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    The self destruction button could be pressed on the Groves by allowing the homeless to take it over for a week – make it unfit and there is the reason to demolish.
    What happened to the good old days when people took over a building and claimed ‘squatters rights’ with property owners having to spend months to secure an eviction. Would the Council want to be seen to be evicting people to end up on the street!!!

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    The comments about prisoners being released into the community without housing is not a correct statement.
    If someone comes out with a Tag they will be housed during that period.

    The Prison Service in most cases try and repatriate prisoner back to their respective home town unless there are safety concerns.

    Many of the ‘campers’ at the Groves are their through personal choice and actually have accommodation- the choice may change as the weather changes.

    Why do people assume that everyone that would be released from Prison is a drug addict and would want to go and live with other addicts in a shanty camp..

    The main drug of choice for those at the Groves is Mamba/Spice/Illegal Highs and those on cannabis and heroin/cocaine would not be seen mixing with the “Grovites”. There are some very clear groupings of people in Wrexham amongst drug addicts which is determined partly by what their substance of choice is- this also can determine where and who they hand out with.

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    New news item re the Groves and what the people there think.. sorry but they wont get sympathy from this item –

    Inside Wrexham’s ‘shanty town’ – the camp for homeless ex offenders

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    Bubble fully agree with lots you have said–I think the 90% success can be claimed by Open Minds because they are private with quite high fees that do run into £1000’s so generally the people they help are those who have taken a conscious decision that they want to change and have a financial stake.

    For many of those who are homeless through substance misuse they are not even at the starting point of wanting to take back control of their lives rather than the substances controlling. You could have the best detox/rehabilitation programme in the world but if the client does not have it in their heart that they want to change the programme will be useless.

    I also believe that you are right about being ‘soft’ with some of the people- a good old fashioned ‘talking too’that is persuasive may in some cases be the boot up the backside they need— oh dear I have just made a politically incorrect suggestion.

    One of the other issues is that there are too many different agencies all chasing the same clients because they have a financial value

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    Just to clarify ‘bubble’ the Churches are actively looking at ways of offering support on top of the Feeding the Roofless project that has run for many years- the details below are of an event to be held at the end of the month looking specifically at Night Shelter type activity. I appreciate the issue of everyone can go so far but there does come a threshold when opening your own front door to let a homeless person occupy the ‘spare’ bedroom. This I am sure is one of the dilemma for the Faith Community yet it has worked for many many years in some parts of the country with church crypts being opened up.

    Church and Community Night Shelters from
    Housing Justice.
    Information session
    Wednesday 27th September 1.30pm—3.30pm
    St. Margaret’s Church & Community Hall
    Chester Road
    LL11 2SH
    Church and Community night shelters seek to meet the needs of those who are homeless in the coldest months of the year. By working in partnership churches can provide hospitality to those who are homeless, providing
    support and understand to help people to rebuild their lives and move away from homelessness.
    For more information or to book on this free information session please contact Sarah Wheat—Engagement Officer :
    Email: sarahwheat@churchinwales.org.uk
    Telephone: 01745 532596

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    The site currently looks like an advert for the Go Outdoor camping shop with a choice of tens from 2 man to family.
    There has now been extra fencing put up which restricts access to the rear of the Groves from the Chester Road site.
    Not sure that winter will be a deterrent as many of the ‘campers’ will have slept in far worse conditions than they are in at the moment.
    Perhaps the installation of lighting and patio heaters will improve the overall comfort or perhaps there could be a complete move to the Council owned Crown Buildings that have at least two floors currently not in use and very limited number of local residents.

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    Zinger I agree with your concerns which is shy it is essential that appropriate support is in place and the location of housing is crucial to ensure that drug ghettos don’t get created.

    Regarding your comment about drug addicts next door.. everyone needs to realise that there are 100’s of substance misuse users across the County Borough just that they are not as visible as those at the Groves but are in need of support as well.

    Latest information in the British Medical Journal highlights the highest growth rate of substance issues are in the over 50’s age group – the so-called baby boomers.

    The concentration on the environmental impact of the Groves is avoiding the far broader issue facing society- one in ten people you come into contact with in your daily life are potential abusing themselves with substances- addiction to prescription drugs, the odd glass of wine which soon becomes a bottle, all can lead to excess very quickly and addiction with someone not being able to reduce intake.

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    I think there still seems to be a myth on some of the threads about Wrexham attracting more homeless and addicts due to services being here. The current profile of those at the Groves and elsewhere is that about 85% have a local connection.

    By local it will mean that many of them might have been in school with the readers of the threads or a relative- everyone one of them will have a back history.

    A number will have been in and out of care for a long period when they were children- remember they could have been in Foster Care 20 – 30 years ago at a time when no one listened to them if there was anything wrong and we read of many stories from that era when lots of abuses physical and mental took place and turned a blind eye.

    The back story for some of those at the encampment and around town is quite horrific and shows over the years a total failing in Social Care, Education and rehabilitation services.
    With people who have often turned to drink and drugs often used to try and mask the reality of their lives the steps to support them out of the ‘dark place’ they reside in at the moment will not be short term and certainly will involve many hours of therapy.

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    I agree with you about Facebook and even Wrexham.com comments but in the case above it was definitely the girls mother who had written the first comment highlighting about her daughter not having a disability or ever served in the army as a medic..

    I actually am in full agreement with Hugh Jones on the issue of not providing food direct as it could be sold. I find it quite extraordinary that the peole who are now in the GRoves are in a lot of cases those that everyone wanted moving from the Rhosddu Park area , bus station and Lord Street- at the time very few people offered direct support other than the usual through Salvation Army, Cais and the faith groups such as Feed the Roofless – now the site has gained some sort of notoriety people appear to want to help.

    What people need to realise that for many people who are at this very low ebb of the drug and alcohol use that they are abusing themselves from first thing in the morning. Their priority is not food but where their first fix of the day or bottle of alcohol can be obtained. Many will drink a litre of sherry by lunch time just to get them going – still be able to walk around and hold a conversation.

    One of the worst things is keeping people with these issues all together as the cycle is never ending – get them to break away and deal with them as individuals and offer therapeutic support away from a cohort is the proven way to recovery from addiction. Addicts collectively breed addiction.

    How many of those donating food or money would actually allow one of the Groves campers to camp in their own back garden or live in a caravan if you had one and spend some time each day talking with them. This is a very hard challenge for anyone to take up but with support from professional agency staff to give advice on how to deal with the highs and lows of the mood swings of people in addiction. Their own families have given up on them or don’t know where to turn for help- sort people out on a one to one basis and you have the chance of turning the lives around of ‘some’ of the Groves (and others who are sleeping rough across Wrexhamn who will not engage with those at the Groves)- try herding them all together in the Groves and things are doomed to fail and what’s worse will increase the problems for Wrexham.

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    Cut off early. If it is her then look on Facebook after she was featured in Wxm Leader. Even her mum says she is a liar. If it is someone else then it is not a wheelchair she need but a trip to A & E asap. She is at risk of developing a clot and having more serious issues.

    Did she sign herself out of hospital or was she discharged. There is more to this than someone needing a wheelchair.

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