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    We have some new stuff rolling out over the coming month – not just our new swish website design!

    To try and do something fun and hopefully useful we are running a small competition for people who interact :D

    Basically every week we will be picking out a forum post, thread starter , tweeter , emailer , generally anyone using the site or interacting – and award a Wrexham Tenner

    Plus – if you send us picture proof that you spent the tenner in / around town you will be entered into a draw to win £100 on top!

    The aim being there to put it back into the local economy!! :)



    Taking you all away from riots, viruses, shops re-opening and all the crap going on this year, can I ask if anyone ever won any money or was Rob running a scam? (obviously not Rob)

    What would you spend a tenner on in Wrexham in 2012?



    If I win a tenner I’m going to put it towards Sarah Atherton getting social media lessons.

    Or maybe just buy her a copy in a local bookstore of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.

    Only just realised that this was from 2012!


    A blast from the past (to anyone reading this in 2020 – this was from 2012!) and yes think it got to low double figures. It would be good to try and revive some of the early idealistic ideas…

    ('er - email us on

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    Oh Matt did the teachers not tell you to read the question properly first?

    I would have bought a sh*t load of stamps because first class were 46p and are now 76p so that is 30p profit on each one but I don’t have a calculator to work out how many stamps I would have. I would still have nearly all of them too because I only send a xmas card to Matt.

    Rob – over 8 years of where has the time gone? You never picked up on my suggestion of a Page 3 bird so I never got my tenner.

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