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    I can’t understand why the council don’t start charging to park at Ty Mawr and Alyn Waters. Visitors are genuinely surprised that they don’t have to pay anything.

    £2 a day or a yearly ticket for £50, it’s not a lot and this cost would more than pay for the upkeep of the parks.
    The Canal Trust have recently submitted plans for a paid car park at Trevor Basin, it’s ludicrous that the council aren’t doing the same.

    What the council is suggesting is that 3 rangers will keep 11 parks open. As the rangers work a 5 day week it will mean that for 6 days a week there will only be 2 of them. How exactly is that going to work ?

    The next thing will be closing the parks as there aren’t enough rangers to cover them.

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    They’ve apologised and said that they’re going to look into the cause of it, not sure what more they can do. Accidents will happen.

    Well that’s ok then. A danger to health to the local community, safeguards supposedly in place to ensure this type of thing could NEVER happen, but it just did. However, they’ve apologised, so everything is fine, just carry on as you were.

    Would you be saying the same thing if a similar event happened at Sellafield ?

    “I know there’s been a leak of nuclear waste which has rained down on the local community but they’ve apologised and accidents will happen……”

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