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    @Rex Ham 18364 wrote:

    You know how I, along with others on here often bang on here about supporting town centre shops. Well, here’s a slap in the face for me: Today, I was shopping in WHSmith and bought some stationary and magazines. I went to the only staffed till (although the lady was doing some paperwork)and the assistant said I should go to the self serve till. I said I’d rather be served. The reply astounded me “I’m busy, you’ll have to wait”.

    My reply “Well maybe I’ll spend my money somewhere else”.

    I’d have done the exact same thing.
    To be honest I think that place is on its last legs. Remember when it used to be located on Regent Street? A very much larger store that always seemed to be overflowing with customers. Even after they moved to their current location, it was a very good store (remember the restaurant?).
    It never really seemed like the same place after the fire.
    Something is going on there now because they’ve closed upstairs and moved the books downstairs. Probably a change for the worse.

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    @Adam 18640 wrote:

    So with the Police Station demolition creeping ever closer, time to acquire a new town centre site is running out. It was stated last year in the Executive Board meeting that the new site would need to be acquired by March 2015. link

    Board Meeting Agenda

    Has anybody seen any evidence that the Oriel (or anywhere else) is preparing to be handed over..?

    Anybody heard any rumors about the plan for the current Bodhyfryd site? With the application for an extensive leisure site at the old Groves school which I assume will be open to the public during evenings at least, it doesn’t seem viable to build another leisure facility in place of Waterworld as was being discussed last year. I wonder what Plan B might be..

    Stick it next to the new prison when its completed, the magistrates court too.
    How’s that for convenience?

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    Perhaps a solution would be to convert one of the many empty stores in the centre of town into a collection point.
    Keep the delivery office for official, employee use only but take undelivered mail to the town centre collection point.

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    @Andy 18986 wrote:

    Empty retail unit just up and across the road with free parking.

    That’s true Andy but whether you’re referring to the parking by the new Majestic Wines store or by Dunhelm Mill, it’s for customers only. Also, at times, that Mold Road can be a nightmare to cross.

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    @JaneJ 18943 wrote:

    The last thing we need in Wrexham is any more supermarkets or shop areas – the surplus available at the moment there is so much spare capacity so the likely purchaser of the Waterworld site would have to be housing. Land transfers to Social Housing are often below market price so we should be asking who have they git lined up for a £1.1 million sale.
    Any retail space would decimate the town retail sector even further – lets hope the council is nit thinking capital gain vs town centre destruction

    Yeah, no more supermarkets.
    I admit, I do like them but enough is enough.

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    @jackndanni 18941 wrote:

    I didn’t even know there were talks of demolishing the baths until now! I really don’t think they should do that. The building is iconic and the only thing we have that set’s us aside from anywhere else! I would imagine the costs to put the building right, assuming anything is wrong at all, would be far less than having to re-build from scratch?? Or do they plan not to replace and sell the land to another supermarket or something equally as boring but more financially interesting to suit them???

    I’m in total agreement jackndanni. I don’t believe for one second that the building is as bad as they say. A grim portrait will always be painted if a council is hell bent on demolishing something. Yet when improvements are needed, the building is deemed to be in adequate to excellent condition already.
    I have a feeling that a developer or two has expressed interest in the entire site, including the police station (which is also set to come down), and a 1 followed by several zeros have been offered.
    If the inevitable does happen and nothing can be saved from demolition, either waterworld will be replaced by some nondescript replacement, completely lacking in character. Or we’ll get masses of small, red cubes, masquerading as houses, with garages so small that, while you can get the car in, you won’t be able to open the doors.

    Why doesn’t the council sort out the empty land we already have that’s lying derelict.
    Just look at the St Giles Way/Bridge Street area for example, demolished years ago and still lying empty.

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