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    Animal Mother

    …I’ve seen discarded needles and not reported them. I don’t feel it is my responsibility to report them. …Some needles will be discarded in parks where children play.

    You appear to be part of the problem. How do you expect the “authorities” to act if they don’t know what or where the problem is. Surely any right minded person would, if they saw something dangerous (especially to children as you put it), report it to allow it to be sorted?

    Whose responsibility is it to report something that YOU’VE seen?

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    Animal Mother

    Residents are not responsible for preventing and detecting crime, that’s the responsibility of the police. That’s what we pay our taxes for, we shouldn’t be relying on a vigilante public force.

    I disagree. Peelian Principles are quite clear in the Public’s involvement in “policing” their communities:

    Principle No. 3 states: “To recognise always that to secure and maintain the respect and approval of the public means also the securing of the willing co-operation of the public in the task of securing observance of laws.”

    Principle No.7 states: “…the police are the public and that the public are the police, the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.”

    Crime is never the fault of the Police nor the victims, it is ALWAYS the fault of those committing crime, whether that is due to poor upbringing, compulsive behaviour or the lack of public and/or state intervention.

    And get those pcs hiding in the speed camera van out doing some proper detective work.

    They aren’t PCs. They are Civilian Police Staff. They are out helping reduce deaths and serious injuries on our roads. That can never be a bad thing to do.

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    Animal Mother

    Looks like good news.

    in reply to: Police, what police …. #123617

    Animal Mother

    Next he/she will be complaining that all the police do is hand out speeding fines to pay for the Christmas party.

    in reply to: Police, what police …. #123589

    Animal Mother

    Sure there is a need for policing the area from 2000 ft in a helicopter, the essential role that aspect of policing has not escaped me. However, I feel this should be a support function to ground forces.

    It is. They support officers on the ground by providing area searches, aerial viewpoint for incident/event management, and tracking of vehicles and offenders.

    A few recent high profile incidents have clearly indicated that, “special highly trained officers” are on hand should a serious need arise, but there is a serious lack of police officers patroling our streets.

    Specially trained officers are used when specials skills are required. I see no issue with that.

    With regards to “serious lack of police officers patroling[sic] our streets”, you should write to your MP and Theresa May. Police forces have been decimated by year on year budget cuts. Please look here:

    When you talk of police “patroling”[sic] our streets, are you talking about foot patrol? In this day and age, the “bobby on the beat” is impractical and ineffective. Would you rather have half of the officers on shift be on foot and not be able to respond to incidents which are more than a few hundred metres away?

    I have I am afraid little credence for part time police, and feel they should either take their roles more serious and stop tweeting that they have policed the entire area and informing us that all is well.

    What do you mean by “part time police”? Are you referring to PCSOs? If so, they are full time and perform a vital role in helping to police communities and reach out to the public by remaining available in in-touch. Part of this is using social media, which is an efficient and effective way of reaching out to the public. What would you prefer, an ad in the local rag, perhaps a poster on a lamp post?

    They stole past my home on a regular basis with more make on that Boots counter, head phones in, usually around 14.00 hrs, hardly the peak time for crime to be committed in the burbs.

    Those “head phones” will be their radio earpieces.

    What is the issue with taking pride in appearance and wearing make-up?

    What is the “peak time” for crime? Perhaps a position in the crime reduction senior management team for NWP would be the right thing for you.

    They fail to move youths on when these “gangs” hang out near shops , turning the air blue with disgusting language.

    What powers or law allow PCSOs or Police Officers to move people on?

    They are powerless to do anything to stop the boy racers burning up our streets, how many road traffic incidents of late involving young boy races losing control of their vehicles. I dont know what the law stipulates with regards noise levels, but an awful lot of these cars must exceed acceptable noise levels as well as speeds.

    Vehicles are seized and drivers ticketed on a regular basis for antisocial vehicle use. If you doubt this, please send an FOI request to NWP for the figures.

    While perhaps not a police matter, take a stroll down our High Street, it is now apparently acceptable to allow your goods to spill out all over the pedestrianised streets, no does or says a thing …. the foxes are running the hen house.

    Write to the council.

    in reply to: A483 A55 Junction Changes Updates & Info Thread #69370

    Animal Mother

    @moggsie 18397 wrote:

    p.s. I must be blind or maybe colour blind…I see no cross hatching as yet.

    It is Northbound at the second set of lights.

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    Animal Mother

    @moggsie 17736 wrote:

    …and lasts for sure until 09:30. No idea after that. It “appears” to be worse now than before the new arrangement.

    It does appear that way, however, the timings on the traffic lights aren’t ideal as they are only a temporary arrangement.

    I’ve noticed the hatched markings catching many people out too. People moving into the hatching will cause a lot of problems for those coming from the Rossett direction.

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    Animal Mother

    @wid9999 17588 wrote:

    I’m staying positive about these junction changes as I hope things improve in the long term. I’m not totally convinced but I don’t think it will be worse.
    However, I do have two queries which I can’t seem to answer looking at the information… anyone any ideas….

    1) There is no mention of an ‘additional continual lane’ going from the A483 Westbound onto A55 .. but there is mention of some general lane changes. Does anyone know what is happening there? I appreciate the majority traffic is going Eastbound, but it would still help and would seem obvious?

    2) Who are the people looking to cross the A55 on a footbridge? I don’t think I have ever seen pedestrians around there? The need to install one?

    Any reasonable comments or thoughts?

    1) Dunno, sorry.

    2) I’ve seen the odd jogger and cyclist but only on rare occasions.

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    Animal Mother

    @sheefag 17574 wrote:

    She’s just having a bad day, maybe she’s in Rhos.

    Hmm, not sure why you’re misquoting me. :rolleyes:

    Also, I’m not a she. ;)

    in reply to: Aldi for Rhostyllen? #69392

    Animal Mother

    @chris 17364 wrote:

    Aldi deal didn’t happen Arthurs took over last friday

    That’s a shame.

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