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    In terms of who says we need more houses the planning inspector in rejecting the previous council’s LDP in 2011 said we need more. This is likely to be somewhere between 6-10,000 dwellings ! The same council also bequeathed a shortfall in the 5 year bank of housing and at the moment that is around 6.6years. Put those facts together and it is not a happy picture for resisting developers and in the absence of a current LDP it is harder to match new proposals to the infrastructure, that should come with an”all singing-all dancing” LDP. That said by all means object on planning grounds to factors such as strain on health services, loss of agricultural land and school places.
    N.B.-I can confirm that the vacancies mentioned at All Saints Gresford are correct -at maximum 15 spare places.

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    As we are told it is TOO LATE to consult the publis-who after all vote for us here goes.

    What facts do you need to make a decision?
    Any views from Flintshire?
    What are your concerns about the merger, or indeed Wrexham standing alone?
    Will it help or hinder the representation county, town or community councillors give to you?

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