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    Kingdom seem to employ sneaky tactics too! My 16 year old son was fined when walking our dog on an unmarked field. The officer came out from behind a bush and came over and fined him saying he had walked the dog on a marked football pitch. It was neither marked nor a football pitch. Plus the fact that he knew my son was 16 he never took any parent/guardian details. I challenged it directly with WMBC and Kingdom. The fine was rescinded. Reasons :not a marked football pitch; being a youth he should only be approached by two officers and not one; they should approach from the front and not from behind; they should take parent/guardian details and contact them. Furthermore the council looked stupid because their own signs show what a marked sports pitch looks like and this field did not at the time. I would suggest everyone challenge any fines given. Look up WMBC policies for reference. Also they issue Fixed Panelty Notices not Fixed Penalty Notices!😁 They are trying to make dog owners criminals for exercising their dogs in the area it seems.

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