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    £10m sounds a lot but the First Minister said eliminate young people homelessness in 10 years this is a drop in the ocean by the time you divi it up across 22 Local Authorities.

    When young people have been in the school system for 11 years then end up on the street reflects we have a broken education system…
    Young people who have been in care to end up on the street again shows a broken system..

    On Wrexham Streets, there may not be a high visibility of homeless young people- that does not mean they are not around- unfortunately many end up being trafficked around for a variety of very unsavoury activities with the offer of ‘goodies’ or their next fix.

    Everyone should be on the lookout for houses where different young people appearing all the time as they may be in ‘transit’.

    Not tackling issues now for young people will see them as part of the older generation we see regularly on our streets in Wrexham when they have become no longer useful to the traffickers.

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