounds to me as if he is completely missing the point – i.e. there are reasons these people became homeless, and it is not necessarily through no fault of their own, or because they have suffered trauma the likes of which the rest of us cannot imagine.

    No one WANTS themselves or another person to be homeless. But from this BBC article, to me it feels as if people like me are invisible – we should be happy with our lot of living next door to druggies, because our suffering due to them pales into insignificance next to their suffering by being made homeless. The problems caused by addicts are ours, not theirs, to bear.

    Another news item that actually made me laugh was this: http://www.wrexham.com/news/mp-calls-on-home-office-to-support-work-tackling-antisocial-behaviour-in-wrexham-town-centre-to-140774.html Ian Lucas used the standard line of “This is a complicated issue, and not one which will be solved overnight.”, but what amused me (in a laugh or else you’d cry sort of way) is this: “In Wrexham, particularly since the General Election, I have been working intensively with local council, police and health services to address an acute NPS challenge in the town and we have, collectively, developed an approach which we believe may be useful as a model for other areas of the country with similar issues.”. Apparently Wrexham is a good example of how to deal with NPS drug issues? Did I miss something?

    Then there was this: http://www.leaderlive.co.uk/home/2017/11/20/gallery/more-than-30-needles-left-overnight-at-a-wrexham-retail-park-100326/ reporting that more than 30 needles were found behind Heron Foods on Island Green one morning. The Leader reported that the needles were deposited NEXT TO the ‘safe box gadgets’ (i.e. not inside them). I find what Phil Wynn said about this to be astounding. He is quoted as saying: “I’m not surprised to hear about this, they are going to find places off the beaten track. We know we have heroin addicts in Wrexham, some are on the street, we will from time to time come across them … I am not surprised that number of needles was found at one location. The crucial point is it’s up to the land owner to keep it clear … Unfortunately, this is just the symptoms of a drug culture with a small cohort of individuals that are drug users.” First, I’m annoyed at how he places responsibility on the land owners to deal with the consequences of needles discarded by drug addicts, second I’m sick of hearing that this is a “small” cohort (one article I read some months ago but which I can’t find now, said it was a hard core of approx 40 individuals – and that’s just the hard core, not the whole of the problem). But mainly now I notice his “I’m not surprised”, “we know we have heroin addicts in Wrexham”, that we will “from time to time” come across them, and “am not surprised that number of needles was found at one location”. It seems to me that he is trying to convince us that this is to be expected, it’s not newsworthy, that there is nothing to see here and we should just move along.

    Being homeless must be dreadful. But living next door to these addicts is also terrible. I would rather that addicts face the negative consequences of their actions than that the rest of us suffer because of them.

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    Cllr Wynn added: “I’m not surprised to hear about this, they are going to find places off the beaten track. We know we have heroin addicts in Wrexham, some are on the street, we will from time to time come across them.

    Read this in a Bill Oddie voice and you’d think he was talking about a wildlife problem, like nuisance foxes.

    Now, if it was foxes, I’d be on the foxes’ side!

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    In Wrexham Leader today: http://www.leaderlive.co.uk/home/2017/11/20/gallery/more-than-30-needles-left-overnight-at-a-wrexham-retail-park-100326/

    “Cllr Phil Wynn, Brynyffynnon Ward, told the Leader drug users are now being issued with a black plastic ‘safe box gadget’ to put the needles in after using them.
    But at the scene on Friday, the boxes had been discarded and needles were left next to them.
    Cllr Wynn added: “I’m not surprised to hear about this, they are going to find places off the beaten track. We know we have heroin addicts in Wrexham, some are on the street, we will from time to time come across them.
    “I am not surprised that number of needles was found at one location. The crucial point is it’s up to the land owner to keep it clear.”

    My favourite part in this is how “The crucial point is it’s up to the land owner to keep it clear.”. No blame attached to the addicts who drop the needles next to (but not inside) the “safe box gadget”.

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    Can I just clarify this point for everyone, there was a meeting of the Community Centre team yesterday also attended by Community Councillors, more people have volunteered to support this project. The difficult decisions document is not lying, there was an error made when it was printed. If the Management Committee and others had not taken the time to put forward a rescue plan and create a Charitable Trust to run the Community Centre then sadly the comment would have been correct. The Management Committee and Pen-Y-Cae Community Council are working with Wrexham Council to ensure that the building is transferred to the trust with a pepper corn rent. Thank you to all who attended last night’s meeting it saw the departure of one of the driving forces Mr. Edwyn Evans who is leaving the community but also new members joining the existing committee members. There are some very committed people in our village. Alyn Thomas Chair Pen-Y-Cae Community Council

    Out of interest, if this was an error in the printing of the difficult decisions document, has anyone said what was supposed to be printed? Was it a typo?

    This is what it says:
    “A number of community centres across the county borough are now run by Community Councils. However, there are some community centres which are no longer in use, but which are still owned by the Council. It is proposed that these remaining community centre buildings (i.e. Kingsley Circle, Abenbury and Penycae) are either transferred to a third party by 31 March 2018 or considered for disposal or demolition. It is estimated this could generate savings of approximately £3,000 in 2018/19 and a further £11,000 in 2019/20”.

    Which part of it is in error?

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