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    Tunnel from Eslless Hall to Cadwgyn Farm in Bersham
    There is recorded evidence of the tunnel between Esless Hall which is located at the entrance to the Esless park estate in Rhostyllen and Cadwgyn Farm which is west of Bersham

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    Born Acorn
    If you are referring to the opening that you can see when you look over the Felin Pulestin bridge on the railway side this is the outlet from what used to be a large mill pool- it is the area that Magnet and Wrexham Training/Coleg Cambria is built — this changed in aprox early 1960’s

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    Thanks for your comment re Bus Station — if the operators do pay- is it a realistic commercial income to the Council as it does not seem to appear as a budget line in their accounts.
    My understanding is that they pay a bus operators licence and that is it rather than a per use fee.
    The fact that all buses leaving after 6.00pm and Sunday are subsidized also shows that any income on one hand is given back out again so there are no operational profits hence the assertion that the facility costs all ratepayers money.

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    Waterworld Closure
    What a farce the Leisure Review has turned out to be–
    Consultants paid £56k for a report that has more holes than a colander–
    Financial information that does not stack up when looking at Plas Madoc
    No demolition costs for Waterworld yet £300k for Plas Madoc — is Waterworld going to just fall down?
    The consultants being budgeted for nearly a £100k if they help the Council hand the service to a Leisure Trust!
    Leisure Staff who have been gagged from discussing any matter to do with Waterworld or Plas Madoc or they will be disciplined.
    Council Members voting to close facilities in other areas when they have a Swimming Pool in their own Wards yet they don’t declare an Interest!
    Paying consultants to fly in a helicopter from location to location as their report is based on ‘how the crow flys’ when working out the distances from place to place..
    Wrexview– a request has been made for this information but it has not been provided–

    Everyone should wake up to the way that Wrexham Council now operate — we all have to accept that there are major budget cut issues (although Flintshire Council are nit touching services until 2015 – instead they have started by cutting the number of senior managers there is no self preservation going on there compered with Wrexham).
    Waterworld and Plas Madoc this week — wait for the next services – schools, Social Care cuts to come.
    Dylan Jones

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    How come Wrexham Council spends money that benefits the profits of private business when services are being cut.
    1. Car park signs — yes the Council will say they had a grant but the reality is that they are sign posting drivers to private car parks such as Eagles Meadow at a time when they have increased the price of parking in their own car parks. Can anyone please explain the logic?
    2. Bus station – yes local people benefit but it is the private bus operators who use the Bus Station that benefit the most. Other businesses that sell services have to pay rent and rates yet this doesn’t occur for the bus operators!
    3. Electronic Bus signs — massive investment but ceased to operate within 18 months.
    4. Why pay for all Council Members to attend an Executive meeting when they have no chance of changing any proposals. Waste of time having 30 plus Councilors in a room with no one listening to them!!
    5. What is the point of having rows of highly paid officials at an Executive meeting listening and not participating- there are usually 20 present on an average of £25 an hour for 3 hours– £1500 of wasted time when they should be doing proper work! At all the Scrutiny meetings as well and their is probably about £2500 a week over £1 million a year for people to sit doing nothing.

    Come on decision makers of Wrexham start looking closely at how you work if you want to see some cost savings.

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    Why is it that so often when the Council goes out to public consultation they never take any notice. Can someone please let me know when the last time Wrexham Council actually listened and changes any of their plans? It is time that ALL Council Members woke up to the fact that their role is first to listen to the public and then act on their behalf not to have meetings in darkened rooms and decide the outcome of a consultation before it has even commenced. Democracy involves everyone knowing what is going on in the open not behind closed door!

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