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    Hope this thread does not develop to the interminable length the initial discussions on this topic. The appeal was lodged, objections heard and a decion made by the Planning Inspectorate. The fact of the matter is, is that the development will in all likelihood go ahead. No amount of bleating and gnashing of teeth will change that decision. The people who consider themselves to be detrimentally affected will just have to accept it and turn the negatives into a positive for themselves, LLay and surrounding areas.

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    With all the troubles and incidents both locally and nationally that are currently in the news, you’re worried about about some dead vegetation?
    Seriously,you really need to get a life and if you want to make observations on minutiae, give yourself a good talking to in a mirror in the privacy of your own home.
    Sad, very sad.


    Well said Ioan, well said.


    Quite right, Interested.

    I feel confident that there will be another general election in the not too distant future as the alliance formed with the DUP is destined to fail.

    What I sincerely hope is that we will not see the current Tory and Plaid candidates for Wrexham standing again as they have both been rejected 3 times already.How many times do they need to be told that the electorate of Wrexham don’t want them?

    Personally, I found the local Tory campaign sickening and the Plaid campaign, well, pointless.

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    Liberal Democrats. None.
    Plaid Cymru. One.
    Labour. Three.
    Conservative. Six. (3 produced locally and 3 stamped, personally addressed from

    Judging by the overkill from the Tories, I wonder whether the validity of their election expenses will once again be under scrutiny post election?

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    Just read the election flyer from Andrew (Andy) Atkinson, my first reaction was an overwhelming desire to vomit.

    It opens with the caption ‘Andrew Atkinson Standing With Teresa May’ then goes on to dispenses with the name Andrew, who suddenly becomes Andy as if magically transformed into the persona of the boy next door, or everyone’s friend. Very sad attempt to get people on board!

    Further on, it lists Theresa May’s plans for a stronger Britain. Including, 1.Reform the Welsh education system to improve standards in our schools, and 2. Invest in the Welsh NHS to ensure that every family has the care they need.
    Has it escaped their attention that both of those are devolved matters, the responsibility of the Welsh Assembly?
    Glaring omissions include, plans to abolish the triple lock and the proposed ‘dementia tax’

    If this is Conservative attention to detail both nationally and locally, I want no part of it.

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    Come on Dick, which is to be? Either she doesn’t meet people on the street (1st post)or she does (2nd post). You can’t have it both ways!!
    Typical of Tories, change their stance whenever wind direction changes or they say whatever is expeditious in the moment. Just take as a classic example, the number of u-turns performed since their manifesto launch last week, astounding.!
    I sincerely hope that the electorate of Wrexham and Wrexham South really take note of what is being said from above and the deafening silence from the local Tory candidates.
    You are quite right when you state that there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see. A bit of friendly advice – open your eyes.

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    And which other party leaders would that be then Dick?
    From all the coverage I have seen, everyone of them has interfaced with the general public, except May of course!!
    How anyone can attempt to hold her in esteem and pretend she is virtuous and moral is beyond me.

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    A relatively small number of people in a closeted environment can hardly be described as engaging with the general public. She MAY have had more credibility if she had spoken to the people assembled outside the venue rather than leaving via the back door like a thief in the night.
    A shady individual who quite frankly displays all the attributes that the Tories stand for – greed and class distinction.
    The name Tory did not appear just from nowhere. I suggest you check its’ etymology.

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    “So her visit to the Gresford playgroup doesn’t count then?”

    In an election campaign, no, it most certainly doesn’t! Children are not likely to ask questions that puts her on the spot – that is why she has shunned contact with the general public who are finally realising that she is a liar and not to be trusted with anything she says.
    Evil policies from an anti working class Party.

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