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    Common sense 1, Protestors 0.

    One down, two to go!

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    Common sense 1, Detractors 0.

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    Aesthetics is a concept that is placed on a wish list with regard to modern architecture, but in reality, functionality and cost are the primary concerns.
    The building is not out of keeping with Snowden House on Vicarage Hill or the property built on Well Place both of which are in the immediate vicinity.
    Whatever the design, it would be a definite improvement on the present virtually derelict eyesore.
    As regards Penybryn and Bridge St., 10 years or so ago, I seem to remember a promise made to enhance the ‘gateways’ to Wrexham, which never materialised.
    Perhaps one should look to Westminster and Cardiff for reasons for it not occurring rather than being a dog in the manger regarding progression.
    And no, I do not have an alternative to a 2D image but as they say, ‘don’t judge a book by its’ cover’.

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    Newrisingsun, the building has yet to be built so the illustration shown is an ‘artists impression’ only. How can you make judgement just by viewing a 2 dimensional image?
    Incidentally, the ‘out front’ car parking places are as existing and I am not aware of any pedestrian issues surrounding the area.
    Once again, another nit picker, purely, it would seem, for the sake of it.

    As an aside, the town is rightly proud of the endeavours of Glyndwr University to make its’ mark on the academic map and to do this, accommodation is essential for students attending the University. I truly welcome the proposal.

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    Thank you Wrexview for pointing out who is now responsible for Licencing matters- I stand corrected.
    However, that in itself no way diminishes the responsibility of the
    Licencing Authority to ensure compliance with its’ terms and conditions when a licence has been granted and in force. Any departure from or contravention of those conditions should be dealt with appropriately.
    In the Authority’s own documentation it states, and I paraphrase, to protect the health and safety of persons affected or likely to be affected by the grant of such a licence.
    However, I am unable to locate what punitive actions are open to the Licencing Committee or indeed Officers of the Authority if no representation is made by the statutory consultees.
    It would seem that infractions are allowed to continue ad nauseum without punitive action taking place or indeed considered.
    Surely now is the time for policy to be reviewed and amended as appropriate.

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    I wonder which pressure group is going to protest at this one?
    SURELY, there must be one that will!
    Come on Offa Community Council, you usually do!


    And let’s not forget the use of the helicopter for goodness knows how many hours, at £1000+ per hour!
    When I enquired why the helicopter was in use, I was informed that ‘ If the lads made a run for it, they could be tracked’.
    The number of Police on site could have held hands and encircled the building to prevent a get away.
    Ah we’ll, I suppose the excitement for them was better than booking motorists ‘speeding’ at 32 mph.

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    Back to my original point.
    I would wager that the ‘pressure groups’ would not raise an eyebrow if the proposal was for another location in the Borough. As I say, ‘not in my back yard’ but then again, there would probably be yet another group from that location.
    I am certainly not against legitimate protest where a situation warrants it e.g. The Poll Tax demos or CND marches years ago, but I am definitely against parochial mentality that seems to pervade every issue in and around the Borough.
    One complainant even has the temerity to suggest that the proposed hen barn is wrong for a predominantly rural area. Am I really missing the point here? I thought that matters pertaining to agriculture in whatever form was predominantly a rural activity. Oh no!, not when it is my rural location.

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    NJones, you would be totally wrong. But as I said, where I live within the Borough is an irrelevancy. The principle remains the same.

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    To answer some of the questions posted above:

    When I say that the minority, I am talking not parochially but on a Borough wide basis, where indeed the pressure group are a minority- the vast majority are apathetic to proposals. As far as running a pro campaign, surely that is unnecessary if the elected members do what is considered right and proper for the populace as a whole.
    Secondly, it is irrelevant as to which area I live as the Council is mandated to act on behalf of all, ergo, one must take the rough with the smooth in decisions made.

    Regarding green belt land development, the particular case I cited referred to a member of a minority grouping who had inhabited the site for many years to my knowledge, and I might add, with the tacit approval of the Authorities. Therefore, if it is contrary to regulations to live on or develop green belt, then that should be a common thread running throughout the planning process. A clear case of ‘not as I do, but as I say’ methinks.

    Is there not enough brown belt land that could have been utilised first? Perhaps I should start a pressure group to ensure this happens in the future. After all, little noises make Wrexham’s leaders run, metaphorically speaking, with their tails between their legs, similar to a chastised puppy. Or maybe, they’ll prove me wrong.

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