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    Is anyone else fed up with all of the suffragette stuff over the media? Not knocking what they did but its getting stale now. Its 100 years so get over it.

    There a lot more pressing problems in the world that should be in the spotlighted and Wrexham has more of its fare share with the Maelor hospital, homelessness, drug culture and plastic straws.

    I am glad that the Council and Ty Pawb haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet.

    Idris, I think it’s your attitude that’s becoming a bit stale actually.

    So by your thinking, because it happened so long ago, we should be ‘getting over it’. Does this mean, we should also be ‘getting over’ WW1 and WW2 remembrance days? Patron Saint days? Christmas even? I mean lets face it…..they all happened so long ago! Stupid right? Exactly!

    Let me just say…YOU are the reason people fight for equality and still have to. I note how in one of your posts you call women ‘birds’ – are you even aware of what’s coming out your mouth or what you’re writing on occasion? Probably not by the looks of it.

    The best thing about all of this, is you probably can’t even see the error of your ways. But hey, you’re entitled to your opinion, free speech and all that – oh wait, something else that was fought for….a long time ago!

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    I’m not actually sure I mentioned age? And armchair was used as a figure of speech, I suppose I could say bean bag, stool, sofa, moaning whilst walking? In fact to pick that out of everything I mentioned is a little pedantic. I know people of all ages who ‘like a good moan’ – myself included. It’s human nature.

    But back to the point, why would we waste fully trained police officers specialist skills on attending public events, giving talks etc, when this can be taken by others, leaving these officers to actually act on intelligence, therefore making our communities safer places?
    To take this to the extreme, it’s a little bit like saying, why do we employ receptionists in our surgeries, when the doctors are actually able to do their own filing? As you can appreciate, that’s an extreme, but the principle is the same.

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    PCSOs free up police officers by taking on some of the other tasks, that many of us would complain about the police doing. Meaning the police are able to concentrate their efforts on other things. PCSOs are able to attend community group events/days, give talks, and importantly they are the eyes and ears on the streets. Meaning they can report all manner of things back to the police, for the police to then take action.

    It’s easy to sit in your armchair, kick back and complain about things, moan about how taxes are being wasted and so on, but when you take the time to find out what PCSOs do, you’ll begin to realise just how valuable they are, and they should actually be commended for their efforts in supporting the police.

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    Very well said Matt. I hope the concert goes/went well and that your daughter enjoyed it!

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