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    Even after five years they haven’t fully understood, the free parking in the short stay car parks is still going to be limited to two hours. The idea behind free parking is to encourage people to visit, stay longer and spend more.

    2 hours is nothing really. Even if there was no limit, most stores would be shut by 5 or 5:30 anyway.

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    The Post Truth era has reached Wrexham. Despite repeated promises from Wrexham Council that the Arts Hub would be built around the traders in the People’s Market , they have now changed their minds and say it is not possible to do that, and the only option is for the Market is to close in January. From the beginning people have questioned the possibility of developing an Arts Hub and Market in the same building. More openness and honesty about the project from the beginning, might have prevented businesses facing the prospect of relocation with three weeks notice , just before Christmas. Will there ever be Market traders in the People’s Market again ?

    How large a building is needed for an arts hub? Because just in case it’s escaped people’s attention, there’s a perfectly good building just across the road. The old TJ Hughes premises.
    No good?
    Well what about the BHS store?
    No good?
    TK Maxx?
    Well how about moving the charity shop and knocking through from TJ Hughes to BHS? That’s a sizable chunk of real estate right there.

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    If the vast majority of cars parked at the hospital belong to visitors, then maybe a system is needed to cross reference licence plates with patients.
    Of course, this needs the documenting of every family members vehicle number, including other relations and friends.
    (Of course, checks would be needed to make sure you really are there visiting)
    But it’s preferable to the situation we have now.
    As for people parking there who aren’t visiting patients, but merely sodding off into town, charge them. I think a minimum of £5 per hour should keep most people away.
    (BTW, my brother was there today visiting our dad, and he told me that he lost count of the amount of vehicles he saw that don’t have a ticket on display)

    I’m not saying this is a very good solution to the problem but it’s just one idea.
    There’s certainly not much room for expansion.

    Failing this, then charging everyone for parking would need to be reintroduced, at a higher rate.

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    It is my understanding that smoking near public entrances to shops is prohibited. I’m not sure of the exact distance a smoker must be from said entrance but the shop owners must sort this out.
    I’ve had similar experiences in Chester, on the corner of Bridge St and Eastgate St up in the rows. But instead of smoke, a whiff of piss fills the air.
    I’m not sure if this is still the case but I’ve experienced it more than once before.

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    I walked through town today past all the closed shops and still dirty streets that are in the main town, and went down as far as Eagles Meadow for the first time in a while, and whilst I know EM has its faults location/car parking charges which are still scandalous etc.

    But once you go over that bridge (in fact as you walk over it) you notice the difference in the way it is kept, I couldn’t even see a fag end never mind any litter, chewing gum and the likes that cover the rest of the town, it would be a great start in attracting people back into the town if it were kept as neat and tidy as Eagles Meadow so on that front well done Eagles Meadow..:)

    It seems that the thing people said was going to happen when eagles Meadow opened, is happening now, for perhaps different reasons.
    Shops thriving on the new shopping precinct, while the town centre slowly shuts down.
    Look at Henblas St, literally a handful of shops still in business and most one side of the street totally empty.

    and Wxm Council my views have many times been aired on here !!

    Oh and also called into the public toilets as you go over the bridge and they were also immaculately clean.

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    They’re still active. One middle aged woman approached me a few weeks ago on Lord St, just outside the Co-Op, asking if I could spare a pound for the bus.
    I said I didn’t think so and by the time I took the change out of my pocket to check, she’d walked off.
    However, just after I’d come out of the sweet shop around the corner, she found me again.
    “You’re the one who was going to give me a pound weren’t you?”
    Gave her one, and she walked away with a murmer of thanks.
    Has another woman ask me today, by the bus station, asking for a pound for the bus (déjà vu). I just said no and carried on walking.

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    The bus is always an option, sheefag. But from here it’s £2.60 one way. Don’t get me wrong, whether I pay at the car park or use the bus, its not a kings ransom.
    Maybe I could arrange for a redelivery in the hope that it gets delivered at a more sensible time.

    Let’s not forget the elderly too. Its all very well me bitching about having to walk to the sorting office, but I’m a (relatively) healthy 39yo. What about, for example, someone in their 70s or 80s who might have difficulty walking? Do they have to walk too?
    Maybe they should re-mortgage their house to pay for a taxi, or get a bus into Wrexham, then another which goes directly past the sorting office (not that the driver will stop there if there’s no bus stop).
    Maybe if they live next to a train station and can hop on a train to get their mail as Wrexham general is a stones throw away.

    Here’s a radical new idea. Get the postman to deliver mail in the morning.
    Its crazy but it might just work.

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    I’m not privvy to any information regarding traffic congestion or the road infrastructure in that area of course, but I have to raise the question of whether any of the roadworks were needed in the first place.
    If it concerned the general condition of the roads then fair enough, but if there were major congestion problems in the area, then I’d have to say that I never experienced any major delays in the past.

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    I think you’re getting some harsh comments here John. I’m totally on your side.
    The issue isn’t that you’re not getting your mail when expected, just the hour at which it arrives.
    And after accepting that its not coming on that day, going out , maybe to the pub or whatever, coming home to find the dreaded red and white card on the floor telling you that you’ve missed a delivery.
    Of course, on going into town the next day to the sorting office, you discover that there’s no customer parking available there.
    So, either you risk a fine by parking across the road by dunhelm mill and walking back over to the sorting office or find somewhere in the centre of town to park and walk there.

    St Marks Road multi storey car park to the sorting office – 0.2 miles and 4 minutes by foot.,-2.9980585/Royal+Mail+Group+Ltd,+94+Regent+Street,+Wrexham,+Clwyd+LL11+1AA/@53.0470584,-2.9969856,17z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x487ac702e377b84f:0xbaa0868df2cbca6e!2m2!1d-3.000451!2d53.048774

    This is true of course. But isn’t there a charge for parking here, even if you’re only there 10 minutes?
    I’ve checked the AA Parking app and it tells me the minimum charge for parking is £2.30 for 2 hours.
    Please do tell me if this is incorrect as I’ve not used that car park for many years.

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    I realise that this area is usually extremely busy, even when there’s no roadworks, but surely, with properly controlled management, traffic should still flow relatively smoothly.
    Sadly this doesn’t seem to be the case.
    Only a few months ago, I was waiting to be picked up by my brother from the Countess of Chester hospital. From the end of the A483 by-pass, where the old roundabout was, to the main entrance of the hospital, took him almost exactly one hour!
    A distance of only 4.8 miles.

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