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    Yet again the Council seem please with a public survey on the budget – they had less than 1% response just over 1000. You don’t need to be a statistician to realise that that is not representative.
    Is this apathy from the Public or a totally useless engagement system in the Council – probably a bit of both.

    The issue is that when the public do raise issues that concern them daily the Council are very slow to react or not at all. pot holes, Day Care, appallingly low school standards, Anti Social Behaviour, closure of youth provision and of course the bus station. If only they were prepared to actually come out and meet people face to face when issues and difficult decisions need to be taken and work in partnership with the public.



    COnsiderably less people filled in the questionnaire this year. The intrusive data collection questions at the end deter many and the questions are poorly worded. I used to spend time filling them in , not any more .

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