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    Am I understanding you correctly? They still have your phones?
    If so, try citizens advice. The store has your property, and they have to return it. I would imagine its theft if they refuse. In which case it is a police matter.

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    I think you’re getting some harsh comments here John. I’m totally on your side.
    The issue isn’t that you’re not getting your mail when expected, just the hour at which it arrives.
    And after accepting that its not coming on that day, going out , maybe to the pub or whatever, coming home to find the dreaded red and white card on the floor telling you that you’ve missed a delivery.
    Of course, on going into town the next day to the sorting office, you discover that there’s no customer parking available there.
    So, either you risk a fine by parking across the road by dunhelm mill and walking back over to the sorting office or find somewhere in the centre of town to park and walk there.

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    I hate to admit it Maureen, but I did once own an Amstrad video phone :(
    Oh those wasted hours tied to the phone outlet, ogling that monochrome porn :P

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    @maureen Gray 19497 wrote:

    No that s fine asteve76, or may I call you asteve that s what this forum is for-um….oh look out Sheefag’s woke up all horney and racist again!!

    Maybe he/she just needs a good hug.

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    @maureen Gray 19117 wrote:

    oh, stop going on!!!!!

    Apologies Maureen. I seem to have kicked off this whole discussion (or should that be rant) about pensions and car tax etc.
    I would promise not to respond to anyone else on this subject, but you know how it goes, someone says something that gets up, on or in your goat, and you HAVE to say something.

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    I noticed some activity inside the old PC World store last week.
    The lights were on and there was a lorry parked outside.
    No more info I’m afraid and it may turn out to be nothing but just letting you know.

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    @sheefag 19079 wrote:

    How was, or is, their colour relevant?

    Well, surprise surprise surprise.
    As soon as I mention the words ‘two dark gentlemen’, someone with a mighty chip on their shoulder pipes up and starts hinting at racism!
    Read these words: I was not connecting the colour of their skin with their apparent dodginess or potential criminality!
    I was pointing out the FACTS of the situation!
    And yes, if they were welsh, I would have pointed this out.
    If they were French, I would have pointed this out.
    If they were green with yellow stripes, I would have pointed this out.
    And if they were zargians from the planet flumpf, I would have pointed this out.

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    @benjaminm 19110 wrote:

    And how would people collect their letters/ parcels then?
    Perhaps punters could stand on Mold Rd, whistle for attention and get their mail thrown over the fence.
    As stupid a proposition as yours!

    I was only pointing out what a daft reason this was by suggesting that banning people themselves from entering should have been their solution. They were probably saying it was for H and S reasons because they had no proper answer. Maybe they got fed up dealing with us common people.

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    It seems I’ve raised an interesting issue here, but sadly, there’s been no definitive answer.
    It would be interesting to try this out though. Go to a petrol station and fill up with exactly 5 litres of fuel, go the the kiosk to pay and see what he/she asks for.

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    @speediecars 19331 wrote:

    Totally agree with beedar:

    Crazy idea just like turning rhosddu bridge one way and we all saw the chaos that caused.

    Easiest solution is double yellow all along one way, I dont see why everybody should suffer because of a few people who dont want to pay for parking in the town.

    Dreadful idea just like replacing the roundabout with traffic lights on ruthin road.

    In total agreement about those traffic lights.
    Also, there has been a few occasions when turning left onto Bradley Road from Ruthin Road, when I’ve nearly knocked over someone stepping onto the zebra crossing because there’s a bit of a blind spot on the left.

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