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    Now this is a scarey walk, cars….esp coming up the hill from Gresford do not like stopping at this crossing. It has come to the point that I never use this crossing as it is safer to take a chance & cross as normal. Cars may stop in one direction but the other carriageway just carry on

    If there were cameras on the crossing it would be a real money spinner!



    The one by Stevie’s chippy on Bradley Road is a death trap too, whoever made the decision to put a zebra crossing there needs sectioning



    No. The crossing is not a death trap. The muppet drivers are the death trap.


    Maureen Gray

    Hey, If you are referring to me there Andy, I always slow down as I approach a zebra crossing, and even wave the pedestrian across…then at the last possible second – floor it and wheel spin past, gaining extra points for spinning the doddering old git around! Ha-ha-ha-ha, that’s why they took my bus licence off me!



    @Andy 19638 wrote:

    No. The crossing is not a death trap. The muppet drivers are the death trap.

    Is it not still the law that if a pedestrian is waiting to cross at a crossing cars are obliged to stop, BUT here we go again :D who would enforce this these days..:rolleyes:

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    Saw the Bala bus zoom straight through this the other day when someone was stepping out.

    Not sure what can be done in a practical way though.



    Has there been an accident in the last twenty years due to it?
    Probably not worth getting too worked up about if not and let people use their common sense.
    I always felt the added one way system around Gresford church was crazy “to safeguard” despite the lack of problems.
    (Of course the police were there keen enough to ticket everyone turning into the no entry on the day the signs went up!)

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