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    “Moving the Police H.Q away from the fringes of the estate out of town is baffling. Whilst across the border in Chester they moved their H.Q to Blacon which has a slightly larger population than Queens Park but with the same problems?”

    It’s only the HQ that is moving, the station is staying in essentially the same location (the Library 2 minutes walk away).

    The station in Blacon is just that, a station, not an HQ.

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    Animal Mother

    Agreed. It’s a pretty nice place all things considered. I’m an import into the area too.

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    Animal Mother

    The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) merged with the with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) to become the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in October 2012.

    However,a DBS check is still of little or no value. It just means that you haven’t been caught yet.

    I’m aware of that, but every day parlance is still “CRB check”, hence my use of it. Also, still better to not have convicted sex offenders working on children, don’t you think? I don’t think they’ve invented pre-crime like in the Minority Report yet.

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    Animal Mother

    The issue isn’t with the decisions of a 16 year old, it’s to do with the prevention of random, unregulated persons touching, manipulating and performing procedures on the genitals of what is legally a child, without supervision or any legal checks.

    No it isn’t about unlicensed people doing it; that isn’t even metioned; it’s not just genitals either as tongues are mentioned. It’s about any Tattoist doing the work licensed or not.
    In my experience of working with Tattooists (amongst other professions) over the last 20 years repairing and servicing the sterilising equipment they use i can tell you i have never come across one unlicensed practitioner as, the local authorities are hot on that kind of thing and that’s why Tattoists are amongst the best when it comes to taking responsibility for the health of their clients.

    Read the article, properly, have a think, and try again.

    Oh the irony. If you read my post properly, and have a think, you’ll see I’m not talking about unlicensed tattoo artists, that is not what I mean in relation to “un-regulated”. Medical professionals, those that may deal with the genitalia of children as part of their duties, are regulated by the medical professional and regulatory bodies, and require CRB checks for what they do, tattoo/body piercing workers have no such regulation nor the need for CRB checks.

    If you believe it’s ok for any Tom, Dick or Jane to set up as a piercer and then touch, manipulate and perform procedures on the genitals of children, without any prior training, then your way of thinking is vastly different to mine and I doubt we’ll agree on many things.

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    Animal Mother

    The issue isn’t with the decisions of a 16 year old, it’s to do with the prevention of random, unregulated persons touching, manipulating and performing procedures on the genitals of what is legally a child, without supervision or any legal checks.

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    Animal Mother

    Welcome to Wrexham.

    Home of three of the seven wonders of Wales.

    You only mentioned football, if you want to start on local industrial history; I suggest you really swot up first.

    You could look at Olympic medal winners from Wrexham, Matthews in Tokyo, and at least two since Wrexham FC last staggered from a relagation battle.

    Agreed, who cares about “a bunch of vein, illiterate, millionaire, borderline rapists, who’s job it is to shepherd a bit of leather into a badly made outdoor cupboard”

    Wrexham has so much cultural and industrial heritage you couldn’t fit it all onto the sign.

    For me, the things to be proud of here are:

    3 of the 7 wonders of wales
    Home of the Poncysyllte and Chirk aqueducts
    Home of the Fron male voice choir
    Birthplace of Charles Harold Dodd
    Olympic medal winners

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    Animal Mother

    I must say I’ve never noticed any speeding traffic in Ruabon. Dangerous driving and parking but not speeding.

    I’ve not really noticed it either, except for out by the railway bridge into/out of the 40mph limit. Through the village itself? Not really.

    As for the traffic calming measures on Bangor Rod, I’ve not seen them change in the last 3 years or so.

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    Animal Mother

    I have no problem with proposals to get rid off some if not ALL PSCO’s, really do not see what they bring to the table. A sticking plaster on a gaping wound, won’t miss the powerless individuals or seeing them strolling around not wearing their full uniforms, chatting away to each other, and giving the impression they dont give a damn, just a job.

    There’s a lot of allegations there.
    Do you even have an understanding of what their role is or what they do? If you did, I doubt you’d post such drivel.
    Strolling around not wearing full uniform – please expand what you mean by this. Are they not meant to walk around? What do you mean they aren’t in full uniform?
    Chatting away to each other? Surely you can’t have an issue with people talking to each other?
    Giving the impression… – This is your perception. My perception, and likely the perception of others is that they do a VERY good job.

    Clearly you’ve got a chip on your shoulder about the Police as evidenced by your posts on here. You never, however, provide possible solutions for you complaints, nor do you offer your time or expertise to improve policing in our community.

    Don’t forget, “the police are the public and that the public are the police, the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.”

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    Animal Mother

    Less money = Fewer Police = Increased incidents of disorder


    in reply to: Wrexham Discarded Needle Hotline #140403

    Animal Mother

    Needle exchanges are available at:
    Wrexham CDAT, Swn-y-Coed, Grove Road, Wrexham, LL11 1DY
    Detox Unit, Hafan Wen, Watery Road, Wrexham, LL13 7NQ

    The number to call to report needles is:
    Pride in Our Streets (street Scene) – 01978 298989
    email them on
    OR complete the online form at

    Needles can also be disposed of at any GPs or pharmacy.

    How anyone can say there’s no way to report it, or there’s no needle exchange is beyond me, and simply strikes me as apathy from some of the general public, for which we have a strong representative sample of the apathetic population right here on this forum.

    If you want to see fewer needles in public spaces, you need to report it and support the ‘authorities’ in keeping the county clean. The problem isn’t with the ‘authorities’ (as you can see above) to fix, as there’s plenty of opportunity for exchange or disposal, it lies with the users. Clearly the users don’t give a fig, it’s therefore up to the public to report any needles that they spot.

    Want to propose any other solutions?

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