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    Some posts are pretending that the night life of Wrexham has changed as if is is a new phenomena to see drunks etc on the streets on a Saturday night.
    I remember Ian Drury (of and the Blockheads fame) being interviewed on radio in the ’80’s in which he was asked what was his most abiding memory of being on the road. His answer was ‘Wrexham High St. on a Saturday night.
    I would hazard a guess that many of the posts submitted on this forum are by people who were in late teens to early 30’s during that era, and were more than likely, to some degree, part of that culture.
    And yes, collective amnesia does play a part in allowing us to forget that is what Wrexham has always been like and whatever good intentions are aired, it will not change.
    Ponder on this for a moment and ask yourselves honestly, ‘was it ever, in my living memory, a genteel market town?
    Values come with age and experience and youth is part of that learning curve.

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    The name of my Councillor has absolutely nothing to do with the debate on this thread and I have no intention of telling you. Perhaps you’d like to know what I’ve had for my evening meal?
    Check the surveys that have been carried out by WCBC for results before making categoric statements about my knowledge.
    Do the shop floor workers in industry or commerce decide on the hierarchical structure and make up of the organisation they are part of, or the voting strategy at board meetings? No.
    My advice, speak about things you have knowledge of and not try to be a jack of all trades.
    Whatever you reply or intend to reply, be advised, it will not receive any response from me as I am tired of the complete irrelevancy in the majority of your posts.

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    The Councillors are elected to serve their term by us and if we, as individuals do not like it, we have the right to cast our vote the next time round accordingly.
    By the very fact that we elect representatives, we are consulted. Are you advocating a referendum on every contentious issue?
    The Council, as we all do, make mistakes on occasions or make decisions that seem unpopular. I am certainly not the number 1 fan of WCBC but I do believe that decisions are made in what they believe to be the best interest of the County.
    Democracy is based on, as I have stated above, by the people for the people and I am at a loss as to how a more effective way could be formulated to provide consultation as you suggest.
    Remember from previous exercises of that ilk, apathy reigns in Wrexham apart from a very vociferous minority, to whom nothing will ever be right.

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    Just remember, this thread started out about Gresford roundabout and I have no desire to depart from that topic by entering into meaningless side issues with you.
    I have no intention of providing details of the C of P for cycle paths as that is totally irrelevant to the thread.
    With regard to being a democratic society, I wholeheartedly adhere to that principle and treat with disdain your woeful distortion of Society today. How can you possibly advocate that the Council is an oligarchy when the Councillors are duly elected by the will of the people at the ballot box.
    Questions, questions. Write something sensible and on topic for once. You may glean a modicum of respect for your future missives.

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    I would not expect to see in any manifesto a statement to that effect, it is a given as we live in a democratic society where we have representatives to speak on our behalf. Imagine not having representatives, the Council chamber would potentially be full of all and sundry shouting to be heard.
    It is obvious that you do not understand the meaning of democracy. It is where the few represent the voice of many ie for the people by the people.
    As for providing proof (here we go again), that is nonsensical in the extreme. I am aware that there are codes of practice covering such matters and they are applied across the country, albeit with different interpretations in different areas, but ostensibly the same.
    If you are desirous of further increasing your knowledge base, perhaps, may I suggest a little bedtime reading on the topic.
    The Councillor who represents the ward I live in is very conscientious and willing to listen and indeed put sensible points forward. Perhaps it is the way they are approached that makes a difference. Going in with guns blazing is not the recommended method of achieving success. Perhaps a little humility might be the order of the day.

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    Democracy is defined as: ‘for the people by the people’, ie we as electors, elect Councillors to act on our behalf, it must be a reasonable assumption that they act in the best interests of us all, as they see it.
    It is a nonsense to even suggest that the electorate should be consulted directly (in the form of a referendum, I assume) on every decision that is made on our behalf, by elected representatives.
    As for blatantly pointing a finger at individual Councillors for decisions made,it is entirely wrong as they all share a collective responsibility.
    In addition, just remember that the decisions made are based on recommendations of Officers of the Council, who, like it or not, are more skilled and qualified in their respective fields, than either you or I.
    Rather than griping to all and sundry through this particular medium, it is more appropriate to bring such matters to the attention of the Councillor that represents you.
    That is the way to achieve change rather than metaphorically talking it over in the pub or over the garden fence.
    Stand up and be counted if your beliefs are so strong. Councillors don’t bite!

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    A theme that seems to be common to a lot of posts on this thread, is the perceived threat posed by, may I paraphrase, by an undesirable element of Wrexham inhabitants.
    Because of a couple of recent incidents, one of tragic proportions, it seems to me that some people think it is becoming like the Wild West.
    Let me try and contextualise:
    I worked in an emergency service in and around Moss Side, Manchester for a number of years in a period encompassing the riots. Whilst there, on two occasions, I arrived at work to find a dead body thrown over the boundary wall of the station where I was based.
    I also lived in a third world Caribbean country for several years where gun crime in the town was almost an every day occurrence. I exaggerate not.
    Compared to those situations, living in Wrexham is a walk in the park.
    I think that those who live in a semi cloistered environment, like Wrexham, have a not unnatural tendency to sensationalise events and give greater emphasis to them than the real situation warrants.
    By reacting to what is an essentially a minor blip in the bigger picture, fuels the negative perception of the town by stigmatising it as if Armageddon is about to strike.

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    Wayneinspain, my last word on the topic.
    I refer you to your comments posted on the forum regarding the Councillors forum panel where you state that:-
    A. Councillors would run scared from having questions put to them on a forum.
    B. Only Arfon Jones and Phil Wynn would agree to do it.

    Are either or both of the above statements supposition on your part or factual ?
    If the answer to either or both is factual, where is the PROOF?
    See? What goes around comes around.
    Perhaps you would care to be less disparaging in future, unless of course you consider yourself to be omnipotent and beyond reproach.
    Practice what you wish others to do before criticism spouts forth
    ps. There are many other instances I could cite but I think I have made my point.

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    Dear thewayneinspain, I have taken lessons from a master of rhetoric who, rather than offer solutions to a situation or problem, questions every assertion made.
    Over the years I have met a lot of people who condemn a persons opinion without offering anything constructive in return. Sounds familiar?
    With regard to providing proof of ‘I think……proof’, I have no intention of trawling through your numerous posts as I have read them once enough already.
    With regard to your reference regarding confrontationalism, you may be well advised to check your stance on numerous topics on
    If it helps you to understand, common sense can be either an innate concept or something derived through experience. Simply put, plain ordinary good judgement based on sound practical sense. Hence, there can be no proof of a concept until the results of that common sense are tangible.

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    It is very rich of thewayneinspain to ask for proof of statements made by contributors. I have lost count of the number of times that he has made statements like’ I think,but I have no proof’ in his posts.
    It is about time that he realised that other people have opinions equally valid to his own and that he is not the fount of all knowledge.
    Perhaps he thinks( and I have no proof of that) that other people are imbeciles without the mental capability of forming an opinion without his direction.
    I am heartily sick of his didactic and supercilious attitude where every opinion is questioned if it differs from his own. That is not debate, it is confrontationalism. And yes, I do have the education to form an opinion without overbearing direction from others.

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