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    Response from Council to a formal complaint against Councillors for their actions and comments.

    Sioned Wyn Davies <Sioned.WynDavies@wrexham.gov.uk>
    Attachments8 Mar (2 days ago)
    to me, Trevor
    Dear Mr Jones

    Your email has been passed to me for a response in Mr Coxon’s absence.

    I must inform you that in so far as your complaint relates to the conduct of Councillors and potential breaches of the Code of Conduct for Members your complaint should be directed in the first instance to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales who is responsible for considering such complaints. Full details as to how to submit a complaint can be found on the Ombudsman’s website: https://www.ombudsman-wales.org.uk/en.aspx.

    I can however confirm that both Trevor Coxon and myself have been made aware of the comments made at Planning Committee and I can assure you that the Council does not condone any individual making derogatory remarks about those suffering from mental illness. The Council Leader and Lead Member for Equalities have taken the matter up and you may be aware that the Lead Member has issued a press statement. In addition I am advised that the Lead Member is liaising with Council officers with a view to sourcing further awareness raising sessions for equality issues including mental health to which all members will be invited.

    I think you will see from this that the Council Leadership does take its responsibilities under the Equality Act seriously and will address the issue when there are shortcomings displayed by individuals.

    Your query with respect to consideration of the public sector equality duty during the planning process has been referred to the Planning Control Manager for a response.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sioned Wyn Davies
    Deputy Monitoring Officer

    Sioned Wyn Davies


    Wrexham.com. I wonder if you would get the same answer as the Council Leader and Chief Executive if you asked Union reps the same question about harassment?

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    Did you report them. If only everyone would report incidents Police and Council only react to statistics.

    in reply to: Councillors Allowances #138053


    Should have said I don’t know Rob Walsh personally but he is someone who seems to immediately engage with his local people on Twitter as soon as an issue is raised on Wrexham.com.The other is Paul Rogers – so it looks like residents in Brymbo and Llay seem to have a Councillor that reacts to issues.

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    In Wrexham you cant even say value for money for the majority of Councillors-

    If you look at some of the incredibly low attendance figures for all our democratically elected ‘representative’ Councillors some have only attended about 3 meetings in 4 months-

    All electors should ask themselves:
    1. Has my local Councillor been in touch since being elected
    2. Has my Councillor asked me for my views on any issue (remember they are local REPRESENTATIVES)
    3. Has your Councillor (if an Independent) sent you a newsletter telling you which Group of Independents they are now part of?
    4. Has your Independent Councillor told you why they have aligned themselves with either the Pritchard or the Bitthel camp- what were they promised to join up.
    5. Why did you vote for an ‘Independent’ Councillor when they are now supporting the old Pritchard/Bitthel regime- when they promised to be elected to make a differnce and see change.
    6. Why have our elected Councillors become lapdogs to the Leadership.
    7. Is your Councillor staying away from meetings to avoid people pointing the finger at them failing to follow through on what they were saying before the election.

    ALL Councillors should look at the above and reflect on how you could answer these questions now that you have drawn your pay for 4 months- over £4000 – do YOU think you are giving YOUR Electorate value for money?????

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    Angie bit confused with your response
    It has been implied by the Council previously that a number from the Groves actually had tenancy so presume some have gone back to their own place and may have also have taken some others in… shared costs
    You have also failed to confirm that two from the Groves have actually been supported by a variety of the service providers by getting two into rehab and detox this week. Should there not be some prise for the service providers that have achieved this.
    I respect and can understand why you wont reveal where some of them may have decamped to – unfortunately one of these will no doubt be highlighted tomorrow when people travel into Wrexham on a double decker bus. I am aware of one new site on a key feeder road that has been created over the past couple of days which is not visible from the roadside due to the height of the hedge but is very visible from above.

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    Angie as you have the insight into the Groves could you put all our minds at rest and let us know have the campers (note I am not calling them homeless as they all did not fit into this category) now gone back to the accommodation that many of them already have or have they moved to an encampment further outside of the town.

    I wonder if they have moved to another location whether the Council will move the toilets and skips to a new site?

    in reply to: Open letter to Hugh Jones #137204


    Mat do you seriously think that this is Mark Pritchard putting this block in place – I think you need to look further along the Executive table! Also who are the legal advisors that are putting forward such spurious reasons. Mark P may be the deliverer of the message but the originator – I don’t think so..

    A report to the Council Standards Committee should be made

    in reply to: Public Questions to the Council #137178


    If what is stated actually happened then a complaint should be made to the Standards Committee in the Council and if no satisfaction to the Wales Public Service Ombudsman

    in reply to: Arts Hub–Council Funding. #137177


    The funding model has not changed since the original submission which means that there are lots of areas of the Business Plan which now do not stack up — the financials originally were based on income from the Car Park doubling yet since then there has been a price war and charges have reduced by 50%.

    There are ‘assumptions’ but no guarantees that the Arts Council will provide the necessary revenue funding.

    The original costsings were based on staffing costs that would be set by a Community Trust yet now they will be set at higher Local Authority levels.

    Access to external funding would have been higher through a Trust compared with the LA.

    Full Business Rates will be payable compared with the Business Plan that discounted these to take account of Charitable Rate relief.

    Clr Hugh Jones was questioned in an Executive meeting by Cllr Malcolm King about when a Trust would be formed and he answered it is normal for these types of projects to be run by a Council first and then passed over. So he was honest at that point and is doing what he said.

    What we need to be seeing is what are they planing to exhibit in the first six months to see if it is something that will attract people.

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